What is Midjourney AI: A Journey Of Incredible Discovery 101

What Is Midjourney

Recently, I was researching the continuous growth of artificial intelligence in every field, whether writing, data science, or others. 

However, While searching, this one AI program got all of my attention: “Midjourney AI.” 

The more I got into it, I realized that this exceptional platform transforms your textual description into visual content in minutes. 

Shocked? That was my reaction, too; I was blown out knowing how advanced Artificial Intelligence has become. The things which used to take hours are now done in a few seconds.

So, In this article, I will get you familiarised with what Midjourney is, How to Subscribe to Midjourney, How to use Midjourney for Business, and most importantly, you will get to know about Midjourney command list with every other detail about this amazing AI innovation with my first-hand experience.

What Is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney Inc. was started by David Holz, who is also co-founder of Leap Motion, a well-known startup in the virtual and augmented reality space that was bought by UltraHaptics in 2019.

Midjourney is a self-dependent research lab that explores new mediums of thought and expands the imaginative powers of the human species. It is an AI image generator that offers a more dream-like art style to your given descriptions. 

You don’t need any particular hardware or software to use it since it only works through Discord’s chat app.

In contrast, most competitors offer at least a few free image generations.

What Is Midjourney

How To Create An Account On MidJourney?

While you might think of visiting Midjourney directly, do you know how to use it? Don’t worry! With these easy steps, you can simply create your visual content.

Step 1:Create An Account on Discord

Simply visit discord.com/register to join the Discord server. 

Step2: Join the Discord server for Midjourney

Click the “Join the Beta” button on the Midjourney’s website or go straight to discord.gg/midjourney.  

Accept the Midjourney Discord server’s invitation to join.

Step 3: Access a channel

Once you’re on the server, look for channels named “newbies.” On these channels, the Midjourney command generator can be accessible to newcomers.

Step 4: Write Your Prompt

To make an image, type “/imagine” followed by a prompt (description) of the image you want to make. 

For example, “Picture a beautiful sunset with palm trees on the beach.” The AI will take your request and use the information you gave to make an image.

Step 5: Collaborate With The Result

Midjourney will show different versions of the image that was made. You can use the buttons to make new variations, improve an existing image, or make a selected image bigger.

Step 6: Save The Result

Open the final picture in a browser and save it to the device.

What is Midjourney Subscription?

Midjourney Susbscription offers four different plans for users when switching from free trial to paid version.

The four Midjourney subscription plans are listed below;

  • The Basic plan charges $10/ month and gives 3.3 hr/month of GPU time.
  • The Standard plan charges $30/ month and gives 15 hr/month of GPU time.
  • The Pro plan charges $60/ month and gives 30 hrs/month of GPU time.
  • The Mega plan charges $120/month and gives 60 hr/month of GPU time.

Midjourney offers 20% discount on yearly subscriptions.

What is Midjourney used for?

Though Midjouney is an emerging AI tool, many people and even the users of Midjourney, still need to be made aware of its uses.

By reading these uses, you can avail more quality from Midjourney.

  1. Midjourney can be used to create stunning visuals with just one simple prompt.
  2. It is an independent research lab that has developed an artificial intelligence program by generating images from textual descriptions.
  3. Midjourney parameters in prompts are offered to help you get creative without requiring programming skills.
  4. Midjourney leverages its advanced natural language processing capabilities and a vast range of different types of images.
  5. It maintains the user’s content privacy by introducing Midjourney Stealth mode, where you can generate your content privately.
  6. It is considered the best AI tool for graphic design.

What are Midjourney Versions

Midjourney has amazed users with its continuous evolution in just one year, introducing more than five Midjourney versions. Each version has brought exciting improvements and capabilities, pushing the boundaries of image generation from text prompts.

A recent version update is Midjourney 5.2, which makes the mind-blowing results in prompts. From previous versions, Midjourney Niji mode was the only version trained on anime generations. Midjourney Niji 5 was an update of the Niji version explicitly designed for anime and manga. 

Midjourney has continuously enhanced its ability to create stunning visuals that closely match your prompts.

