This story is unavailable on Instagram – 11 Ways To Troubleshoot this Issue.

Instagram Story Issue

You’ve been on Instagram lately and intrigued by an error that says, “This story is unavailable” on Instagram. It’s frustrating, and you might wonder its causes. 

Instagram is a significant social platform accessed by people of every age group. Sometimes, Instagram takes action against violating stories, or the user has done something that caused this error. 

You will get all the answers related to this query here. From its leading causes to fixes, you will know how to resolve this issue and scroll through the app without hassle.

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All About This Story Is Unavailable on Instagram Issue

When you pass on the Instagram stories, you encounter the “This story is unavailable” Instagram issue. This black screen with a single-line appearance can be because of multiple reasons.

Let’s have a look at some highlighted causes of this error.

1. The User has Deleted the Story 

While scrolling and connecting to your social links, you see the “This story is unavailable” on Instagram and might wonder why this story is not appearing.

Sometimes, the user deletes the story after a few minutes of uploading. So, the error appears on its follower’s screen. However, this can be one of the reasons, but it is not always true. 

2. The Account has been Deactivated 

If you see “This story is unavailable” on your Instagram screen, the reason can be the deactivation of the user’s account.

When someone decides to take a break from social apps, he deactivates his account, and when you hop on their stories, you will see “This story is unavailable” on your screen. 

3. You’ve Been Blocked!

If you pissed off someone due to any reason, the user will block you immediately. Perhaps, if the user had uploaded the story, you would see “This story is unavailable” on your Instagram screen. 

4. The User Has Switched to a Private Account

Instagram provides all security and freedom to its users. You can easily switch to a public or a private account.

When someone switches to a private account, his stories are restricted to the public rather than only visible to the people he allows.

And when you try to see their stories, the “This story is unavailable” Instagram issue may appear if you’re not following that person.

5. An Instagram Bug and Glitch

Sometimes, the “This Story is unavailable” Instagram issue occurs due to server and developmental optimization. Instagram is a platform with billions of users, which sometimes causes bugs and glitches. 

If you face an “This story is unavailable” Instagram issue, it’s not always because someone has blocked or hidden you; sometimes, it might be because the particular story has been removed or expired.

To confirm it, you can check other stories from the same account. If you can access other stories, the story has probably been removed or timed out.

6. Instagram Has Deleted the Story

Instagram is a social media platform that strictly cares about content copyright issues.

If someone violates its rules by uploading unlawful content on stories, then Instagram will delete those stories.

When the profile occurs on your home screen, it will show “This Story is unavailable.”

7. This Story is Expired 

Instagram stories have a mayfly’s life of about 24 hours. Sometimes, due to server problems, the story indicator might still appear even if its time has ended.

When you eventually tap that story, a blank surface appears with “This story is unavailable” on the Instagram home screen.

8. Internet Connection Problems

Internet connection is one main reason for the “this story is unavailable” Instagram issue.

If you’re at a place with a low or restricted internet connection, your actions might get disturbed, and your stories might become unavailable.

9. The User Has Hidden His Story 

Instagram has an option to select your audience before posting a story. Sometimes, the account owner hides his story from the public, making it visible to only selected people. 

When you tap on their story, you might be disappointed by getting This story is unavailable” on Instagram.

Now that you’ve got all the reasons why you get the “This story is unavailable” Instagram glitch, it is the right time to learn how to fix it.

Fix “This story is unavailable on Instagram” Issue

The story not being shown on your Instagram screen is not a big issue, but as we have its reasons, we should not discuss its fixes to avoid facing these issues. 

1. Refresh Instagram Page

Instagram drags a feed from your preceding session that is stored in Instagram’s cache. Typically, it automatically refreshes to a new feed when you connect to the internet.

To fix the “This story is unavailable” issue, you need to refresh it manually by swiping it down or closing the page. When you close the page, it’ll reopen and refresh.

If you still encounter the same issue, that story might have expired or been removed.

