Why Is My Fitbit Not Turning On? Ultimate Guide to Troubleshoot

Fitbit Issues

You are not alone in the problem of the electric gadgets glitches and bugs. If you are looking for the fixes to turn on your Fitbit devices, you’re in the right place. 

Based on my firsthand experience, usually, the Fitbit does not turn on due to a Drained Battery, Frozen Fitbit, the Power Button Not Working, Charging Problems, Software Errors, and Hardware Troubles. For this, I have written 14 quick troubleshooting tips to turn on your Fitbit.

In this article, you will find the reasons why your Fitbit is not turning on, and you will also get some quick tips to resolve this issue. So, let’s repower your Fitbit with quick hacks!

Top 6 Reasons of “Why Is My Fitbit Not Turning On”

Wearable gadgets often have a very short life; that’s the reason they require extra care. Fitbit gadgets are the popular ones and are more handy than other wearable devices. But it often gets turned off.

Based on my personal experience with Fitbit devices, I have gathered the top common reasons why my Fitbit is not turning on. Let’s discuss every typical cause to consider when dealing with Fitbit.

1. Drained Battery

One common reason your Fitbit may refuse to wake up is a tired battery. Fitbit batteries usually last a few days, but if yours is old or not charged properly, it can suddenly run out of power.

Ultimately, Fitbit, due to its drained battery, will leave you with its black screen.

2. Frozen Fitbit

Fitbit often gets stuck or freezes, just like a computer, so whenever your Fitbit screen gets stuck and won’t respond to your commands, it must be due to frozen software.

3. Power Button Not Working

Power buttons can indeed be a leading cause of Fitbit devices not turning on. If the power button is malfunctioning, it can prevent the device from starting up as expected.

4. Charging Problems

Using a damaged charger can lead to the Fitbit device not turning on. Even if you plug in your Fitbit, it might not turn on if the charger is not working.

5. Software Error

Sometimes, issues with Fitbit’s software can be the reason. If your Fitbit’s software is outdated or has bugs, it may refuse to turn on.

6. Hardware Troubles

If none of the above reasons fit, there could be a problem with the Fitbit’s internal hardware that’s preventing it from powering on.

14 Quick Tips to Turn On Your Fitbit

Once you detect your cause, that’s the reason why my Fitbit is not turning on. Straight go for its fixes. These quick troubleshooting steps will enable you to fix your Fitbit device.

1. Clean the Fitbit

Dust and dirt can block your Fitbit’s charging port, preventing it from turning on. Gently clean the charging port on your Fitbit and the pins on the charging cable. It’s like giving your Fitbit a little bath to refresh it.

My Fitbit Not Turning On

2. Check the Display Brightness Settings

Ensure your Fitbit’s screen brightness is not set to the minimum. As you are unable to see anything, you might think that your Fitbit is dead because it won’t turn on. 

Follow these steps to manage your Brightness.

Go to Settings> Screen brightness> Change it to max or turn off the dim screen option> Turn off sleep mode.

Check the Display Brightness Settings

3. Fully Charge the Fitbit

Make sure your Fitbit gets a full charge. Charge it for at least three hours, or even better, leave it charging overnight to see if it springs back to life.

Make sure it charges to 100%.

Fully Charge the Fitbit

4. Ensure the Fitbit Charges Correctly

Sometimes, the power outlet we are plugging our devices into for charging needs to be fixed. And the Fitbit can malfunction because they aren’t being charged correctly. 

Plug your Fitbit into an AC wall adapter and let it charge for a few hours, then try turning it on again. 

Sometimes, charging from a computer may not provide enough power.

Ensure the Fitbit Charges Correctly

5. Check Your Charger 

A charging cable can have tiny, unnoticed damage, which can impact device charging. 

Check your Fitbit charging cable for any signs of damage. 

If you find any, replace the charger, charge your Fitbit, and then power it on to see if that resolves the issue of it not turning on.

Check Your Charger

6. Clean Unresponsive Power Button

If the button on your Fitbit isn’t working, gently clean around it to ensure there’s no dirt causing the issue.

Clean Unresponsive Power Button

7. Turn Off the Water Lock Mode

Some Fitbit models like Ace, Inspire, Sense, Versa 3+, and Luxe versions of Fitbit have a water lock mode feature that can make your watch screen unresponsive. 

Dry your Fitbit and follow the instructions based on your model to turn off the water lock mode. 

If you have Ace, Sense, or Versa 3+, press the side button. The water lock will be shut off by it. 

If your Fitbit Sense won’t turn on, you might have to try it a few times.

Turn Off the Water Lock Mode

8. Remove Case & Screen Protector

Many times, accessories like cases and screen protectors can block sensors or buttons. Remove them and see if your Fitbit turns on.

Remove Case & Screen Protector

9. Update Fitbit’s Software

If your watch is not responding, then the reason might be the software. You can use smartphone apps to check for Fitbit updates. 

For a smooth experience, check for the most recent update for your device and download it. 

10. Set Screen Wake to Automatic

Set your Fitbit to wake the screen automatically when you raise your wrist or turn it. This setting can vary by Fitbit model, so follow the specific steps.

Open Fitbit Quick Settings

For Ionic, Luxe, Versa, Versa 2 and 4, Versa Lite Edition, and Sense 2 – Swipe your screen down and head to the quick settings of your Fitbit.

For Versa 3 and Sense – Swipe towards the right.

For Inspire, Ace, and Charge – Hold the button down while tapping the screen to wake it up.

To customize the display, tap the watch icon to wake to automatic.

Set Screen Wake to Automatic

11. Change the Fitbit Clock Face 

If your Fitbit communicates with the app but doesn’t turn on, changing the clock face might help.

While using the “Fitbit” app, place your Fitbit near the device> Today tab> Profile picture> select Fitbit> Gallery> Clock> Pick a clock face from the Fitbit section.

12. Factory Reset Fitbit

Perform a factory reset if your Fitbit remains unresponsive after multiple restarts and charges.

Reset Fitbit Versa

  • Hold all buttons for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the bottom right button logo appears.
  • Release other buttons when the device vibrates.
  • You’ll see Fitbit.com/setup.

Reset Fitbit Ionic

  • Remove Iconic from your account.
  • Delete Bluetooth pairing.
  • Till the logo appears, hold all buttons
  • Leave the bottom right button
  • Leave other buttons as well when the device vibrates.
  • You’ll see Fitbit.com/setup.

13. Contact Customer Support

If none of these steps work, reach out to Fitbit’s customer support for further assistance.

14. Return Your Device to Fitbit for Replacement

If your Fitbit is still not turning on. It’s better to return it to Fitbit for a replacement if it is still under warranty. 


In this ultimate guide, we’ve covered all the aspects of why your Fitbit might not turn on and provided you with 14 quick tips to resolve the issue.

From cleaning to performing a reset, these steps will help you revive your Fitbit and keep you on the path to a healthier you. Feel free to reach out to Fitbit support or consider a replacement if all else fails. Get back on track with your fitness journey!


Why is my Fitbit vibrating but not turning on?

If your Fitbit is vibrating but not turning on, it might need to get charged, updated, or restarted. Simply plug in your charger and restart to resolve the issue.

Why does my Fitbit only work when It’s on charge?

If your Fitbit only functions while charging, it likely has a dying battery. Get it repaired or replaced if it’s within the one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I fix my Fibit if its screen is unresponsive?

Try restarting your Fitbit, cleaning the screen, or checking for software updates. If issues persist, contact customer support.


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