Midjourney Free Fast Hours: How To Earn A Valuable Hack

midjourney fast hour

Midjourney is a powerful AI image-generation tool that can be expensive for some people. It offers specific fast hours on every Midjourney subscription, which gets consumed frequently. However, a valuable hack can help you earn free fast hours.

You can toggle between Midjourney fast mode vs. relax mode and earn free fast hours by completing a simple task. The task is usually to rate a few images that Midjourney has generated. 

Midjourney free fast hours explained in detail will let you quickly and easily earn and utilize them in your image generation. So if you’re looking for a way to save money on Midjourney, check out this valuable hack and earn free fast hours daily! 

Midjourney Fast Hours Explained

The prominent question is, what are Midjourney fast hours prices? You can earn Midjourney “free” fast hours by rating an image by face emoji. It’s a great way to keep costs down by rating image generations in its Discord channel. 

To rate an image, click one of the face emoji icons on any upscaled image. 

By rating images, you can help the Midjourney community and, in return, receive benefits such as free fast hours in Midjourney. 

The top 1,000 most active image raters receive one free fast hour each day, which can be a great way to save money on Midjourney.

Earning fast hours free from Midjourney is an excellent opportunity to get more involved with the Midjourney community and receive rewards for participating.

What’s The Process To Earn Midjourney Free Hours?

As I have earned many fast hours with this hack, let me share the step-by-step process with you so you can also gain this profitable thing!

If you want to rate other users’ images on Midjourney, you can do so on the Midjourney website or Discord. 

Earn Midjourney Free Fast Hours by Rating images on the website

Below are the steps to rate pictures on the website.

  • Go to Midjourney.com and click on “Community Feed.”
  • Click on the image you like.
  • To choose a rating, click the “smiley/emoji” icon.
Midjourney Free Fast Hours

Earn Midjourney Free Fast Hours by Rating Images on the Discord

  • Choose either the “#newbies” or “#general” channel.
  • Go into it.
  • Use the ranking option to rate any upscaled image.
Midjourney free fast hour

Tip: You can rate your work or the work of other people.

If you are one of the day’s top raters, the Midjourney Bot will send you a direct message to let you know you have earned free FAST hours. 

How to Save Midjourney Free Fast Hours?

Use your fast hours when needed, but remember that Midjourney fast mode stays enabled by default, so switch on relax mode using the Midjourney Command list to save Midjourney free fast hours. 

Execute the “/relax” command to switch to “Relax” mode. After you run the “/relax” command, your jobs will no longer use fast hours, but they may take a little longer.

With the “/fast” command, you can always go back to Fast mode.


The only way to get free FAST hours in Midjourney is to rate images, including your own. If you’ve used your FREE FAST hours and need more right away, you can buy more FAST hours at the Midjourney account

The official Midjourney Bot will only send you a direct message when you have free FAST hours. If someone asks for your credentials, it’s probably a scam, so be careful.

So, go ahead and earn fast hours to utilize Midjourney more!


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