Explore the Best Midjourney Art Style Prompts – 70+ Styles to try on


Suppose you are working on the generative AI tools and still facing prompt issues when creating images. Dust this all off, and let’s explore the styles you need to try on Midjourney.

You can try multiple art styles on Midjourney that I have gathered and personally tried on the AI to let you clear what that style actually imparts in your image.

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Best Midjourney Art Style Prompts

So why waste time? Let’s start getting hold of it. 

1. ASCII Art

Prompt: Enchanted forest in ASCII art style, oaks standing over a meandering stream, Shafts piercing the canopy. A tranquil and ethereal ambiance, soft lighting, and dreamy aura.

Best Midjourney Art Style Prompts

2. Abstract Art

Prompt: A bold abstract portrait of a shipyard. Swirling colors and daring textures portray steel and sweat. Shapes converge and diverge, forming intricate artistry, the energy of labor and innovation, and a gritty ambiance. Dynamic lighting and shadows, shipyard’s soul with raw intensity

Abstract Art

3. Avant-Garde Art

Prompt: Avant-garde style art, innovative, curious, mindblowing fashion tableau of unconventional dress, intrigue, and fascinating aura, interactive elements to enhance the surreal experience.

Avant-Garde Art

4. Azulejo Art

Prompt: Azulejo-style art of textile tapestries, traditional ceramic tiles, a fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces, merging art and architecture, showing cultural exploration, integrating textile panels in physical structures, and spatial experience.

Azulejo Art

5. Aztek Art

Prompt: artist Michael O’bari uses futuristic woman, metallic and geometric style, in the style of Aztek art, illustrations, 3D, dark turquoise and light red, grotesque beauty with glass pattern, carnivalesque, majestic composition.

Aztek Art

6. Blacklight Painting Art

Prompt: Blacklight Painting Art in mesmerizing and ethereal nature, vivid fluorescent colors, life under blacklight, dark environment, Mustique sense saturated scene, long exposure, ethereal glow, captivating visual. 

Blacklight Painting Art

7. Benin Art

Prompt: Benin art with rich cultural heritage, craftsmanship, collection of bronze sculptures, figures, and spiritual entities, serene gallery space with artifacts, echo story of the past, cultural reverence fill the scene of art exhibition, meticulous lighting, and intricate details.

Benin Art

8. Bauhaus Art

Prompt: Bauhaus art with avant-garde experiments, geometric reality in functional aesthetics, minimalist furniture, abstract artworks, the modernist interior of open spaces, design of progressive innovation, and sleek lighting to accentuate form and function.

Bauhaus Art

9. Baroque Art

Prompt: An opulent painting of the royal scene, expressive figures, lavish environment, gilded walls and sumptuous furnishings, baroque art, ambiance of theatricality and splendor scene of art gallery, soft and dramatic light.

Baroque Art

10. Block Print Art

Prompt: block print artwork of a moonlit night, haunting narrative, orange and black, birds-eye view.

Block Print Art

11. Classicism Art

Prompt: a fantasy artwork with a lake and a castle, in the style of classical antiquity, Greg Olsen, highly detailed foliage, murals and wall drawings, dark orange and cyan, classicist approach, lyrical landscapes

Classicism Art

12. Chicano Art

Prompt: drawing inspiration from David Alfaro Siqueiros, featuring a dramatic, political mural with intense red hues, determined expressions, harsh directional lighting, and a passionate atmosphere, Chicano art style.

Chicano Art

13. Contemporary Art

Prompt: young girl wearing an orange helmet with pink flowers and a camera, in the style of futuristic realism, otherworldly paintings, large-scale portraits, otherworldly, ethereal subjects, transfixing marine scenes, grandiose portraits, contemporary art

Contemporary Art

14. Concept Art

Prompt: underwater civilization with luminescent aquatic flora and fauna, glass-domed city, intricate networks, transparent tunnels connect biomes, Concept art, digital painting of underwater architecture. 