2. Quick Restart

If you have the same problem, restart your Instagram app. 

Just close the app from your recent apps, then reopen the Instagram app. It’ll reboot your Instagram app manually, and so will help you avoid system-wide micro bugs.

3. Clear Cache 

Remove Instagram’s cache to resolve the “this story is unavailable” Instagram issue.

Instagram stores some temporary data in the form of a cache that must be removed to avoid an Instagram bug.

4. Relogin to Instagram 

If you’re still facing the same issue even if you’ve refreshed your page and cleared your cache, then you can log out and log in to your account again.  

Follow the following to log in from your Instagram account.

Open Instagram> Hit profile> click three lines> tap settings> hit logout. 

To log in to Instagram, open the app, enter your credentials, and hit log in. 

5. Fix your Internet Connection

You need to troubleshoot your internet connection if you want to fix the “this story is unavailable” Instagram issue.

To fix your internet, you can switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi to get higher speeds.

Additionally, you can toggle Airplane mode to solve the temporary internet restriction.

6. Update Instagram App 

If logging out of the Instagram app still doesn’t resolve the issue, you should update the Instagram app.

Officials continuously update Instagram to add more features like long stories, carousels, notes, music status, and interactive UI to facilitate people more through this platform.

To update the Instagram app, you need to head up to Playstore> type Instagram> click the update button. 

The update button will only appear if there is any update for the app.

7. Restart Your Phone 

If the issue is with almost many of the stories, and it is not getting set even after refreshing it.

You may need to restart your phone.

When you restart your phone, it reboots every app, and thus Instagram app will automatically be rebooted.

8. Uninstall Instagram App

If you’ve tried all the above ways but are still getting the “this story is unavailable” Instagram issue, we’ve yet another solution for you.

All you’ve to do is to uninstall your Instagram app and install it again from Playstore.

Reinstalling the Instagram app will set a new session by removing the old one; hence, all the defaults and bugs will be resolved automatically. 

9. Login to Instagram Web 

If you’re continuously facing the “this story is unavailable” Instagram issue, you can leave your app and try it from the Instagram web.

If you’ve got a desktop or laptop, you can visit Instagram’s official web page, so by entering your credentials, you can log in to your account.

If you don’t have any, no worries; you can still do it with your mobile by accessing the same Instagram web page. 

10. Dealing with Private Account

One reason for the “This Story is unavailable” Instagram issue can be a private account. 

Head to the user’s profile to deal with the private account and view their story. If the account is private, hit the follow button. Or else refresh the app.

11. Confirm from Another Account

You can use an alternate account to confirm whether you’ve got a problem with your account or it’s a server problem.

You can check the user’s account from your friends or any close person’s Instagram account. 

How To Report “This Story Is Unavailable” Instagram Issue?

If you’ve tried every method and you’re still getting the “this story is unavailable” Instagram issue, there might be an issue with the Instagram servers.

It might be possible that the issue is with your account, so you can reach out to the officials by reporting the issue via feedback.

When Instagram officials get your feedback, they will resolve it by making updates on Instagram.

To report this issue, open the Instagram account> profile> three lines> settings> help> report a problem> report your problem> hit send.

This story is unavailable on Instagram Issue

Alternative easy way

  • Shake your phone while the Instagram app is open
  • On shaking, Instagram will automatically show you “report a problem.”
  • Report a problem as described above 


Try out these ways to get your issue resolved. If one way isn’t working, go for another one until your issue with the unavailable story is resolved. 

These methods will help you fix several other problems like reporting to an account, Instagram logout, and Instagram updates.

Don’t hesitate to comment if you find any other reliable solution to this problem.


How long has the Instagram story remained there?

The Instagram story has a life of 24 hours; after 24 hours, it’ll disappear automatically from the feed. However, if you still see that story, it might be an Instagram bug.

Is there any limit to Instagram stories?

No, there is no limit to Instagram stories; the Instagram platform is vast, and it gives an open hand to its users. You can upload as many stories as you want on Instagram.


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