Niji V4 and Niji V5 Best Keywords to Get You Started

midjourney anime mode

Consider taking your creativity to the next level using Midjourney, so Niji mode is introduced as a new and different Midjourney versions, where the image generated gives an entirely different look from the actual image.

The Niji version is based on anime and rainbow designs, which only sometimes fit with real life, and being an intuitive artist, you need help getting an exact image of your imagination. 

Based on my first hand experience, i have covered all the old and new keywords to help you grow as an artist and enhance your prompting capacity for image-generation tools. 

So stick with us and unleash the list of keywords for your anime era of designing. 

Niji V4 and Niji V5 Best Keywords

The keywords we gathered for you are based on the anime artists and genre, which will take your Midjourney experience to the next level.

You can try these keywords on Niji models, Niji version 4 and Niji version 5, to experience the difference between their image quality and updation.

Let’s give these keywords full attention to get a clear idea of the prompts and the images.

Anime Artists

Niji Journey is updated to the point where it understands English, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian languages. So including the name of the anime artist will be a quick method to give your image a look of that artist without giving a lengthy prompt.

The same goes for Manga artists and Manga series to add their artist’s name to your prompt.

Below is a list of artists that make anime a complete style for a lifetime.

  1. Hayao Miyazaki, Co-founder of Studio Ghibli
  2. Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon
  3. Hiroshi Fujimoto, Doraemon
  4. Norio Matsumoto, Hunter x Hunter
  5. Takehiko Inoue, Slam Dunk

Now, incorporate these artists in your prompts and see the image results in both versions.

/imagine prompt: a group of people crossing the bridge, bridge of clouds, Hiroshi Fujimoto –ar 4:3 –niji 5

Niji V4 and Niji V5 Best Keywords

/imagine prompt: boy collecting flowers and putting them in the basket, a cowboy, petting his pet, having a backpack on his shoulders, studio ghibli –niji 5

Niji V4  Best Keywords

/imagine prompt: girl teaching her students in a garden, big blue eyes, open black hair clipped from one side, slam dunk –niji 5

Niji V5 Best Keywords

As you can see, adding the anime name and its artist can help you generate an image of that same type. Or if not of that type, the reference will give your image resemblance of that artist and anime.

Gorgeous Anime Backgrounds

If you want to add more scenery to your image, you can also use the backgrounds of the anime series or films to give your image a whole filmy look. 

The Niji version will give you jaw-dropping results if you add these anime background keywords to your prompts. 

Let’s check them out.

  1. The wind rises by Hayao Miyazakai
  2. Tekkonkinkreet by Taiyo Matsumoto
  3. Your name by Makoto Shinkai
  4. Evangelion by Hideaki Anno
  5. Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami

/imagine prompt: powerful Anime Girl, surrounded by monsters, fighting, a giant nuclear explosion, high image quality created by Hideaki Anno 8k –ar 9:18 –niji 5 

Nji Best Keywords

/imagine prompt: African princess of Japan, throne room, soft light, finely detailed features, at an ancient city, gapmoe yandere grimdark by Taiyo Matsumoto –style expressive –niji 5

midjourney niji keywords

/imagine prompt: two cars turning on opposite roads with the same space, sharp lights, straight black roads, high speed, high image quality by Gege Akutami –ar 16:9 –niji 5

midjourney niji mode

From these generated images, you can get an idea that if you want your image backgrounds to look similar to any anime series or to give a slight touch of anime artists background, you can add the series name and the artist’s name to your prompt. 

Reference to famous artists’ series backgrounds will enhance your anime design journey.

Retro Anime Style Midjourney

For the people who live for Anime and want to create old-style anime designs, we have a list for them too. 

Let’s return to some golden anime times by using the list of these retro-style anime.

  1. 1970s Anime
  2. 1980s Anime
  3. 1990s Anime
  4. Retro anime screencap
  5. Retro Anime

/imagine prompt: a couple sitting at a coffee shop near the sea, clear blue sky, a flower bouquet on the table, 1970 anime –niji 5

midjourney niji

/imagine prompt: an open roof car riding on a long straight road, aerial view of a scene, 1980s anime –niji 5

/imagine prompt: the shocking face of a girl, having the hands-on face, Retro anime screencap –niji 5

Retro images of anime of different styles completely took us back to our old anime era. The girl’s hairstyle, the view of long roads, and the coffee shop ambiance tell us how golden that anime era was. 

If you want images from that era or retro style, try these keywords in your prompts. You can also generate pictures from mixed keywords. That’ll also generate outstanding images.

Futuristic Style

After having some golden era of retro style, we have a list of new animators who want to design futuristic anime. They can enhance their designs with modest clothing, rainbow art, and many other things. 

Look at the list we made and the results we generated using these keywords.

  1. Chromatic aberration
  2. Reflective clothing
  3. Futuristic clothing
  4. Holographic
  5. Transparent Vinyl Clothing

/imagine prompt: singer on stage singing in passion, Reflective clothing –niji 5 

/imagine prompt: guy drowning in the sea, trying to hold something, Holographic –niji 5

/imagine prompt: guy capturing sunsets, a chromatic aberration –niji 5

You can see that the Niji version has perfected the whole refractions on transparent clothes; adding the aberration to the image gives stunning results to even simple prompts.

Manga Style Midjourney

Manga is a favored type of entertainment in Japan these days due to its different drawing styles. People of various ages and backgrounds read it, and that’s why it has also gained popularity in other countries. 

The list we prepared for Manga designs is a good source for your prompts, so let’s look at them.

  1. Manga drawing
  2. Manga screentone
  3. Manga comic strip
  4. Manga shading
  5. Manga halftone pattern

/imagine prompt: angry man, hitting the table, everywhere mess, Manga drawing –niji 5

/imagine prompt: a conversation between two cats on the death of another cat, Manga comic strip –niji 5 

/imagine prompt: coffee shop near a cobbler shop, passengers roaming around, Manga shading –niji 5

Manga art is newly introduced, and the Midjourney Niji mode covers it perfectly. The images’ colors, shading, layout, highlights, and whole detailing are perfect and look seamless with the Niji version.

Figures & Toys Midjourney

Anime artists have a keen eye for their chosen character’s look, style, and display. They design their anime according to that, and if you are of that sort, we have keywords for you, too, which you can use for your Niji anime designs.

These keywords will help you get realistic photos of figures and other display items.

  1. Chibi Anime style
  2. Gakuen Anime Style
  3. Gejika Anime Style
  4. J horror anime style
  5. Mecha anime style
  6. Glass display case
  7. Made of polyester putty

/imagine prompt: three boys standing for a poster, Gakuen Anime Style –niji 5

/imagine prompt: a boy on a heavy bike dodging other bikes, Mecha anime style –niji 5

/imagine prompt: girl trying to cross a slippery glass floor, Glass display case –niji 5 

Initially, users needed help with small detailings like figures and toys placement in the images. These keywords will help you get the perfect order to create better-quality photos.


These combined keywords are sorted for you to initiate your prompts with them to get more realistic and thoughtful images. Incorporate these keywords in your prompts and see the magic of Midjourney with anime. 

The keywords are not just part of the prompt that will make your image wonderful; Midjourneyey parameters should also be part of your prompt to increase the visual of your image.


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