You can use the Reference Images in Midjourney as image prompts to generate more diverse images. Also, Midjourney Negative Prompts are introduced in Midjourney versions to remove any unwanted thing from your image.

Policy Tips Of Midjourney

Based on my first-hand experience, While using Midjourney AI, I have noted some important points you should consider when creating visual content. 

Let’s Explore these important tips to make your journey easy!

Follow The Guidelines

Midjourney has very strict community guidelines that you must follow. Overview How to report images on Midjourney if you find any image or content against the community standards. 

Also, Banned Words in Midjourney AI can be helpful for users to avoid any kind of restricted word incorporation in their prompts. Follow the guidelines to ensure the app is used to produce appropriate content.

Be Descriptive

The more clear and descriptive you can be with your image description, the better the AI will understand and produce your image.

Take Time To Think

Before you start generating images, take some time to think about what you want to form or create on Midjourney; if you want help, type “/help” to get a list of tips.

Subscription Plan

Midjourney offers different subscription plans to its users with different fast and relaxed hours. Get familiar with Midjourney fast mode vs. relax mode to utilize them efficiently by switching from another based on your work. 

Save Your Images

You can access any image you have generated on the Midjourney discord. Make sure to save the produced image to your device. You can overview How to download bulk images from Midjourney to save bulk images in one go.

Midjourney Futuristic Approach 

Midjourney’s Futuristic Approach based on the Midjourney system and cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to generate complex images using simple words and prompts the user gives.

Midjourney User Interface

Midjourney User Interface (UI) is a design approach that focuses on creating a seamless and self-generated user experience throughout the customer journey. 

It involves designing interfaces that are easy to use, visually appealing, and provide relevant information at every stage of your journey. 

What are Midjourney Terms And Conditions?

Before unlocking the magic of Midjourney, let’s focus on its terms and conditions and try to use this AI accordingly. 

Let’s explore the points!

  • By joining Midjourney, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined.
  • You must be at your age of 18+ or have parental consent to use Midjourney.
  • You are responsible for holding the confidentiality of your account information when provided with Midjourney License.
  • Intellectual property rights protect all content within Midjourney copyright.
  • Engaging in illegal or harmful activities on Midjourney is strictly prohibited.
  • Midjourney respects user privacy and outlines how personal information is collected and used.
  • Midjourney may moderate user-generated content to ensure compliance with guidelines.
  • Midjourney reserves the right to terminate access to users who violate the terms and conditions.
  • Midjourney is not liable for any damages or losses incurred using the platform.
  • Midjourney may update or modify the terms and conditions, and users are responsible for staying informed.

What are Midjourney Prompts?

Midjourney Prompts are guides, or you can say text phrases that you provide to Midjourney Bot to produce an image. A well-crafted prompt can help make unique and exciting images.

Here are several Midjourney prompts you can utilize to generate the best images.
Meanwhile, visit 10 Secrets to Creating Stunning AI Art with Midjourney and 20 Inspiring Midjourney Prompts to Boost Your Creativity.

Midjourney Architecture Prompt

It generates images related to architecture and buildings.

Midjourney Human Anatomy Prompts

It creates images related to the human body, like;  Heart, Lungs, Mouth, Eyes, Brain, Stomach, and Kidneys.

Midjourney Animal Prompt

It Generates images of animals, birds, and insects.

Midjourney Photography Prompts

It creates images that look like photographs, for instance, Double Exposure Macro Photography, Tilt-Shift Photography, Bokeh Effect, Long-exposure photography, and others.

Midjourney Art Styles Prompts

It generates images in different art styles such as; Art Nouveau, Film noir, Manga Anime, Pop art, Surrealism, and many more. 


Midjourney Ai is a fascinating tool that allows users to create stunning AI-generated images from simple prompts. It has achieved a large number of users in minimum time.

Whether you’re a skilled artist or just getting started, Midjourney offers a variety of tools and features to help you get creative without any artistic skills.

So, Now you know what Midjourney is and how to use this platform. Join the exploding cosmic paint can of creativity and begin on a journey of discovery with Midjourney AI.


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