Rerolls, V-rolls, And Remaster: Unveiling the Exceptional Features Of Midjourney


Re-roll, V-roll, and Remaster are the three excellent features of Midjourney that can enhance your images in more relaxed and exciting ways by modifying midjourney commands prompt.

Their jobs are to enhance your picture, but every feature has its own functionality to make your image the best it can be! 

So get ready to have fun and explore new and exciting ways to transform your images!

What Is Reroll in Midjourney?

Remixing and Rerolling are exciting ways to explore more options if you’re unhappy with the initial results. Imagine you have a magic button that lets you try again and create new versions of the image.

To do this, you need to enable Remix mode. It’s like telling Midjourney to keep generating different variations until you find the one you love. It’s a bit like playing with a toy and trying different combinations to create something unique.

How to Enable Remix Mode in Midjourney?

There are multiple methods to enable the remix mode. Follow the below steps;

Method 1

  • Type /prefer remix in the Midjourney Bot
  • Select the command pop-up
  • Press “Enter”

Method 2

  • Type /settings in the Midjourney Bot
  • Select the command pop-up
  • Press “Enter”
  • Select the “Remix Mode”  

How to Use Reroll In Midjourney?

The best understanding of anything is through the example, and to explain the use of reroll feature in Midjourney, I’ll give you an example that will clear all your thoughts in mind;

So, Let’s explore this exceptional feature;

Step1: Generate an Image

First generate an image

 /imagine prompt: Mid-century painting of 1950s Chevrolet Corvette –ar 3:4

Step 2: Reroll the Image

Now, let’s assume that the above-generated result from the Midjourney doesn’t make me happy or doesn’t stand on my expectations. So, I am going to Reroll it by clicking on the remix button;

Step 3: Make Changes In Your Prompt (If You Want to)

After hitting on the remix button, the Midjourney Bot will ask me if I need any changes in my prompt or not, as shown below;

Step 4: Reroll Results

I didn’t make any changes, the prompt remained the same, and I rerolled it; now I see the results;

See how it changed the images and generated another result. You can do this procedure as long as you get the result according to your expectations.

What Is V-roll?

Vroll is an excellent feature that lets you create different versions of an image you already have. It’s like giving your picture a makeover! 

You can make small changes, like adding more colors or adjusting the lighting, or you can go big and create entirely new images from the original one. 

Imagine turning a picture of a house into a magical castle or a sunny beach scene into a snowy winter wonderland. The possibilities are endless with Vroll! 

These are the v-roll buttons shown below, commonly known as “variation buttons.”

How To Use V-roll In Midjourney?

As I have explained to you, the reroll feature of Midjourney, now it’s time to understand the usage of the V-roll feature in Midjourney;

Let’s explore it!

Step 1: Generate An Image

 /imagine prompt: painter painting professionally in an industry on a mechanical vessel, ultra-realistic, background transparent

Step 2: Choose The V-roll

Now, as the image has been generated, I only like the first image, and I want more images similar to this one, so from these V Buttons, I have clicked on V1.

Step 3: V-roll Results

See how the V-roll of the first image has been generated. Likewise, if you choose V2, V3, or V4, the particular grid images will vary.

What Is Remaster In Midjourney?

Remaster is a feature in Modjourney AI that can enhance your images in an experimental and unpredictable way. It can make your pictures look better or worse, but it’s all part of the fun and excitement of exploring new possibilities.

There isn’t any guide or key for using Remaster mode since it’s an experimental feature that can produce various unexpected outcomes. 

However, there are some observations and parameters that might be helpful in understanding how Remaster works. The best way to learn about it is to experiment with it and see what happens!

How To Remaster Image in Midjourney?

As I said above that there is no key or mode for Remaster, but there are multiple parameters and tips to Remaster your image. Like –test and –creative parameters are mainly used to remaster the image;

Now let me elaborate more with examples;

Original PromptRemaster Prompt
two realistic male faces of Gemini. One is evil, and the other one is an angel. the angle one is for good people, and the evil one is for bad people. the evil one is angry while the angel one is smiling sweetly, making the eyes and ears cool blue on the right side charactertwo realistic male faces of Gemini. One is evil, and the other one is an angel. the angle one is for good people, and the evil one is for bad people. the evil one is angry, while the angel one is smiling sweetly. Make the eyes and ears cool blue on the angel (right) side character.

See how Midjourney Remastered the image as I directed the little bit of changes in a prompt; Now let’s try another example;

Original PromptRemaster Prompt
Banshee Brain Froud and Alan leeBanshee Brain Froud and Alan lee realistic image


Midjourney has some fantastic features like Rerolls, V-Rolls, and Remaster that help you create unique and personalized animations. 

With Rerolls, you can try different styles until you find the perfect one. V-Rolls make your animations look smooth and professional, and last but not least, Remaster is an experimental feature that can produce creative and unexpected results. 

All these features make Midjourney a powerful tool for content creators and animators. So, why not give it a try and bring your ideas to life today!

How do you get the best results from Midjourney?

If you want your pictures to look natural, you can tell Midjourney about the lighting and camera you want to use. Just mention the name of a camera like Sony A7S or Canon R6, and even specific lenses and focal lengths. 

What is the detailed description of Midjourney?

Midjourney is an incredible AI tool that turns words into pictures! You can describe anything you want, and it will create outstanding images for you. 

Whether you want something real or something more creative, Midjourney can do it. It’s like having a magical artist who can bring your words to life in beautiful pictures.

What is the difference between Reroll and Remaster In Midjourney?

Rerolling is like having a magic button to create new versions of your image if you don’t like the first one. It’s about exploring more options and trying again to get a better result.

While remastering is a fantastic feature in Midjourney AI that can make your images even better, but it’s unpredictable. Sometimes it works like magic, improving your pictures, but other times it can make them look strange or dull.


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