Mastering Wear OS Watches From Notifications to Navigation

Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition

How would you feel if someone told you about a magical watch that not only tells time but can do everything, from playing a song for you, making contactless payments, keeping track of your health, to even replying to your messages?

Now, imagine finding out about that magical watch in this article…

Alright! Let’s be realistic and accept the fact that there’s no such magic in this world. However, there is something even better than magic, and that is what we call the Wear OS watch.

You can listen to music, monitor your ride-and-run tracking, control media on paired devices, and benefit from a device that excels in health and fitness tracking, including on-demand heart rate readings. 

If you feel like this information is moving a bit too fast then take a seat and continue reading this article for a comprehensive guide of Wear OS watches

Let’s start with the beginning…

What is Wear OS? 

Wear OS, which was initially Android Wear is Google’s smartwatch operating system. It was introduced in 2014,  but then it became Wear OS in 2018 and with the collaboration with Samsung in 2021, it underwent a major update, resulting in Wear OS 3.  

All the cool features you get in your watch are made possible by Wear OS. It transforms traditional watches into intelligent devices that flawlessly integrate with smartphones and acts like a mini-computer on your wrist that goes with you  wherever you go 

In the simplest terms, consider Wear OS as a brain for smartwatches, turning them into clever devices that work closely with your phone. It’s a versatile platform, with fashion brands and watchmakers joining the ecosystem.

Benefits of Wear OS watches: 

Wear OS watches have provided many and many benefits, following are just a few of them 

  1. Receiving notifications conveniently: 

You can stay informed about notifications and messages effortlessly eliminating the need to constantly check your phone. Stay updated without any interruptions 

  1. Voice commands 

Save time and make small tasks easy by utilizing voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa to perform hands-free tasks like setting reminders, sending messages, and making calls with ease. Now simply tell Google Assistant to wake you up at 8:00 am and have a sound sleep 

  1. Health check 

How would it feel if you could keep a record of every step you have taken? Yup. that’s possible. 

You can also monitor your heart rate and other health metrics, staying motivated and reminding yourself to take breaks for better overall well-being.

  1. Navigation 

Wear OS smartwatches with GPS making it easy to navigate your desired locations without constantly having to check your phone. It is quite handy and perfect for you to discover new places.

  1. Battery life 

As compared to its competitive other watches, numerous Wear OS smartwatches provide extended battery longevity and rapid charging choices, to provide you with hassle-free daily usage.

  1. Connectivity to other devices 

You can effortlessly link up with your smartphones and laptops, enabling you to receive notifications, calls, and emails directly on your smartwatch.

  1. Google App Access:

Explore a variety of applications on the Google Play Store, depending on your choice of selection ranging from fitness and entertainment to productivity or communication. All in your wrist. 

  1. A helpful tool for productivity 

Forget about handling your phone, watch, and coffee mug in your hand at the same time. Thanks to Wear OS, everything you need is easily accessible on your wrist. While you still carry your coffee, the time-saving features of Wear OS still make the effort.

Best Wear OS watches 

After diving into the details of Wear OS, you might be curious about the watches of Wear OS. Here are some of the best picks for Wear OS watches to wrap around your wrist

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 45mm

Wear OS Watches

Key Features:

  • GPS Route Tracking with Turn-by-Turn Directions:

Heading out for a bike ride or hike? Let the Galaxy Watch5 Pro guide you with easy directions, talking or buzzing as you go.

  • Long-lasting Battery Life:

Don’t worry about battery life. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro has a big battery, perfect for your outdoor fun. It stays charged, so you stay connected.

  • Wellness Goal Achievement with BioActive Sensor:

Meet the BioActive Sensor. It helps you reach your wellness goals by giving info about your body, like fat, muscle, and more. It’s like having a health coach on your wrist.

  • Advanced Sleep Coaching:

Sleep matters. The watch tracks your sleep stages, helping you build better sleep habits. Wake up ready for a new day.

  • Body Composition Analysis (BIA):

Want to know your body composition? The watch tells you about fat, muscle, and more. It’s like having a health check right on your wrist.

  • Improved Sensor Accuracy:

Keep tabs on your heart with the curved Samsung BioActive Sensor. It’s your little helper for accurate heart readings.

  • Workout Support

The watch joins your workout, tracking different exercises automatically. Running, rowing, swimming – it’s got you covered.

  • Galaxy Connected Experience:

The watch is part of the Galaxy family. It works great with other Galaxy devices, making your adventures smoother.

