Your Artistic Control: How to Cancel Subscription

how to cancel leonardo ai plan

Prepare to get into the process of canceling your subscription! If you’ve ever wondered whether you can change or cancel your subscription, the answers are just a click away. is more than just a subscription service. You can upgrade, cancel and renew your subscription plan based on your needs. Your creative journey is entirely up to you.

Let’s go to figure out how to cancel subscription plan.

How to Cancel Subscription? offers you three paid plans, Apprentice, Artisan, and Maestro. So, if you discover that the membership no longer matches your needs or tastes, you can cancel it anytime.

Canceling your subscription allows you to customize your membership experience based on your requirement and the quality of images.

Once you cancel your subscription plan, you will revert to 150 tokens each day, just like every free tier user can have.

Let’s start to cancel Leonardo subscription!

Click on tokens

Head to the home page of Leonardo. The leftover tokens are below the Leonardo.Ai logo on the home page.

Click on the tokens.

Click on tokens

Click on Manage Subscription

If you have subscribed and paid for a specific plan, you will only see the ‘Manage Subscription’ option on that plan. 

Hit on the manage subscription button to either update or cancel your subscription.

Click on Manage Subscription

Click on Cancel Plan 

Now you can see the “cancel plan” option. Click on it.

How to Cancel Subscription

You can see that the procedures listed above show you how to cancel your subscription plan easily. You can handle the process smoothly if you follow these steps. 

How to Upgrade Subscription Plan?

The update of your Leonardo plan is as easy as the cancellation of your plan. You only need to access the Leonardo.Ai homepage and hit the manage subscription page.

Click Upgrade Option

If you want to upgrade your subscription plan from the previous one, you must follow the same steps to manage the subscription plan. 

Hit tokens, and access your subscription plan.

Simply hit the “upgrade option” under the plan you want to upgrade on.

For instance, if you are moving from Apprentice to Artisan plan, you can see the “Upgrade To Artisan” option.

Click Upgrade Option

Click on Confirm

You can see the “plan Upgrade Confirmation” read it and then hit the “Confirm” option. 

Click on Confirm

Now, you can see your subscription upgraded plan.

How to Renew Leonardo Subscription Plan?

Once your monthly subscription ends, you can easily renew your subscription plan by adopting the steps you can see in the subscription plan article and the headings mentioned above.


Overall, is more than just a membership service; it is a portal to unleash your creative potential. 

Your creative path is entirely in your control, with the ability to adjust or cancel your subscription plan based on your interests.

So, Connect with and us to remain current on the newest updates and advancements.


Should I consider subscribing to

With a subscription, you can access a world with opportunities to boost your creativity. Whether you go with Apprentice, Artisan, or Maestro, each plan has its own set of tools and features to help you with your creative activities.

Will I lose access to my tools and projects if I discontinue my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to tools and features only available to subscribers. However, your work of art is yours to maintain. You can reactivate your subscription to continue accessing the complete set of features.

Can I change my subscription plan once I cancel it?

Yes, you can discontinue your subscription plan. You can revive your subscription plan if you want to return and continue your creative adventure.

What happens if you exhaust all of your tokens in your premium plan? 

You can either wait until the completion of the month for more tokens or, if you’re running low, upgrade to the next plan (upgrades will be available soon). Please contact us if you are interested in a customized package.

Is the price inclusive of tax? 

The prices displayed above do not include tax. If you are subject to tax, it will be charged when you pay using Stripe. If we don’t now charge GST or VAT in your area but require it in the future, include it in your bill.


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