Midjourney vs Leonardo AI – Same Prompts, Different Results

Midjourney VS Leonardo Ai

That time had gone when you had to worry about spending hours generating your desired image. AI has brought different platforms to display your creative ideas in images by providing a suitable prompt.

Many generative AI tools are at your feet to serve you best. Still, Leonardo AI competes with Midjourney. So this article covered Midjourney vs Leonardo ai image quality and difference, which provide the relative difference for your understanding.

You can compare the images of the two best competitive AI designing tools; you must sign up for Leonardo.ai and Midjourney. 

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Midjourney and Leonardo: A Short Introduction

Midjourney is a top-notch AI art generator that makes effortlessly stunning images according to your prompts. It’s a paid tool and flourishing day by day due to its increased demand and updated features.

Whereas, Leonardo AI is another image generator tool introduced in the AI world where you can also have your image ready with just a few clicks in the same way as you generate in MidJourney. 

Although both AI tools are used for the same purpose, the image created in both with the same prompt slightly differs. How? You will see the generated images from both apps with detailed differences in the article.

Revealing the Difference Between Midjourney vs Leonardo AI Images Using the Same Prompts

Midjourney and Leonardo AI are image generators. However, to understand the difference between their generated images, you have to scroll down and look at the comparison side by side.

Horror Images Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Here are some horror prompts compared to Midjourney and Leonardo.ai.

Sculpture Horror

Prompt: a skull with fire over it is in the forest, in the style of dark cyan and azure, hyper-realistic water, poignant symbolism, luminosity of water, Kerem beyit, electric fantasy, ultra HD.

Midjourney vs Leonardo AI

The sculpture horror is mainly focused on the bony structures and horror collaboration, where the dark and scary idea is depicted through skulls and bones.

You can see that both images show a full artistic view, but Midjourney shows a more realistic image compared to Leonardo.ai. The Midjourney image follows the prompt and shows a skull with fire over it.

The image generated by Leonardo.ai focuses on the fire less than it does in Midjourney. Although the color and image quality in Midjourney is saturated, Leonardo gives a vibrant look with an attractive bright color image. 

Ethereal Horror 

Prompt: The night creature poster, a dark pirate ship with the creature in the middle of the ocean, in the style of Magali Villeneuve, Annie, ethereal horror, Eve venture, dark silver and green, rendered in Maya, photo illustration

The ethereal horrors refer to the deep air or sky horror, showing the scenic view. Here, you can see Midjourney and Leonardo created images of ethereal horror.

In Midjourney, the creature is shown out of the sudden way and is also prominent, but in Leonardo.ai, the creature is not as prominent and is very small that you might not notice the creature among rocks and waves.

However, Leonardo’s image combination and colors are more prominent than in Midjourney.

Surrealistic Horror

Prompt: people in a boat riding in the water near a tiger shark, in the style of surrealistic horror, alejandro jodorowsky, paul fusco, Mark Seliger, strong facial expressions, traditional oceanic art, supernatural creatures.

Surreal horror shows bizarre images, shows distorted views, and surreal nightmares. Midjourney wins in creating a realistic image by the references mentioned in the prompt.

Leonardo.ai needs to work a lot on prompt recognition. You can see that the image still needs to balance the eyes and a horror look. 

Also, the facial features in both images look frightening or shocking. Leonardo has also done a blunder in generating the tails of fish behind the shark. Another blunder in both images is why even people sitting with shark in a boat. 

That’s quite a blunder in both the Image generators. 

Science Fiction Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: alien sitting down at a table with a drink in his hand, in the style of sumatraism, photographically detailed portraitures, Tokina at-x 11-16mm f/2.8 pro dx ii, Brent cotton, intense close-ups, fantastic creatures, celestialpunk –ar 51:91

Science fiction shows the future environment images, and you can see the alien sitting in normal way, enjoying its drink.

Images generated by both the software are almost up to mark, but there are some issues in Leonardo’s image that the alien is sipping, which should not be generated according to the prompt.

Moreover, the image generated from Midjourney must be clearer from the bottom. Still, in Leonardo, only the background is blurred, and the focus on the alien is more than on Midjourney. 