Concept Art

15. Constructivism Art

Prompt: woman portrait, styled in the 90s, geometric patterns, delightful world, Constructivism art style

Constructivism Art

16. Cross Stitch Art

Prompt: fantastical forest glade, complete with mythical creatures, towering trees, and enchanted flowers, the intricate stitches creating a whimsical and immersive woodland world, Cross-stitch art, incorporating metallic threads and specialty stitches for added depth and magic

Cross Stitch Art

17. Cubism Art

Prompt: artwork portraying a striking abstract composition of a musician playing multiple instruments simultaneously, with fragmented and overlapping forms, capturing the essence of sound and movement. Cubism art, bold geometric shapes, and a rich color palette

Cubism Art

18. Cyanotype Art

Prompt: dancer in motion, with disjointed and fragmented body parts arranged in a harmonious yet unconventional composition. Cyanotype art style, use materials like wood and metal to add texture and depth to the piece.

Cyanotype Art

19. Dayak Art

Prompt: carving depicting mythical creatures and ancestral spirits, the intricate details and symbolic motifs telling a story of the tribe’s history and beliefs, Dayak art, using local hardwood and traditional carving tools.

Dayak Art

20. Deco Art

Prompt: Art illustration of modernist style painting with a futuristic theme, in the style of art deco,  hyper-detailed portraits, dark cyan, and beige, geometric shapes & patterns, glamorous pin-ups, emphasizes emotion over realism, pixelated realism.

Deco Art

21. De Stijl Art

Prompt: An architectural design for a modern building, clean lines, white surfaces, prominent primary colors as accent elements, De Stijl art, using 3D modeling.

De Stijl Art

22. Dogon Art

Prompt: sculpture depicting a graceful, elongated figure with intricate geometric patterns carved into the wood, showcasing the Dogon cultural heritage, Dogon art, traditional carving tools, and indigenous hardwood

Dogon Art

23. Emo Art

Prompt: illustration of a solitary guy in a dim room, surrounded by vinyl records, vintage posters, and melancholy lyrics scrawled on the walls, reflective and emotional atmosphere of the scene. Emo art, digital technique, cover mood, and ambiance

Emo Art

24. Expressionism Art

Prompt:  self-portrait, capturing the artist’s inner turmoil and introspection through exaggerated and dynamic brush strokes, creating a visceral and evocative portrayal of the self. Expressionism art, acrylics or oils on canvas to create an emotionally charged self-portrait

Expressionism Art

25. Fluxus Art

Prompt: Graphic design project, creating a series of visually striking and conceptual posters. Traditional design to provoke thought and emotion, Fluxus art, minimal aesthetics to convey complex ideas.

Fluxus Art

26. Futurism Art

Prompt: painting with a clock in it in the style of gothic futurism art, intricate cityscapes, classic composition, spherical sculptures, whirring contrivances, dark cyan, and red, angular composition.

Futurism Art

27. Fractal Art

Prompt: a spiral ornament art with colorful and swirled design in the style of fractal art, golden light, and the grandeur of scale. Bronze and azure, highly-detailed figures, mathematical art, and trapped emotions are depicted.

Fractal Art

28. Funk Art

Prompt: Funk art fashion collection, bold patterns, unconventional materials, playfulness, spirit of self-expression, innovative textile techniques, create fashion statements, challenge the norm.

Funk Art

29. Found Object Art

Prompt: A community project, discarded materials into large-scale public artwork, unique character, history of the neighborhood, Found object art, facilitating community engagement, artistic expression, and transformation of found objects.

Found Object Art

30. Folk Art

Prompt: The mural on the wall of a community center depicts local folklore and traditions, vibrant colors, whimsical character, cultural heritage of the region, Folk art, using traditional painting techniques, and storytelling through visuals.

