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Our website serves as a platform for intellectually knowledgeable articles, perceptive analysis, and captivating content that aims to keep our readers informed.

Our Vision

To become a leading technology centre of excellence, providing cutting-edge, in-depth articles that are transparent, reliable, and research-backed. We aim to help readers understand the latest AI developments and their effects on various industries.

Our Mission

Value-driven AI research, analysis, and dissemination are our mission. We provide deep, accurate, and impartial content. 

Through creative storytelling and comprehensive coverage, we inspire people and organisations to use AI for good.

Our Core values

Constructive Perceptions are our pillars

Qualitative Information

Empirical & Unbiased Analysis

Pioneering Spirit

The Tech Mantle team includes qualified content writers and social science analysts with years of experience.


Shahbaz Siddiqui |Islamabad

Shahbaz Siddiqui, the CEO and founder of The Tech Mantle, is based in Islamabad. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to the fields of media and technology. He is a Program Officer at the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy, where he has worked for the past year. M. Shahbaz previously worked as a Senior Non-Linear Editor at Creative Hands Productions. He has also made significant contributions to various organizations as a photographer, animator, and social activist. M. Shahbaz’s work is truly exceptional, with a keen interest in the intersection of media and technology.

Rabia Jawaid | Karachi

Meet Rabia Jawaid, an excellent and passionate writer with a passion for technology, AI, and the health sector. Rabia is interested in the fascinating world of technology trends because she loves new, cutting-edge ideas. Rabia wants to inform and engage readers by giving them unique perspectives and expert knowledge through interesting articles and insightful analysis. 

Nadia Ali | Karachi

Meet Nadia Ali, a Senior content writer based in Karachi and a valued member of The Tech Mantle team. Currently pursuing her MBA, Nadia’s passion for technology shines through in her writing, and she has a natural talent for engaging readers. Her articles cover a wide range of topics, from cool gadgets to awesome apps and incredible inventions. Together, let’s dive into the world of tech and uncover all the incredible things it offers. 

Maimoona Tahir

Meet Maimoona Tahir, a skilled content writer who specializes in the rapid world of technology. Maimoona’s passion for technology motivates her to investigate cutting-edge innovations, ensuring her readers are well-informed and interested. She adopts a strategic approach to her writing with a great eye for research and creating worthy, helpful content for the readers.

Kainat Abbas

Introducing Kainat Abbas, a dedicated content writer from Karachi and a valued member of The Tech Mantle team. She is presently on her journey to attain her bachelor’s degree, but despite that, she has successfully managed to carve a niche for herself in the world of technology. She aims to keep her readers involved and gives them fresh viewpoints and special knowledge through her careful analysis. Alongside her writing, she embraces the role of a teacher as well, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with others.