Fashion Design Images Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Luxurious Fashion

Prompt: a woman walks down the runway wearing a black gown in the style of contemporary op art, Philip Treacy, undulating lines, Alexander McQueen, santiago calatrava, meticulous design, piles/stacks –ar 51:91

Fashion designing is one of the emerging fields in that designers are experimenting with AI Image generators before experimenting with their business. You can see that model poses with a dress the designer can experiment with.

You can see the image quality of both images. Its outstanding image quality shows complete clothing texture, but there’s a bit of an issue in Leonardo’s image as the model should be walking down the runway, not posing. 

Also, the facial features of the model in Midjourney are perfect compared to the image from Leonardo.

Cybergoth Fashion

Prompt: a mickey mouse playing the guitar in front of a fire, in the style of Cybergoth, Nikon d850, dusty piles, Reylia Slaby, metal, crimson, UHD image

The Cybergoth fashion is based on artificial looks and fluorescent colors, and the images generated in cybergoth fashion are of a Mickey Mouse showing crimson texture.       

In the Midjourney image, Cybergoth styling is prominent, whereas, in Leonardo.ai, the image is more cartoony. Midjourney gives a realistic and sharp image, which you can not see in Leonardo. 

Interior Design Images Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: elegantly decorated hallway with colorful walls and furniture in the style of intricate psychedelic landscapes, Nikita veprikov, wes anderson, intricate ceiling designs, sgraffito, Dimitry Rolland, hall of mirrors.

From fashion designing to Interior design, AI image generators are leading in providing the best ideas and images.

You can see both the AI apps do wonders in interior designs but are the images up to the prompt? 

The image generated from Midjourney is wide and prominent, whereas Leonardo’s image lacks furniture. Also, every object in the Midjourney image can be seen clearly as it shows the halls of a mirror, but Leonardo does not pick the prompt.

Photography Images Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Candid Photography

Prompt: Japanese geisha in a white dress posing with a sword in the background, in the style of Jessica Drossin, lens flare, tj Drysdale, dark amber and gray, candid moments captured, fawncore, traditional costumes –ar 5:4

Candid shots are the most realistic and unposed images; AI apps generate the best candid shots. 

This time, Leonardo.ai provides justice to the image and generates an image compatible with Midjourney. Still, the image generated by Midjourney is more realistic than Leonardo.ai’s image. 

Midjourney’s image shows a more candid move, but Leonardo’s image gives a slight texture of a movie or series.

Conceptual Photography

Prompt: blonde woman hugging a horse, in the style of Akos major, Scottish landscapes, Jessica Drossin, tom chambers, dark green and orange, Hasselblad 500c/m, UHD image

Conceptual photography is posed photography where the model can most likely show off the idea of photography and interestingly.

Here, Midjourney’s image looks realistic and natural: the model and the horse. Still, Midjourney’s image has a drawback: you can see six fingers in the girl’s hand.

Whereas Leonardo’s image has little animated touch, eyes are not generated in a balanced form if you notice clearly. There is a disbalance in the eyes of the girl.

Monochromatic Photography

Prompt: photograph by Jonathan Scott Collis, a black woman in a long gown, in the style of mary jane ansell, gareth pugh, texture-rich layers, wiccan, elaborate costumes, Jocelyn Hobbie, monochromatic color scheme –ar 65:98

Monochromatic photography is all done in black and white colors, where the bold and dark side of the image is shown.

These two images are similar to each other. Both of them have generated impressive quality images except for Leonardo’s image, where the eyes require some adjustments.

Both AI has produced excellent results by presenting well-crafted and magnificent costumes.


Prompt: four scientists in a sandstorm on the moon, in the style of aggressive realism, staged photography, imax, RTX on, dark colors, #myportfolio, installation-based

Astrophotography captures the views, lights, and scenes of astronauts and the moon. You can see how both image generators beautifully depict the astronauts and space images. Although there are some blunders, the quality of both images is fine.

The image generated by Leonardo.ai shows that astronauts are walking so calmly in a space that doesn’t belong to reality but looks realistic. Whereas, Midjourney gave this image dark color and background to meet the requirements of the prompt and shows a fair scenario.

