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Midjourney V6 Alpha Incredible Features

Midjourney Version v6 is like the third edition, made completely from scratch using super smart computers. Right now, it is in the alpha phase (testing phase), and according to the updates from the developers, there will be changes during this phase.

But you do not need to worry at all, as you can use Midjourney V6 alpha which is available right now on Midjourney discord. 

We will let you know about the new amazing features and changes in Midjourney V6. So, let’s explore this amazing development in the world of AI that will make your images more realistic and amazing.

How To Get Midjourney V6 Running

To use the Midjourney V6, you just need to follow the simple steps given below.

  • Type the “/settings” command in the Midjourney Discord server or send it directly to the Midjourney bot.
  • After this, a dropdown menu will appear, from which you need to choose the  V6.
  • You can also simply type “–v 6” after you type your prompt. 

Remember, it will not change by itself, so you have to switch it either using “/settings” or typing “–v 6” after your prompts.

Midjourney V6 Alpha

New Features Of Midjourney V6  Alpha

Let’s see what new cool features the latest Midjourney V6 offers.

1. Better Instructions

Midjourney V6 understands longer and more detailed prompts, which makes it easier for you to create detailed and specific images.

2. Smarter Pictures

V6 understands your prompts more clearly and generates images that match your idea.

3. Awesome Remixing

The AI is now a pro at making cool changes and mixing things up in your pictures. You can enjoy sharper and more visually appealing images. 

4. Add Words in Pictures

Now, you can add words to your pictures easily. Just put them in “quotes”. 

5. Improved Upscaling

Make your pics clearer with subtle and creative modes that double the details and increase the resolution of the picture by 2x. This will allow you to choose the level of detail in your generated images.

6. More Picture Powers

The newly introduced features, like changing the shape, adding chaos, and many more, can make your experience better.

  • You can change the shape of your pictures easily with “–ar”.
  • You can do fun experiments with your images by adding chaos or weirdness using”–chaos” and “–weird.”
  • Also, make your pictures cooler with improved designs using “–tile.”
  • Add your personal touch by making images a bit different with “Vary (subtle)” or “Vary (strong).” 
  • Get creative and make your pictures amazing by trying “Remix” and “/blend” for unique combinations. You can describe your pictures by using “/describe” which is still here in V6.

7. Midjourney Upcoming Features

Below, I have mentioned some upcoming features in Midjourney V6 that will make it more exciting to generate images using AI.

  • Coming soon, you can move and make your pictures bigger or smaller with “Pan” and “Zoom” options.
  • Get ready for more customized options with “Vary (region)” to add more special touches to specific parts of your images. 
  • You can also fine-tune your pictures even more by using “/tune” to make amazing adjustments with a few clicks.
  • An upgraded version of “/describe” will also be added soon in V6, so you can keep telling the AI exactly what you want in a new and improved way.

Tips For Users Exploring Midjourney V6

If you are about to explore Midjourney V6, Holz and the team have some useful tips. Because V6 is extra sensitive to what you ask, it is important to be clear. If you want a more photo-like result, go for ‘–style raw.’ They also added options for ‘–stylize’ to let you pick how much you want the AI to focus on understanding or making things look good.

New Prompting Methods   

When talking about the new way Midjourney V6 understands our requests, David Holz introduced a different method. This might be a bit tricky for those used to the old methods of prompting.

Holz suggests that we need to relearn how to talk to MIdjourney V6 because it is more sensitive now. He advises us to be super clear in what we want, avoid fancy words like award-winning or photorealistic, and keep our prompts simple. To understand this better, people are encouraged to share tips in the prompt chat.

Impressions and User Experience

Now, let’s talk about what people thought when they first tried Midjourney V6. Some people loved it, saying it made things more detailed and real. They were especially happy with how the lighting and reflections looked in the generated images. 

But not everyone felt the same way. Some thought the update was not super exciting. They could not easily see the differences when comparing it side by side with the older versions. But yeah, they are personal opinions, and they can be different depending on the choices of individuals.  

Testing Different Prompts Using Midjourney V6

Let’s test some prompts on older version V5.2 and the latest V6 alpha to see how the images look in V6 and what changes it makes. We will also test the styling parameter, close-up shots, adding words on images, and much more on V6.

