Unveiling the best and Latest Update Midjourney 5.2

mj version 5.2

Users usually get bored when using the same thing for a long time. You might also get bored of Midjoureny. But Wait, Midjoureny just brought an update to its platform. This update will blow your mind with its fantastic features.

Midjourney, this time, comes with the new Midjourney version, Midjourney 5.2, that makes its users wonder about their backends. This time you will be stuck exploring its new Midjourney parameters, styles and much more.

Let’s unlock the recently updated features of Midjourney version 5.2 in this article by exploring each feature practically. So, let’s dive in and explore the amazing possibilities of the V5.2 model together!

Midjourney 5.2

Midjourney version 5.2 is the recent update in Midjourney that comes with the best quality images with an aesthetic system. This version is trained to generate sharper images with improved coherence.

With these features, the Midjourney 5.2 has updated its –stylize parameter with strong effects and introduced many other features like Zoom out, square feature, and Midjourney variations.

Let’s dive into the features of Midjourney version 5.2. 

Zoom Out in Midjourney 5.2

The new Version 5.2 update of Midjourney has an incredible tool called “Zoom Out”.

With Zoom Out, you can make your pictures bigger and more amazing without losing little details. Midjourney gives you four different images to choose from, and you can pick the one you love the most.

Before exploring the zoom-out option and what changes it can make to your generated image. First, let’s see the standard version 5.2 generated image.

Prompt: Futuristic portrait of a man adorned with electric power, clocks, screws and gears, realistic, ultra hd, style of Vivienne Westwood –v 5.2

Midjourney 5.2 features
Midjourney 5.2

Let’s try the “zoom out 2x”, “Zoom out 1.5x”, and “Custom Zoom” of Midjourney 5.2.

Zoom Out 2x

Zoom Out 2x is a powerful tool that allows you to expand the scale of an image while preserving its original details. It works like a magnifying glass but in reverse! 

Applying Zoom Out 2x to an image magically makes it twice as big without sacrificing any fine elements that make the original picture special.

How To Zoom Out 2x Image
  • Generate your image by putting your prompt in Midjourney Discord.
  • Upscale your specific image with the “U” buttons.
  • You will be given Zoom Options. Click “Zoom Out 2x”.
Midjourney zoom out

Zoom Out 1.5x

Just like zoom out 2x, Zoom out 1.5x gives your image and a half-time more detailed scenery look than before.

How To Zoom Out 1.5x Image
  • Generate your image on Midjourney using the prompt.
  • Upscale your desired image using the “U” button. 
  • Click the “Zoom Out 1.5x” option and see the magic.
Zoom Out 1.5x

Zoom Out Custom

Now, the best and most flexy update of the Zoom Out feature is “Custom Zoom”. Not every zoom-out result is according to the user result, but Custom Zoom allows the user to change the image’s elements in the zoom-out result.

How To Customize Zoom Out Image
  • Generate the image using the prompt in Midjourney Discord. 
  • Upscale any of your favourite images. 
  • Click the “Custom Zoom” option.
  • Enter anything you want in your prompt and hit Submit button. 

Here, the custom zoom option prompt is a Futuristic portrait of a man adorned with electric power, clocks, screws and gears, hands full of wires and running sparks in the realistic, ultra hd style of Vivienne Westwood.

Zoom Out Custom

The Square feature in Midjourney

Midjourney introduces a handy tool called “Make Square.” This tool is designed to transform the dimension of the generated images initially created in other sizes except square. 

For example, if you have a landscape image (created using the prompt command “-ar 16:9”), the “Make Square” tool allows you to expand the image to fit a square shape vertically.

How To Use Make Square Tool

To give your image a perfectly square shape, follow these steps;

  • Type /imagine command in Midjourney Bot
  • Write a prompt with –ar 16:9 
  • Press Enter
  • Choose one image from the generated one and upscale it
  • Click on the “Make Square” option

NOTE: Midjourney sometimes gives you the landscape result without even using –ar 16:9, so it is not an obvious thing to use aspect ratio every time. Make the square option will pop up on all non-squared images.