Fashion Photography

Prompt: a man with pink hair, sunglasses, an ivory and gold armoire, and a white cat in the style of surreal fashion photography, dark pink and light azure, rococo pastel hues, the aesthetic movement, hyperrealistic animal portraits, portraitures with hidden meanings, catcore

Fashion photography shows the models and new dressing trends rising in the market. Midjourney and Leonardo.ai did a great job generating the photography image and focusing on dressing and hairstyle details.

Midjourney generates a more realistic image in which the model’s facial expressions are also generated in detail; an actual photoshoot is done, whereas Leonardo.ai gave the image an anime texture.

Painting Images Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Oil painting Images

Prompt: an oil painting of a town with destroyed buildings in the style of airbrush art, war photography, dramatic skies, dark green and orange, french countryside, emotional expression, colorize

Painting is another area in the art field that requires a lot of mastermind ideas behind it. Oil painting artists are rare in the market, but those who experiment with their creativity on canvas can generate images through these AI image-designing tools.

Midjourney’s image shows an abstract idea of destroyed houses, whereas Leonardo shows a clear image of destruction in a house by showing the smoke coming out. 

The art style of oil painting is more prominent in Midjourney as compared to Leonardo.

Expressionism Painting

Prompt: a painting of a woman kneeling in a castle, in the style of German expressionism, post-apocalyptic ruins, gothic darkness, 1900–1917, emotional gestures, dark blue and orange, street scene

The expressionist painting shows 20th-century paintings, including old haunted houses, abstract views, and low-hue colors. Compare both the images and get an idea of expressionist painting from them.

You can see that Midjourney’s image looks like a fine painting with exact detailings and shows German expressionism, but Leonardo’s image looks more like a film scene, not a painting. 

Media Art Images Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: an older woman sitting next to a crocheted motorcycle in the style of light beige and brown, extremely detailed art, bold and dynamic, mechanical designs, English countryside, photo-realistic techniques, bold patterns

Media art images or photography shows the scenes from any podcast, film, video, or other media platform. Look at the images and see that both images look like a scene from an old movie where a grandma was looking riding a bike happily. 

You can see that the Midjourney image is more realistic and natural, which gives an energetic feel, but at the same time, Leonardo’s image looks more dramatic and gives an artificial feel.

Retro core Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: a classic car is driving through a bright tunnel, in the style of psychedelic tableaux, glowing lights, photo taken with Provia, retro core, rainbow core, maximalist, mid-century –ar 74:49

Retro core style designing shows lifestyle, trends, and fashion design. The above image shows the rainbow color retro core style covering a trendy car in fashionista form.

Like every other impactful image, the Midjourney image shows the colors with detailings in the image. In contrast, Leonardo shows a soft texture image that looks like an image from a cartoon.

Animal Images Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Animal Photography

Prompt: a grey and white dog looking up at a wall, in the style of the photorealistic eye, 32k UHD, macro lens, ethical concerns, distinct facial features, abrasive authenticity, explosive pigmentation –ar 128:85

Animal images generated in either form of photography or design can be a lively source of energy for pet lovers. Here you can see pet photography that captures the essence of the expressions of dogs. His eyes show all the detailed expressions. 

Images generated from Midjourney and Leonardo.ai are almost the same. The difference that arises here is the dog’s generations and fur, which Midjourney captures in detail but not in Leonardo.

Animal Landscape shot

Prompt: three pelicans swimming in the ocean near rocks, in the style of photorealistic renderings, alexander fedosav, sketch fab, webcam photography, Greg Hildebrandt, Australian landscapes, snapshots of iconic Hollywood stars –ar 5:4

The same landscape animal shots are generated from both apps; here, Leonardo wins in the color choice and combination effect to users, whereas Midjourney, on the same prompt, generates an impactful image but not as powerful as Leonardo’s.

Also, the background of Leonardo’s image is palpable, but the detailing and reflection in Midjourney are excellent. Both platforms did justice to the image and provided an excellent quality image.

Lunarpunk aesthetic Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: the pink forest in bright colors late at night, in the style of hyper-realistic water, lunarpunk, colorful gardens, cyan, jungle punk, Brandon Woelfel, iridescent

Lunarpunk art defines the real example of spirituality and futuristic designs. Images generated in Lunapunk aesthetics refer to nature and detailed designs with blended reflections of nature.

