Sprint Wireless APN Settings – The most up-to-date Setup for 4G/5G Networks

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Nowadays, we’ll look at Sprint wireless APN settings, which can correctly determine your device’s IP address with this option. Additionally, they may link you up with the appropriate secure gateway so you can access the Internet.  People are using their internet connection for communication purposes more frequently these days.

Users can get the quickest networking service for viewing videos, accessing the web, and more on their devices by configuring their Sprint APN settings.

This article will teach you everything you want to understand to connect to the Sprint wireless network and use your preferred applications.

Sprint Wireless APN Settings 

Michel Combes is the CEO of Sprint Company. T-Mobile US, a division of SoftBank Group, is the network’s parent company. Clemson and Jacob Brown are the names behind creating the Sprint network.

Sprint offers mobile telephony, wireless communications, internet services, and broadband.

The access Point Name is referred to as APN. You need to use the Sprint sim and then set the APN settings on your devices. APN connects one computer network to 2G to 5G Networks.

Now, let’s see the wonders of the Sprint Wireless APN on different devices.

Set Sprint 4G LTE APN Settings

Amazingly, you can change your smartphone’s APN settings independently without requiring any hardware tools.

Sprint 4G APN Settings for Android

On the Sprint wireless network, you can alter or update your APN settings by following the mentioned steps below.

  1. Head to “Home” in your Android smartphone’s “Settings” menu.
Sprint Wireless APN Settings
  1. To continue the process, look for the “Wireless And Networks” option in Settings.
Sprint 4G APN Settings for Android
  1. Simply tap “Mobile And Networks” now, then choose “Access Point Names” from the menu.
Mobile And Networks
Access Point Names
  1. To access the “New APN” option on an Android device, press the “MENU” option (or the three dots) if it is there.
NameSprint Or 1
MMS proxy68.28.31.7
MMS port80
Authentication type
APN typeDefault
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocolIPv4
  1. Finally, make the following adjustments and save your updates, then leave. If necessary, restart your Android device.

Connect to any website to use high-speed internet.

Sprint 4G APN Settings for iPhone

You are being told the iPhone Sprint wireless settings where you can properly follow the instructions and get the needed information.

  1. Browse to Settings from the home screen.
  2. Choose Cellular/Mobile Data and verify whether or not cellular data is turned on.
  3. Pick a “Cellular Data Network”. Enter the Sprint APN settings into specific bars.

4- To preserve the updated internet APN settings, return to the main screen and tap the “Home” icon now.

5- Now ensure the new Sprint wireless APN settings are adequate by restarting your iPhone.

Sprint 4G APN Settings for Windows

  1. The first step you should do is launch the Settings application and select “Network & Wireless” from the menu on the home screen. 
  2. On your Windows device, select “Cellular & SIM” at this time.
  3. Then, you must first select the SIM Card on your device running Windows before selecting any features for cellular and data.
  4. From the device you are using on Windows, you have to choose “Add an Internet APN” under the Internet APN Option. The Sprint APN information I have provided for you below should be entered.
Type of sign-in info
IP TypeIPv4
Proxy Server
Proxy Port
  1. To make the print APN Settings operational, click the Save button and restart your Windows device.

Sprint 4G APN Settings for BlackBerry

  1. The Settings program on your Blackberry should be opened first.
  2. Then, on your device, select “Network Connections” from the menu.
  3. After that, on your Blackberry, click the Mobile Network option, followed by the “APN” option.  
  4. To speed up the internet connection, enter the Sprint APNSettings data that I have  just shown you below:

Finally, select the save option, then go back to the Blackberry’s home screen.

Change Sprint 5G LTE APN Settings

You may enjoy a faster Sprint internet connection without any issues with the aid of the Sprint 5G APN Settings.

Each of the devices has straightforward and short instructions. Due to this, based on the mobile device’s software version, we will show you how to set up your 5G APN Settings in Android and iPhone in the steps below.

Sprint 5G APN Settings – Android

  1. Navigate to Settings and select Connections.
  2. Select “Mobile Network”
  3. To add a new APN configuration to your Android smartphone, select “APN” and press the Add icon.
  4. Now, you must enter the Sprint APN settings information exactly as it is listed below:
MMS Proxy
MMS Port
Authentication Type
APN Typedefault
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN RoamingIPv4

The sprint settings of APN will then become active after you touch the save button and restart your Android device. 

Sprint 5G APN Settings for iPhone

  1. Turn on mobile data from Settings of iPhone.
  2. Select the “cellular data network.”
  3. Click the “APN option of your device” link in the Cellular Data section.
  4. The information for the Sprint APN Settings should be entered as shown below:

There is an optional LTE Settings where you should enter the following Sprint APN Settings information.


Sprint 5G Settings For iPhone MMS

You should enter the following Sprint APN Settings information on the screen in the MMS Section.

MMS Proxy68.28.31.7
MMS Max Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLhttp://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf


These instructions will assist you in resolving your mobile data connection issue. With the proper APN settings, you can enjoy internet services without experiencing any issues.

Also, remember that the identification and positioning of specific choices may vary between smartphones running different versions of the same operating system.

So don’t panic if you can’t find a certain option. On your smartphone, it will undoubtedly be accessible but most likely listed under a different name or option. To ensure the settings are right, carefully check, And correctly insert the values listed above.


What would the phone’s Sprint wireless APN settings do?

The phone scans these configurations and establishes a link between the open internet and your carrier’s cellular network. You can send and receive MMS using this connection and use mobile data to access the internet.

How do I access the Sprint network’s message about Apn Setup Settings?

You may enter the above-mentioned settings, but if you’d rather have the network’s APN setup settings, remove your SIM card and power on the phone. You’ll then get a configuration notice after inserting your SIM card and turning on your phone.

How can the Sprint 4G Internet Speed be increased?

To achieve a faster internet connection on your smartphone, you must change the Sprint APN settings currently in place.

Where Can I Find Sprint Mobile’s Most Recent Apn?

Customers can download Apn settings for their devices from either this page or the official Sprint website. You may quickly change your Sprint Apn on both sites to speed up your internet connection.

What If I Enter Incorrect Information For Sprint Apn?

If you update Sprint Apn 4G with the incorrect data, it could result in no internet connection and additional fees. Users should therefore make sure to update their Sprint APN settings with the right data. To achieve the optimal setup on your mobile device, you may also copy and paste each Apn Sprint detail from above.


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