Square feature in Midjourney

Variation Modes in Midjourney

In Midjourney’s latest update of version 5.2, a fantastic new feature called “Midjourney Variation”, has been introduced. 

The variation in Midjourney allows the user to change the visual details of already generated images or in new image generation.

Using the prompt command “/settings,” users can select between “High Variation” and “Low Variation” Mode. 

Variation Modes in Midjourney

High Variation Mode

Choosing High Variation Mode results in the image generation in upgraded resolution with greater variation in visual details compared to the originally generated imagery providing deeper and more exploratory possibilities. 

Here is an example of a High Variation Mode.

Prompt: Inflatable sculpture, designed in a vibrant and colourful art room, featuring a celebration atmosphere, style of Lynda Benglis, artwork, texture is a mixture of PVC and fabric materials.

High Variation Mode

Low Variation Mode

By choosing Low Variation Mode, the output looks more consistent and stays closer to how it initially looked. 

Here is an example of a Low Variation Mode.

Prompt: Inflatable sculpture, designed in a vibrant and colourful art room, featuring a celebration atmosphere, style of Lynda Benglis, artwork, texture is a mixture of PVC and fabric materials.

Low Variation Mode

Another exciting part of the Midjourney 5.2 update is the localised version of the Variation Mode feature when upscaling images. You can apply “vary subtle” and “vary strong” to change the effect of the upscaled image.

You will be asked to submit the remix prompt when using vary subtle and vary strong features.

Vary Subtle

This feature lets you use the tool’s results on only some of your creations without affecting the rest.

Vary Subtle

Vary Strong

The “vary strong” is also the variation feature which lets you impart a bold but similar impact of the image.

Vary Strong

TIP: If you want to try something exciting, combine “High Variation Mode” with “Vary (Strong)” and vice versa to get the most interesting results. 

/Shorten Command

Let’s clear up a common misconception about Midjourney. Many users believe using more words in your prompt will automatically yield better or more detailed results. 

But here’s the thing, it’s only sometimes true. While an exact prompt can enhance the quality of outputs, using too many words can dilute each word’s impact. As a result, you may have lacklustre outcomes that don’t quite match your vision.

The “Shorten” command in Midjourney is a great way to solve this problem. When you enable the “/shorten” command and enter your long text. Midjourney will automatically analyse your prompt’s important words and produce the best possible short commands. 

Shorten Command
Shorten Command Midjurney

Enhanced –Stylize Parameter

Midjourney stands out from other programs like Stable Diffusion because it can only make images look artistic and interesting. 

Users can use the “–stylize parameter” to improve this effect. In older Midjourney versions, users could add “-style (number)” to their prompts. 

However, In version 5.2, the ability of the stylized parameter has reached a new level of realism and style. 

Let’s try and see the results;

Prompt: An abstract expressionist image of a man dancing in the rain –s 900

Enhanced --Stylize Parameter


As you know about Midjourney V5.2’s latest updates, tools, and features, I hope this article has helped you see how exciting it can be. 

You can show off your artistic vision with new features like Zoom Out, Make Square, Variation Mode, and Stylize. 

So let your creativity run wild with these great new features. Your art is just waiting to be made real.


Is Midjourney 5 Available?

The beta version of Midjourney v5 was first made available to users on March 16, 2023. You can gain access to it by logging into Discord, a platform that is popular among gamers and is used for voice and video chat. 

Which Midjourney Version Is Best?

Midjourney V5, which came out on March 15, 2023, is the AI tool’s most trained and most up-to-date version. It understands simple prompts, recognises celebrities and has many more advanced features.
But now, as Midjourney has launched version 5.2, let’s see if this version will become the best one in the coming time.

What does — V 4 mean in Midjourney?

v4 is the fourth version of Midjourney. The –quality or –q parameter affects how long it takes to make an image. Setting to a higher quality takes longer to process and gives you more details. Higher values also mean that each job uses more GPU minutes.


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