How To Upscale To The Max In Midjourney – Ultimate Guide

Midjourney Upscale

What Is Midjourney! the cutting-edge software that is changing the world of digital creativity, you can find out what your AI-generated art is capable of. 

As an artist, I know how frustrating it is to get pixelated or blurry images when you try to make your work bigger. But Midjourney upscale can solve this issue problem in a second.

So In this article, I will show you how to Upscale to the max in Midjourney and make your image resolution so that the results will blow your mind. Every Midjourney Version gives you an outstanding resolution image!

Let’s explore this amazing tool!

Prepare to optimize your AI-made images in ways you’ve never done before, whether you’re using them in digital projects or printing them out. The future of AI art is here, and it’s time to see what it can do.

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Explaining the Midjourney Resolution

The beta feature called “upscale redo,” Midjourney upscale can make images up to 2048×2048 and 2720×1530.

By default, the latest version makes images with a resolution of 1024×1024, but this will likely improve as the platform changes and more processing power is made available.

Midjourney VersionsMidjourney Max Resolution (before upscaling)Midjourney Max Resolution (after upscaling)
Midjourney Version 4512x5121024x1024
Midjourney Version 51024x1024Already at max
Midjourney niji 4512x5121024x1024
Midjourney niji 51024x1024Already at max
Upscale To The Max In Midjourney

Fact: There are external AI upscalers that can produce high-quality resizes up to 4k or even higher that give you ways to get around Midjourney’s resolution limits.

Can Midjourney Generate High Resolution Images?

Midjourney can make high-resolution images that can be used for digital content, designing products, or printing.

But it can’t create 4k content right now, and some printed materials may need a higher resolution.

Even so, Midjourney is great for making the first images for projects with a high resolution.

There are both free and paid tools on the market that can be used to increase the resolution of AI-generated images. This lets users meet project-specific resolution requirements that go beyond what Midjourney can do on its own.

Resolution Utilization of Midjourney

The Midjourney system utilizes specific grid sizes as a starting point for image generation. By default, it employs a square grid size of 1024×1024 and a widescreen 16:9 ratio of 1456×816. 

However, when upscaling an image, the resulting output is a cropped version of the original four-image generation. The upscaling process varies depending on the model version being used. 

For instance, the Midjourney v5 model starts at 1024×1024 and can achieve a beta upscale to 2048×2048. 

Similarly, v4, niji mode, v1-v3 and the -test or -testp parameters from the parameters list of Midjourney have their own initial resolutions and upscale capabilities. 

The ‘HD’ model also begins at 512×512 and can upscale to a higher resolution of 1536×1536, with a beta upscale option up to 2048×2048. 

These details provide insights into the scalability and limitations of different Midjourney models.

How To Max Midjourney Image Resolution

In previous versions of Midjourney, there was a feature called “Upscale to Max” that helped increase the image resolution beyond the 512×512 preview. 

This feature is unavailable in V5.2, which has a default output of 1024×1024 and a maximum output of 1024×1024.

Switching to Midjourney V4 lets you upscale to the max, but it’s not as good at turning text into images, which could lead to unsatisfactory first images.

If you need a higher resolution, Adobe’s Photoshop Beta is a great alternative to Midjourney’s limitations because it gives you more control over image resolution.

How To Upscale Images To Max In Midjourney

When you use Midjourney to make image variations in Discord, you can make new variations or make an existing image look better.

But you can’t directly increase the size of an image to its maximum size right now. Instead, you must first choose the U1, U2, U3, or U4 button. This will make a 1024×1024 version of the image with more details.

If you use a different aspect ratio, the size of the enlarged image might be different.

After you’ve done this, you can click the “Upscale to Max” button to get an image at Midjourney’s highest resolution, which is usually 1664×1664, though the size can change depending on the aspect ratio.

Is the resolution of Midjourney suitable enough for printing?

300 pixels per inch (PPI) is the best resolution for high-quality printing.

For example, a 2400×3000 pixel image is needed for an 8×10 inch print.

Midjourney has a default resolution of 3 megapixels, which is suitable for making quality prints up to 5.5×5.5 inches in size.

You need to change the size of the Midjourney images if you want to make larger prints. Even though quality can be lost when resizing, this can be fixed with AI upscalers.

Also, since most of the images made by Midjourney are digital art, any loss of detail is usually not very noticeable.


What is the best resolution that can be used for Midjourney?

The highest resolution that can be output is 1024×1024. You can easily make images look their best by using the –v 4 parameter to switch to the Midjourney V4 model.

What Resolution Does Midjourney V5 do?

Midjourney V5 has a sharper picture than V4. Its default resolution, 1024×1024 pixels equals V4’s upscaled resolution. Compared to V4, which had a resolution of 512×512 pixels that had already been scaled up, V5 has a resolution that is about twice as good.

What does Remaster mean?

Remaster is an option for images scaled up from older Midjourney Models. It combines the original composition with the coherence of the new -v 5.1 model. For new jobs, you can use the Remaster button. For ancient jobs, you can use the /show command in Discord.

What is the difference between pixels per inch [PPI] and dots per inch [DPI]?

“Pixels per inch” (PPI) is a measure of how many pixels are in an image, while “dots per inch” (DPi) is a measure of how many dots a printer can make per inch. Both of these words mean different things and can’t be swapped.

What does upscaling AI mean?

AI upscaling in tools like Midjourney increases the size and resolution of an image while adding more details. This makes the image better in quality and makes it easier to print. Some benefits are a higher resolution, a larger image size without losing quality, and a smoother, sharper look.

Can Midjourney Generate 4K Images?

Midjourney can only take photos with a resolution of 3 megapixels and can’t directly make 4K photos (8 megapixels). But you can get 4K images using tools like Photoshop, Topaz AI, Photopea, Gigapixel AI, Let’s Enhance, or ON1’s Resize AI to upscale the images Midjourney makes.

Can I Print A Midjourney Image?

Yes, you can. The rule of thumb for print quality is 300 dots per inch (dpi). A high-quality print of a 1024 x 1024 pixel image made by Midjourney by default would be about 3.4×3.4 inches. This is because the print size equals the number of pixels divided by the DPI.


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