Do Facebook Reels Disappear After 24 Hours

Facebook Reels Disappear After 24 Hours

Whether you are a social media influencer or a regular Facebook user, you want to make reels and share them with your family and friends, but you need to figure out how Facebook policies work.

in addition, reels are a new feature on Facebook that can be used for various purposes. A Facebook reel is just like an Instagram reel. It is the same thing YouTube has with the name Shorts, and TikTok has TikToks. 

Based on my first-hand experience, I will give you all the information about Facebook reels and stories.

Do Facebook Reels Disappear After 24 Hours?

Facebook reels do and do not disappear after 24 hours. It depends on where you want to share the content. If a Facebook reel is posted on a personal profile or posted or transmitted on any group or page, it will not disappear after 24 hours until Facebook removes itself.

Moreover, if a Facebook reel is posted on a story of a personal profile, personal group, or page, it will disappear in 24 hours unless you have saved it.

Facebook Reels VS. Stories

Facebook reels are short vertically angled videos with a time limit of 60 seconds, while Facebook stories are limited to only 15 seconds. Facebook stories vanish after 24 hours, and reels do not automatically disappear.

A Facebook reel intends to discover a new audience and engage or entertain your current audience. On the other hand, Facebook stories can give you an insight into the main profile/content to connect with your existing audience.

How To Create Facebook Reels?

To create Facebook reels on your profile or on a Facebook page you are running, go to Reels on your profile and then select Create Reel. You can edit it after creating one, like changing the sound or switching the filter.

Do Facebook Reels Disappear After 24 Hours

How To Create Facebook Stories?

To create Facebook stories, go to the Facebook homepage and select Create Reel, where everyone’s stories appear.

How To Create Facebook Stories

What, Hows and Why’s Regarding Facebook Reels And Stories

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Facebook reels and stories. Let us see this in detail.

Facebook stories disappear after 24 hours; what happens to Facebook stories after 24 hours?

The photos or reels on your Facebook story will disappear after 24 hours but can always be on your archive to automatically save the stories before they disappear. If you haven’t turned it on, you can add it to your archive before 24 hours, but your story will be deleted.

Only you will be able to see your story archive and can always turn it on and off. If the stories are not saved, you cannot track them.

Save My Facebook Reel Before It Disappears

To save it, open your story, click the three dots on the top right, and click Save the video. It can also be saved before posting it, but it will be saved without music.

Delete My Stories On Facebook?

To delete stories on Facebook, open your story, click on the top right three dots, and choose the delete option.

Facebook Reels Or Stories – Who Can See Them?

If you post a reel or a story on your Facebook profile, the people who can see it depend on your settings. If you have set it to public, anyone can see your reel and remix it, using the original audio and create one.

If your settings are set to only friends, then only your friends can see them. Besides this, it can also be set to custom, where you can customize your friend list and tick the people you want it to be viewed.

Facebook Reels Via Direct Messages, Groups, Pages, And Other Apps

You can also share Facebook reels through direct messenger. Depending on their privacy policy, they can also be shared in different Facebook groups. It can be shared on your business pages as well for marketing purposes.

After saving, you can share them directly on other apps like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Facebook Reels Via Direct Messages

Create A Useful Reel With Expert’s Guide

Making reels can be beneficial. Some make them for entertainment, while others use them for digital marketing. Here are a few ways by which you can create an exciting Reel.

Know Your Audience

First of all, you need to target your audience. If it is for entertainment, what type of entertainment would your audience prefer to see? You must know who to target for marketing reels and where or when they will see it.

Following the steps below, you can make a hook for your reel.

  1. Use Trending Background Sound

Trending sounds and music create a hook to your content. When so many people make a reel with the same background sound, it starts trending, and remixing it with different voices and dialogues makes it more interesting.

  1. Hands Transition

Hands transition creates a big difference to a reel without one. Movement of hands, even the entire body, in jumping, twisting, or dancing creates a hook to your reel.

  1. Use Text Or Subtitles

Using subtitles can be beneficial if your reel is for entertainment purposes and in a specific language. The text makes them eye-catching; you can use them with a music background to avoid dialogues.


Facebook is great for connecting people worldwide—a digital way to socialize, entertain, and do business. Facebook reels are an excellent way to kill time. I hope you understand why Facebook reels disappear after 24 hours. 

Tell us if you have any questions regarding Facebook reels and stories in the comments below.


Why did my Facebook story disappear before 24 hours?

If your Facebook story disappears before 24 hours, there could be two reasons behind it. If your reel is against Facebook’s terms and conditions, Facebook will remove them before 24 hours. 
The other could be an issue with your content. Either it is too dwindle or loud, or the boomerang in your reel is disturbing those with seizures.

Where can I see Facebook reels?

Facebook reels can be seen on your feed of the people you follow. For the general reels, tap on the video icon beside the home icon and click reels on the left.

How are Facebook reels different from Instagram?

The significant difference is that the Instagram reels are shown to a limited audience. You can only see the content of the person you are following or being followed. At the same time, Facebook reels can show up to anyone, whether you follow them or not.


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