  • Built Tough, Looks Cool

Made to withstand the outdoors, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro has a tough glass screen and a strong titanium case. It’s the stylish sidekick for your active life.

Additional Information:

  • The watch supports body composition analysis in the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series and later released Galaxy Watch models.
  • Requires Samsung Health app version 6.22.1 or later.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Phones with Android 8.0 and a minimum of 1.5GB RAM.
  • The Galaxy Watch5 must be paired with a Galaxy mobile device.

Ticwatch Pro 5 Android Smartwatch

Ticwatch Pro 5 Android Smartwatch

Key features 

  • Regular Updates:

Your TicWatch Pro 5 is always in the know! It gets regular updates to keep up with the latest and greatest features on WearOS. Even the apps get the VIP treatment.

  • Impressive Battery Life:

No need to stress about charging. Your TicWatch Pro 5 goes the distance, lasting around 3 days on a single charge. Even during intense activities, like tracking your outdoor adventures, it’s got your back. And the charger works like magic – 65% in just 30 minutes!

  • Double the Display, Double the Fun:

Imagine having two displays – one for the basics and one for all the fancy stuff. That’s your TicWatch Pro 5! Perfect for outdoor scenes, it’s easy on the eyes and saves battery.

  • WearOS Performance:

Your TicWatch Pro 5 runs WearOS like a pro. No crashes, no lag – just smooth sailing. The design is easy to love, making your smartwatch experience top-notch.

  • New Design with Rotating Crown:

The TicWatch Pro 5 has a cool rotating crown for easy navigation. It’s like a magic wand – switch tiles, pump up the jams, and explore maps effortlessly.

  • Advanced Health Monitoring:

Keep tabs on your well-being with 24/7 heart tracking, oxygen levels, stress checks, and sleep stats. Dive into over 100 sports modes, and it’s water-resistant too!

Additional Information:

  • Provides NFC support for Google Pay and Google Wallet transactions.
  • It requires the Mobvoi Health app for detailed health statistics.
  • Compatibility with Samsung Galaxy Phones running Android 8.0 or later and a minimum of 1.5GB RAM.
  • The watch must be paired with a Galaxy mobile device for full functionality.
  • The device is meant for general wellness and fitness, but it’s not a replacement for medical advice. In easy wording, If you have health concerns, it’s best to talk to a doctor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Key features 

  • Smooth Connectivity: 

The watch effortlessly connects through GSM, HSPA, and LTE technologies.

  • Compact Build: 

Compact dimensions of 41 x 41 x 12.3 mm, weighing a mere 36 g. Crafted with a stainless steel frame and a front glass shielded by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 offering you durability with a touch of finesse.

  • Display:

The AMOLED display offers vibrant visuals, reaching a peak brightness of 1000 nits.

  • Memory:

Offers 32GB of internal storage coupled with 2GB RAM. ready to accommodate all your needs with style and efficiency.

  • Battery:

Empowered by a non-removable Li-Ion 294 mAh battery, this watch is your loyal companion for lasting adventures.

Additional Information:

  • Circular, domed design for a visually pleasing appearance.
  • Has integrated Fitbit activity tracking for comprehensive health monitoring.
  • Scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass and water-resistant up to 5 ATM (50 meters).
  • Swiftly alert trusted contacts or 911 in unsafe situations.
  • Fast Pair feature for effortless device connectivity.
  • You can customize your style with additional bands for various outfits and activities.

Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition

Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition

Key Features

  • Compatibility and Connectivity:

Compatible with phones running the latest Android or iOS versions, providing flexibility for users.

  • Quick Charging: 

Supports fast charging, reaching up to 80% in just half an hour for quick and convenient use.

  • Alexa Enabled for Voice Commands

Access Amazon Alexa for quick news, weather updates, timers, alarms, and smart home device control using voice commands.

  • Health Tracking Features:

Automatically tracks activity goals, steps, sleep, and cardio, and includes GPS-enabled activity modes for accurate distance and path tracking.

  • Swimproof Design: 

Features a swim-proof design, making it suitable for water-related activities.

  • Personalized Style:

Personalize your experience with an always-on display, a variety of watch faces, and hundreds of apps for fitness, music, social, news, and more.

  • Stay Connected:

Stay connected with notifications for calls, texts, and apps. Automatic time zone and calendar syncing. Answer and make calls directly on the watch.

  • Battery Life:

New caseback design and magnetic charger cable enable faster charging. Smart Battery Modes optimize battery life.

