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how to delete tiktok story

Suppose you are stuck in a situation where you uploaded a drunk story, sharing your details or any unlawful content, and wondering how to delete it as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry and shake. This article will be your savior.

TikTok is a renowned social app for which people are crazy about making themselves stand out by marketing their talents and skills in the digital world. TikTok does not only benefit the brands but the influencers and content creators, too.

But if you have an audience there and you know your one blunder of the story could destroy your career, there you will find this article your guide through all thick and thin. So, let’s learn how to save, delete, and retrieve your TikTok story.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delete a TikTok Story

TikTok is a world of talent, and being a TikTok user, you must be aware of social media trends and issues. But if you uploaded a story that your users find inappropriate and sensitive, then you are stuck on how to delete it. 

Now, there is no need to worry because by taking a few steps, you can quickly get rid of your uploaded story.

1. Head to TikTok

Open the TikTok app on your device.

TikTok is a world of talent

2. Go to Profile 

Click on your “Profile” icon present on the right corner of the screen.

Go to Tiktok Profile

3. Click Profile Picture

Hit your “Profile Picture.” If you have uploaded a story, a blue circle will surround your profile picture. 

Click Profile Picture of TikTok

4. Click Meatballs Menu 

Click the three dots that appear on the right side of the screen. That three dots are called “Meatball Menu.”

Click Meatballs Menu Tiktok

5. Select Trash Icon 

Immediately click the delete button that appears with the trash bin icon. 

Select Trash Icon in Tiktok

6. Click Delete Button 

By the time you click the trash icon, a pop-up appears for your confirmation. Click the Delete button to confirm your decision, and you will be successfully done with your job. 

Delete A TikTok Story

Delete a TikTok Story Before Posting

Well, if you uploaded a story mistakenly on TikTok while scrolling or sharing it with someone. You can even delete it without completely posting it on your account.

Although TikTok does not have the option of stopping an ongoing uploading video now. However, in the past, By “long pressing” the uploading button, we could stop the activity. 

For now, TikTok has removed the component from the app, but there is still a way out by which you can easily overcome this incident. 

Let’s head to different ways to delete the TikTok Story before posting it on the platform. 

1. Activate the Airplane Mode 

Firstly, immediately activate airplane mode just to stop all the recent activities. On any device, slide the screen upward down to open the panel. Then enable the airplane mode. 

2. Exit TikTok Account

Now, immediately leave the Tiktok account after enabling the airplane mode. 

For Android users> leave Tiktok and swipe up the app to remove from recent apps. 

leave the Tiktok account after enabling the airplane mode

For iPhone users>  just swipe the white button up and leave the page. 

Tiktok IPhone Users

3. Turn off Airplane mode 

Now, tap the airplane mode again to turn it off. Activate the wifi again. 

Turn off Airplane mode tiktok

4. Head to Tiktok Profile 

Now, as soon as you retrieve the Wi-Fi signals, go back to the TikTok app and find out whether the story disappears without uploading or not. 

Delete a TikTok Story Before Posting

If it has not been done, then you have the option to delete the story by following the six easy steps mentioned above. 

Can I Retrieve Deleted Stories On TikTok?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. There are no such folders installed in Titkok yet where you can find your deleted items. 

There is no added folder in the features of tiktok like an archive or something through which you can retrieve your removed story. 

Moreover, In the past, there was an option to recover your deleted stories through your photos and gallery. But, the new TikTok update removed the story retrieval option from the app.

How To Know If Your TikTok Story Is Posted?

When you click a “post” icon, your video uploads on TikTok and goes to your account story. A blue dot ring will appear on your profile picture, which indicates that your story has gone public.

How To Know If Your TikTok Story Is Posted

And the same indication is given to your audience or followers when they come online.

Moreover, it shows on the “for you” page as well if you manage to gain a massive number of followers and manage to generate traffic on your account.

How Long Do TikTok Stories Last Before They’re Automatically Deleted?

Well, you are a social media user. In that case, you must know that every social app these days, like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, has a feature that your story automatically disappears within 24 hours.

The same happens with TikTok. Your uploaded story disappears after 24 hours automatically. So you don’t need to panic if you don’t find your story on your profile. 

Can You See Deleted Stories On TikTok? 

No! The answer is no; you can not collect and see your removed data on TikTok because, currently, the app does not have a specific feature that shows your removed items.

The only possibility is to save your video after uploading to have a backup for any uncertain things that happen.

Will Anybody Be Able To Tell You Deleted TikTok Story?

Fortunately No. TikTok does not send any notifications to any followers or friends, whether you delete the story or make some changes to it. 

The app makes it private for you. On the other hand, you can’t deny the fact that anything you post on social apps has many possibilities that can still exist.

For instance, if you are an influencer on TikTok, any of your followers can record your stories and post them on your fan pages. So, when you are dealing with such apps, you need to be very active and responsible. 

How To Save TikTok Stories Before Deleting?

You can easily save the Titkok story by following a few easy steps.

1. Open the TikTok app

Open the TikTok app on your smartphone.

save the Titkok story

2. Click Profile

Go to the profile option down below on the right side of the corner.

profile option down below

3. Hit Profie Picture

Click the profile picture placed on the center top of the screen. By clicking it, you will get access to your stories, and then, by simply scrolling, you can get the one you want.

Click the profile picture

4. Tap Meatball Menu

You will find the three dots on the right side of your screen, and by clicking it, you have your fantastic option of saving video.

three dots on the right side of your screen

5. Save video

Press the save button while you get the icon to save the video you want. Your video will be installed or saved on your device.

Save TikTok Stories Before Deleting

Finally, your story is successfully saved.

TikTok Story Not Being Deleted

If your TikTok story is not being deleted by following the above procedure, two factors could be the reason.

  1. Maybe TikTok does not update its features, and because of this, it has not shown the current situation.
  1. Your Wi-Fi connectivity to your device must not work correctly, which causes a delay in updating.

For both reasons, you need to wait for a few seconds and restart your device. 


Let’s sum up by giving the last remark. We all are used to operating different social media apps, but as a user of such apps, you need to be very active and responsible with your posts and stories.

Once you post something globally, you can not be sure that it is still hidden, even if you deleted it. There are many possible ways you can’t avoid that your story is still being seen. 

Other than that, it is super easy to delete the stories from your account by just employing some procedure.


Who can see my story on TikTok?

Well! It is feasible for your friends as well as others, but if you want to make it private, you have to restrict your account by using a privacy setting. 

What is the preferred time for a TikTok story?

The ideal story length must be 15 seconds. You should not exceed the time 

Can I edit the story after uploading? 

No, you can’t edit anything in the uploaded story. All you can do is save the story, delete it, and repost it.


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