Folk Art

31. Glitch Art

Prompt: a fashion model wearing distorted and pixelated patterns, challenging and traditional fashion. Digital errors, Glitch art, textile printing techniques into a fashion piece, style boundary.

Glitch Art

32. Gothic Art

Prompt: the witch from the classic horror movie Vampyr, in the style of fantasy-inspired art, crimson and black, epic portraiture, dark gothic art, oil portraitures, intricate illustrations, and UHD images.

Gothic Art

33. Graffiti Art

Prompt: graffiti street art images of graffiti, in the style of fantastical, otherworldly visions, masks, and totems, 32k UHD, bold graffiti murals, volumetric lighting, harsh realism, and skeuomorphic.

Graffiti Art

34. Haida Art

Prompt: red totem sculpture in the form of two large images, in the style of Haida art, chiaroscuro woodcuts, mural painting, algorithmic artistry, highly-detailed, black paintings, symbolic nabis.

Haida Art

35. Hopi Art

Prompt: a portrait of a woman dressed in a bright orange dress near sunset, in the style of Hopi art, Patrick Brown, futurist elements, black paintings, architectonic, Ramses Younan, q Hayashida.

Hopi Art

36. Installation Art

Prompt: a heart made out of old pictures, in the style of immersive environments, rick amor, piles/stacks, Justin Gaffrey, kōji Morimoto, distinct framing, sunrays shine upon it.

Installation Art

37. Inuit Art

Prompt: fashion outfits, traditional Inuit clothing, futuristic and avant-garde fashion pieces, innovative materials, the timeless elegance of Inuit culture, and Inuit art.

Inuit Art

38. Inca Art

Prompt: illustration of traditional motifs and techniques, infused contemporary and bold aesthetic, culturally resonant artwork, enduring charm of Inca heritage, Inca art, using mixed media.

Inca Art

39. Kinetic Art

Prompt:  an exhibit of metal and string instruments, style of kinetic sculptures, scientific accuracy, light aquamarine and bronze, gigantic scale, spirals, Kōji Morimoto, data visualization.

Kinetic Art

40. Land Art

Prompt: a labyrinth shaped with circular stones on the beach, land art, solarizing master, schizocore, konica auto, expansive landscapes, pale wave, wood sculptor

Land Art

41. Minoan Art

Prompt: pottery, the cultural richness of ancient Minoan, intricate frescoes, scenes of daily life, mythology, resonant artwork, Minoan art.

Minoan Art

42. Mayan Art

Prompt: Aworld of the Mayan civilization, hieroglyphics, vibrant colors, and detailed carvings,  Mayan art.

Mayan Art

43. Modern Art

Prompt: Old Castle by Frank Lindsay, style of modern art, futuristic urbanity, grotesque playfulness, spherical sculptures, Slovenian paintings, dark orange and dark gray, cartoonish chaos.

Modern Art

44. Maori Art

Prompt: wall art in a cultural center, Maori myths and legends, bold colors, powerful symbolism, rich traditions, Maori tribe, and art, using acrylic paints and a focus on storytelling through visuals.

Maori Art

45. Medieval Art

Prompt: queen, the queen of the demise, in the style of Andrzej Sykut, Lisa Parker, Ivan Fedorovich Choultse, dark and chaotic, symbolic overload, princess core, vanitas, Medieval art.

Medieval Art

46. Moche Art

Prompt: art piece, archaeological exhibition, showcasing artifacts, Moche civilization, interactive displays, Moche art, curating exhibition, legacy of Moche civilization.

Moche Art

47. Neoclassicism Art

Prompt: oil painting, a scene from classical antiquity, idealized forms, balance, harmony, the essence of ancient Greece and Rome, Neoclassicism art, traditional oil painting technique.

Neoclassicism Art

48. Naive Art

Prompt: photography series, everyday scenes with a bold and artistic perspective, emphasize patterns, colors, and whimsical nature frames, Naive art, emotionally resonant moments.