Additional Information:

  • USB data cable with magnetic dock for ease of use.
  • Varied watch bands for accessorizing.
  • Always evolving with updates for enhanced functionality and performance.

Skagen Falster Gen 6

Skagen Falster Gen 6

Key Features 

  • Compatibility and Connectivity:

It effortlessly pairs up with your Android or iPhone, powered by the mighty Qualcomm 4100+ chipset for smoother performance and Bluetooth 5 support – giving you a seamless connection experience!

  • Health and Activity Tracking:

Keeps an eye on your daily moves, like steps, sleep, heart rate, and more, all on its own. It’s like having a personal fitness buddy with GPS and smart sensors to help you stay on track! 

  • Display and Personalization:

Imagine a super cool watch that never sleeps! Its display is always on, shining bright with vibrant colors. You can even give it a personal touch with thousands of watch faces to choose from.

  • Connectivity and Notifications:

Get calls, texts, and app updates, all synced seamlessly with your phone. Plus, it handles time zones and calendars automatically. And yes, you can make or take calls right from your wrist!

  • Battery and Charging:

With the cool new case design and a magnetic charger, you’ll hit 80% power in just 30 minutes. And guess what? Smart Battery Modes keep your battery game strong! 

  • Swim-Proof Design:

Designed with a 3 ATM swim-proof rating, making it suitable for various water-based activities. Now you can dive into water fun without worries. 

  • Alexa Integration:

Your watch comes with Alexa built-in, ready to serve you quick news, and weather updates, set timers, and alarms, and even boss around your smart home—all with your voice.

Additional Information

  • Always-on display, customizable watch faces, and diverse app ecosystem for personalization.
  • Seamless connectivity features, including notifications and direct call functionality.


Razer x Fossil Gen 6

Razer x Fossil Gen 6

Key Features 

  • Platform and Build:

It runs on Wear OS by Google, providing a smooth experience. The stainless steel case (44 mm) and interchangeable silicone strap (22 mm) add a touch of style.

  • Lifestyle Features:

The Always-On display, numerous watch faces, and a variety of apps make it a delight for daily use.

  • Health and Fitness Tracking:

Automatically keeps tabs on your health—tracking steps, sleep, heart rate, and more. GPS support makes it a reliable fitness companion.

  • Handy Features:

Stay connected effortlessly with call notifications. The Smart Battery Modes simplify usage for extended battery life.

  • Packed with Useful Apps:

Comes preloaded with handy apps like Adidas Runtastic, Amazon Alexa, Google Maps, Spotify, and others for various needs.

  • Tech Specs

Think of it as a friendly sidekick that buddies up with both Android and iPhone, thanks to Wear OS which makes it user-friendly and versatile.

Additional Information

  • Features a range of functions, including a fitness tracker, touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, blood oxygen sensor, and more.
  • It is a part of the Razer X Fossil series.


Wear OS isn’t just about watches; it’s a transformational journey for your wrist. It goes beyond just being a smartwatch and becomes a lifestyle companion, making your work easier.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a productivity pro, you can’t deny the charm of the Wear OS feature which lets you elevate your daily routines with a touch of sophistication.

Strap in, because the world of Wear OS is more than just ticking hands. Its a classy and professional way to be more productive and make your life easier 


How has Wear OS changed and improved over the years?

Wear OS was introduced in 2014 as Android Wear and then it was rebranded in 2018. After this the collaboration with Samsung in 2021 led it to a major update, which resulted in Wear OS 3, enhancing its capabilities.

What features does Wear OS provide?

Wear OS provides countless features like convenient notifications, voice commands, health tracking, navigation, extended battery life, integration with other devices, access to Google apps, and enhanced productivity tools.

Can Wear OS watches work with other devices?

Absolutely Yes, Wear OS watches can be easily connected with smartphones and laptops, allowing users to receive notifications, calls, and emails directly on their smartwatches without having to carry them along

What are some of the most popular Wear OS smartwatches?

Top Wear OS smartwatches include the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Ticwatch Pro 5, Pocket-lint, Fossil Gen 6, and others, depending on the preferences and budgets 

Can I get extra apps on my Wear OS watch?

Surely, you can. Wear OS watches support the Google Play Store and allow users to explore and download various apps, ranging from fitness and entertainment to productivity and communication.

How do I set up a Wear OS watch with my phone?

It is a quite simple and easy process. To start using your Wear OS watch, download the Wear OS app, and follow the onscreen instructions to link it to your phone. If you have an iPhone, make sure that the Wear OS app is always running in the background.



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