Prompt 1: A white background, closeup portrait of an old mean man, 92 years old age, wrinkles on the face, realistic skin, studio lighting, canon f/4 –v 6.0 

Prompts Using Midjourney V6

Prompt 2: a picture featuring the face of a stunningly beautiful and realistic girl. Picture her with striking blue eyes that capture attention and long flowing hair that enhances her natural beauty. Let the background be a deep, elegant black, creating a contrast that emphasizes her charm and elegance. Capture the essence of her allure and make the image a celebration of her captivating features against the stylish black backdrop–v 6.0

Overview: The above images clearly show that V6 Alpha understands the prompt better generates images according to the given instructions and also focuses on detail. 

Generating Image Of Moving Object On V6

Prompt: a powerful and realistic lion, filled with intensity and anger, ready to unleash its strength in a fierce attack. Capture the moment with vivid details – the piercing gaze, sharp claws, and every muscle tense with aggression. Ensure the background reflects the wild and untamed nature of this majestic creature, creating an image that evokes the raw energy of a lion about to pounce –v 6.0

Moving Object

Close-Up Image In V6

Prompt: An intricate macro capture of a delicate butterfly perched on a vibrant sunflower, shot with a Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens. The photograph, drawing inspiration from the enchanting macro work of Miki Asai, showcases the rich details of the butterfly’s iridescent wings and the textured intricacies of the sunflower’s petals. The color palette is a harmonious blend of golden yellows and earthy greens, creating a visual symphony of nature’s small wonders. This close-up masterpiece, presented in a cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio, invites viewers to delve into the mesmerizing world of miniature beauty, highlighting the awe-inspiring details often overlooked in the grand tapestry of life. Upscale to experience the unparalleled precision and clarity of every delicate element. –v 6.0 

Close-Up Image In V6

Overview: I used this closeup shot prompt to test the detailing in Midjourney V6, and there is no doubt that V6 can generate high-quality and impressive images. 

Adding Words In Images

Prompt: An extraordinary shirt design inspired by cosmic wonders featuring the word “TechMantle” in big letters on a whole shirt, featuring a meticulously detailed celestial map seamlessly integrated into the fabric. The design showcases a mesmerizing depiction of galaxies, constellations, and nebulae, intricately woven with precision and clarity. The cosmic elements, rendered in liquid vibrance, emit a radiant glow against a deep, midnight backdrop. –v 6.0

Adding Words In Images

Overview: I used the above prompt to test how words on an image look in MJ V6, and, according to me, it is quite amazing that now you can add words to your images. The words are clearly shown and seamlessly integrated with the design. While it needs a bit of improvement, as it is in the V6 Alpha phase, we hope that developers will make it even better. 

Using Styling Parameter In MJ V6

Prompt: A majestic eagle soars through the mountainous terrain, captured with a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, showcasing vibrant golden hues against a deep azure sky. The image exudes the spirit of freedom and grace, in the style of Ansel Adams, with impeccable black and white contrast and shot in panoramic AR 2:1 ratio. Explore the dramatic landscape as the eagle effortlessly navigates the open skies, revealing a world of untamed beauty and natural splendor ar21:9–v6–s{0,200,300,450,600,750,900,1000}  –v 6

Styling Parameter In MJ V6

Overview:  This styling “s{0,200,300,450,600,750,900,1000}” parameter helped me in denoting a set of scales to apply to the image at different levels all at once. After seeing the above-generated image, you can see the difference. 

Comparing All Versions Of Midjourney AI

For better comparison, I have also generated images from all midjourney versions using the same prompt on V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6. And as you can see, the result of the latest MJ V6 is next-level.

All Versions Of Midjourney AI


To sum it up, Midjourney V6 is the latest and improved version of Midjourney AI. The new features include better instructions, smarter picture generation, awesome remixing, the ability to add words to images, improved upscaling options, and many more. 

In conclusion, Midjourney V6 represents a step forward in image generation, offering new amazing features for users to explore and generate images creatively


How is V6 different from previous versions?

V6 comes with improved features, better prompt understanding, improved image quality, and exciting new options for users to explore. 

What is coming soon in V6?

Upcoming features include options for pan and zoom, customized image variations, and fine-tuning adjustments for more control.

Is V6 available for everyone?

Yes, V6 is currently in its alpha testing phase on Discord, allowing users to explore its capabilities. However, it may undergo frequent changes during this phase.

Can I still use the older versions of Midjourney?

Yes, you can continue using older versions and select any version you want from the settings option.



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