Naive Art

49. Ndebele Art

Prompt: portrait of a Ndebele woman, draw her grace and strength with geometric patterns, vibrant colors, the resilience of Ndebele women, Ndebele art, and culturally significant artwork.

Ndebele Art

50. Nouveau Art

Prompt: runway show, showcase couture outfits, curved lines, and botanical patterns, artistic fashion spectacle, Nouveau art, using avant-garde fashion design and choreography.

Nouveau Art

51. Olmec Art

Prompt: immersive art, visitors into recreated Olmec archaeological site, cultural and artistic traditions, Olmec art, artistic innovation, and cultural celebration.

Olmec Art

52. Ottoman Art

Prompt: miniature painting, a royal Ottoman court, intricate details of clothing, jewelry, and architecture, finesse, and cultural richness of Ottoman miniature art.

Ottoman Art

53. Op Art

Prompt: virtual reality experience to immerse the user, shifting and hypnotic patterns, creating a psychedelic and dreamy landscape, exploring the subconscious mind. Op Art, hypnotic and otherworldly world.

Op Art

54. Orientalism Art

Prompt: art piece of the sensory delight of bibliosmia, bold and pop art, a vibrant and stylized library filled with ancient manuscripts and books, intoxicating aroma of aged pages, Orientalism Art, an olfactory-inspired masterpiece.

Orientalism Art

55. Outsider Art

Prompt: mixed media collage, crafted from torn paper, recycled materials, paint, visually chaotic and emotionally charged artwork, Outsider art, collage techniques for emotionally evocative artwork.

Outsider Art

56. Paint-by-Numbers Art

Prompt: textile design, patterns, and motifs reminiscent of classic Paint-by-Numbers kits, contemporary fabric patterns, playful nostalgia, Paint-by-Numbers art, screen printing techniques, cheerful color palette, and culturally rich textile design.

Paint-by-Numbers Art

57. Performance Art

Prompt: Performance art event, live dance, projection mapping, blur the line between performer and audience, mesmerizing spectacle, conventional notions of performance art, Performance art.

Performance Art

58. Pencil Sketch Art

Prompt: portrait of a wise older adult, with each wrinkle and expression etched on their face, a lifetime of stories and experiences, Pencil Sketch Art, fine-line pencils, meticulous shading, a portrait that evokes emotion and depth.

Pencil Sketch Art

59. Photorealism Art

Prompt: architectural illustration of a modern cityscape, artist’s precision and use of light shadow, urban landscapes to life, detail mirror reality, Photorealism art, digital rendering technique, architecturally accurate illustration.

Photorealism Art

60. Pixel Art

Prompt: a classic video game scene, pixel-perfect precision, paying homage to nostalgia, simplicity of retro gaming, Pixel Art, limited color palette, nostalgically resonant artwork.

Pixel Art

61. Pop Art

Prompt: outfit of iconic pop art imagery and motifs, wearable art pieces, bold and vibrant style of the pop art movement, Pop Art, innovative textile printing techniques.

Pop Art

62. Post-Impressionism Art

Prompt: Post-Impressionism art, abstract blend forms and vibrant colors, evocative artwork that celebrates the spirit of Post-Impressionism.

Post-Impressionism Art

63. Post-Minimalism Art

Prompt: sculpture, minimalist forms, visually dynamic and intellectually stimulating 3D artwork,  traditional notions of sculpture, Post-Minimalism art, using contemporary sculpting techniques. 

Post-Minimalism Art

64. Pre-Raphaelitism Art

Prompt: poetry anthology, theme of love, beauty, and nature, deeply emotional introspective manner, vivid and evocative language, Pre-Raphaelitism art, emotionally rich evocative poetry.

Pre-Raphaelitism Art

65. Primitivism Art

Prompt: futuristic paintings by George Hsiao, in the style of futuristic primitivism, masks, and totems, Escher-inspired, oil on canvas, apocalypse landscape, serene faces, digitally enhanced.

