Unlock Your Creativity Using Image Background Removal in Leonardo.Ai


Generating image and wondering about image background removal in Leonardo.ai then you’re reading the right article. Based on my first hand experience, i will show you the step by step guide.

Leonardo.ai’s feature “image background removal” answers all your queries. You can unlock your creativity like never before! Take your designs, remove their background and create stunning outcomes to add them somewhere that it might work differently.

Whether you use Leonardo AI Image Generation or make your own prompt using the Leonardo.ai Prompt Generator, the image background removal process is simple and straightforward. 

Stay with us, and we’ll walk you through every step of the procedure, making background removal simple for you. 

Image Background Removal in Leonardo.Ai

Removing the image background in Leonardo.ai is quite simple; select an image, click the removal background option, and you are done. 

You can also generate the image from Leonardo.ai Canvas or even grab the photo from your personal or community feed tab.

Go to Selected Panel

You can remove the background of any image. You can select images from the “Community feed”, “Personal feed”, and from your “Ai Image Generation”. 

Select Image

Then select the image from which you want to remove the background. 

For instance, here you are selecting “ Jurassic Park image like in a page of a comic book with white space below to add text in”.

Leonardo Image Background Removal

Click on Image

After selecting the Image, click on the Image.

Leonardo Image

Click the Background Removal Button

Now, you can see the “Background Removal” option below the image; hit on it.

Background Removal Leonardo

Refresh the Page

Refresh the page after removing the background. 


Select Image Again 

After refreshing the page, return to the image from which you removed the background. So, you can see the result.

Leonardo Image Selection for Background Removal

Get Results

Click on the image so you can see the clear image.

Image Background Removal in Leonardo.Ai

The information provided above provides precise instructions for removing the image background in Leonardo.ai. 

You can either use an image from the “AI Image Generation” section or generate one from the start using the “Prompt Generator.” the method is the same.


Overall, Leonardo.ai’s background removal tool can be refined more in the future, making it more precise and successful.

Leonardo.ai’s interaction with other creative applications and platforms can become faster, allowing you to improve creative activities and work alongside other designers and artists around the world.

Prepare to be on the lookout for exciting upgrades and to take your artistic journey to new stands with Leonardo’s image background removal.


Can I utilize any pictures to remove backgrounds in Leonardo.ai?

You can use already created pictures from “AI Image Generation” or your own photographs from “Ai Canva” or your personal/community feed.

Does the background removal method work the same for pictures created with the “Prompt Generator”?

Yes, the method is the same no matter whether you use already created images or those generated by the “Prompt Generator.” you just need to generate the photo first.

Can I use Leonardo.ai to work with other creators or designers?

While Leonardo.ai’s initial focus is on offering tools for creativity, in the future, it can improve interactions with other creative platforms and applications, allowing users to work with other artists and designers.


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