The image generated by Midjourney shows the actual natural image scene where the moon’s reflection can be seen within the colorful plants. In contrast, the long purplish forest-type trees with a glassy floors can be seen in Leonardo’s image.

Illustrations Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt

Pop Art Illustration

Prompt: pink and black with a pretty girl, in the style of art nouveau-inspired illustrations, David Bailey, Harue Koga, intricate embellishments, dan matutina, violet and orange, 1970–present –ar 58:75

Illustrations are created as sketches or paintings that digitally show an artist’s imagination. Leonardo.ai’s image is entirely based on illustrations, and that’s the reason the impact in its image is more powerful.

Midjourney generates the images and pop-art illustrations more diversely, but here, Leonardo picks the theme more proficiently and generates a much better image than Midjourney. The hands of a lady in Midjourney’s image look improper too.

Character Illustration

Prompt: Mona Lisa by tiger tikki by tiger tikki, in the style of art nouveau-inspired illustrations, lively coastal landscapes, dark sky-blue and light red, vernal color palettes, figura serpentinite, french landscape, detailed character design

Character illustrations are linked to a specific character design. Here, Midjourney has given the image a matte finishing look compared to Leonardo.ai, which has too many bright colors and is far from a lively coastal landscape. 

Plus point you can notice is the detailings in the Midjourney’s image.

Environmental Illustration

Prompt: a painting of a public park in central park with a fountain, in the style of detailed crowd scenes, anthropomorphic surrealism, 1000–1400 ce, 32k UHD, classic Americana, terraced cityscapes, lively illustrations

Environmental illustrations don’t show any characters or pop art in them. It just shows any specific area or environment in the form of an artist’s imagination. This time Midjourney did not respond to the prompt the way it did to the previous. 

You can see that there is no fountain in the image that Midjourney has developed but yes, its present in Leonardo’s image. Also, the brightness and hues are sharp in Leonardo.ai’s image.

Mechanical Design Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: an idea of a house that’s a building is shown in the style of dark cyan and pink, extremely detailed art, mechanical realism, quirky characters, piles/stacks, intricate cityscapes, 2d –ar 14:25

Mechanical design art shows the machinery in an architectural way but more composed form. Here, the Midjourney image shows detailed art with mechanical reality as requested. Moreover, Leonardo.ai also generates an image similar to Midjourney but not as complete as shown in Midjourney.

You can see a full view in the Midjourney image but the zoomed-in image in Leonardo.ai.

Ragepunk-themed Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: a group of chickens in uniform wearing guns in the style of mesmerizing optical illusions, village core, goblin core, rage punk

Rage punk art is subcultural art where minimalist style art shows the collaboration with jazz and funk themes. You can easily understand the funky perspective of the chicken by their way of holding guns.

Moreover, the realistic image view generated by Midjourney and Leonardo.ai generated the realistic feature in almost all of its image generations.

Celebrity Recognition Images Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Morgan Freeman Street Scene

Prompt: Morgan Freeman is cooking noodles at dusk in New Delhi, India, in the style of spirals and curves, portraitist extraordinaire, street style, quito school, ornate detailing, street scenes, rubens –ar 1:2

Celebrity recognition is a feature in AI apps that can generate the image of a celebrity doing anything you entered in the prompts.

In these images, you can see how efficiently Midjourney recognizes Morgan Freeman and generates the image in its face cooking noodles. Midjourney also gives the image background of a country named India.

Leonardo showed a cartoon form of Morgan Freeman and lacked the country’s environment mentioned in the prompt. 

Tom Chambers Drama Scene

Prompt: an older man holding a bucket outside a shop, in the style of tom chambers, character-driven, pale wave, gen paul, valerie hegarty, dotted, pictorial drama

In which image can you spot a person that resembles Tom Chambers? Obviously, Midjourney generates a more resembled image than Leonardo. 

Leonardo.ai still needs to upgrade the software to recognize the celebrity and generate images according to it.