Primitivism Art

66. Propaganda Art

Prompt: A propaganda art poster, bold colors, stark imagery, persuasive slogans, stirring emotions, Propaganda art, digital illustration, visually striking and politically charged artwork. 

Propaganda Art

67. Psychedelic Art

Prompt: horror movie poster, nightmarish and hallucinatory scene, teeters of the macabre, vivid colors, unsettling visuals, spine-chilling poster, Psychedelic art, evoke fear and fascination.

Psychedelic Art

68. Qajar Art

Prompt: painting, luxury, and intricate details of Persian architecture, vibrant colors. Meticulous patterns, grand palaces and gardens of the Qajar era, Qajar art, rich artwork.

Qajar Art

69. Quranic Art

Prompt: multimedia installation in a cultural center, interacting with verses from the Quran. Digital art and audiovisual displays, beauty and wisdom of the Quran, Quranic art, and meaningful exploration of the Quranic teachings.

Quranic Art

70. Renaissance Art

Prompt: celestial realm, with angels, saints, and divine beings depicted in a heavenly tableau, ethereal landscapes, earthly imagination, Renaissance art, using oil paints, meticulous detailing. 

Renaissance Art

71. Retrofuturism Art

Prompt: reimagines the future envisioned in the past, sleek and futuristic designs, mid-20th century science fiction, nostalgically inspired artwork, charm of retrofuturist aesthetics, Retrofuturism art.

Retrofuturism Art

72. Revolutionary Art

Prompt: street style mural with a powerful visual statement for social justice, featuring iconic figures, slogans, and vibrant colors, mobilize communities to take action, socially impactful public art piece, Revolutionary Art.

Revolutionary Art

73. Risograph Art

Prompt: A risograph art piece of a girl dancing, technology and art, with intricate and vibrant patterns, capturing the essence of the dramatic age in a visually captivating and technologically inspired artwork, Risograph art.

Risograph Art

74. Rococo Art

Prompt: a beautiful young woman holding a bouquet, in the style of rococo-inspired art, dreamscape portraiture, mori kei, museum gallery dioramas, airbrush art, extravagant imagination, close-up.

Rococo Art

75. Street Art

Prompt: abstract sculpture in water with a woman’s head, in the style of hyper realistic street art, Stefan Gesell, urban installations, Francine Van Hove, shiny eyes, etam cru, passage

Street Art

76. Suprematism Art

Prompt: architectural design for a futuristic cityscape, structures of geometric abstraction, innovative urban environment, ideals of Suprematism, Suprematism art.

Suprematism Art

77. Surrealism Art

Prompt: Human eye by Mr Detlef, in the style of post-apocalyptic surrealism, patrick brown, haunting structures, muted tones, surrealism, sung kim, masks and totems, Nikolai lockertsen

Surrealism Art

78. Tlingit Art

Prompt: native Tlingit Art painting, in the style of aggressive digital illustration, masks and totems, meticulous realism, the Vancouver school, Sony Alpha a7 iii, crimson, detailed atmospheric portraits.

Tlingit Art

79. WaterColor Art

Prompt: water painting by Martin, in the style of capturing raw emotions, aggressive digital illustration, realistic hyper-detailed portraits, red and blue, delicate realism, 32k UHD, detailed character illustrations.

WaterColor Art

80. Ukiyo-e Art

Prompt: geisha girl illustration, Japanese lady in the style of Ukiyo-e art, flowers or leaves, by Saku Saito, precise, detailed architecture paintings, dark teal and light orange, photorealistic surrealism, Barroso, multi-layered compositions, hard edge painter, serenity, and calm.

Ukiyo-e Art


The Midjourney is leading in all the AI text-to-image tools, where you can try as many art styles to evoke your sense and capacity of imagination.

Being a designer full of creativity, you can rock the AI platforms with your different art style prompts.


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