Dark Academia Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: rhinos school teachers in the classroom, in the style of photorealistic surrealism, advertising-inspired, hauntingly beautiful illustrations, humorous animal scenes, a mashup of styles, fur affinity, dark academia

Dark Academia is a sub-art theme that is rare in the creative world. You can see that the prompt has mentioned “dark academia” in it, but Midjourney shows a more realistic image.

The facial features and body of the Midjourney’s rhino are more detailed and depict a dark academic theme compared to Leonardo. Also, the students’ facial features in the Leonardo.ai image are not up to the mark.

Luminous Art Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: the seating on stands is made of glass and has sculpted foam in the style of illuminated landscapes, jean cocteau, conceptual street art, élisabeth vigée le brun, stone sculptures, and highly detailed, luminous imagery.

The luminous art shows the light feature within the painting or illustration. Sometimes it refers to the Tenebrism, from which lightning art is more prominent.

You can see in the Midjourney image that the seating strikes lightning in the form of an illuminated landscape, whereas, Leonardo.ai’s image shows the sculptures sitting but not in the form of foams on sides. 

Whimsical Portrait Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt. 

Prompt: an elderly muppet man speaks to a huge woolen mammoth in the style of photorealistic portraiture, Caras Ionut, unreal engine 5, matte photo, jungle punk, 20th-century Scandinavian style, joyful and optimistic.

Whimsical portraits are quite giants and show the impulsive theme of art. You can compare both images and recognize that Midjourney understands the prompt and generates a joyful and optimistic expression full image.

Leoanrdo.ai shows an old man conversating with a mammoth but not shows joyful expressions. Also, the chosen theme by Leoanardo.ai is not as attractive and powerful as Midjourney’s. 

Gritty Textured Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: a group of soldiers in space suits are shown in front, in the style of Nicoletta ceccoli, gritty textures, toyen, hallyu, soggy, dark orange and red –ar 2:1

Textured images are an important part of art that defines the value of an image by imparting texture to it. Gritty texture is like a tiny grain texture which makes the art rough.

In both images, Midjourney generates a dark and gritty texture image. However, Leonardo.ai is still updating software to understand the prompt as it generates an image where all the soldiers are in the same color dress with no bold and dark theme.

Anime Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: an anime girl holding a glowing sword in front of colorful lights, in the style of black paintings, colorful fantasy, Shilin Huang, colorful animations, hans zatzka, dark black and light azure, made of all of the above –ar 65:87

Anime is a computer-generated image that is quite far from reality. The shine, bright colors, and facial expressions of its characters are catchy and interesting for the viewers. 

You can see both AI tools are leading in anime creation. Midjourney has generated a separate mode named “Niji Mode” for anime generation, which has updated to its advanced version, “Niji 5”.

The generated Midjourney anime image is from Niji 5, trained for anime. In contrast, the Leonardo.ai anime image is generated from its model that you can access from the Leoanrdo.ai Anime prompts to understand anime creation.

Furniture Design Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: a glass coffee table featuring a blue pattern of water, in the style of topographical views, luminous 3d objects, wood, use of bright colors, dark sky-blue and light beige, the flatness of space, natural lighting –ar 5:4

Any furniture designs can be generated from both the AI image designing tools. You can get an idea of furniture images from the examples. 

One more thing that you can notice in Leonardo.ai is the aspect ratios. Leonardo needs to get the image’s aspect ratio mentioned in the prompt. Also, you can compare these images can easily compare the table quality and designs generated from both software.

Photo-realistic landscape Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: a big sky in a boat with balloons, mountains, and flowers on it, in the style of caras Ionut, franklin booth, yellow and orange, photo-realistic landscapes, traditional animation, mark henson, spatial concept art –ar 2:1

The photorealistic images empowered the image by imparting high resolutions in it. You can see that Midjourney’s image contains the effect of Caras Lonut’s photography in it. 

Leonardo also generates the same image design but it lacks the realistic touch from it. Also, the flowers in Midjourney’s image are more conceptual than the whole flower field in Leonardo.ai’s image.

Environmental Art Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt

Prompt: An octagonal sculpture at dusk sits on the beach in the style of flowing draperies, photorealistic renderings, translucent planes, baroque energy, eco-kinetic, bold use of light, gossamer fabrics

Environmental art is different from environmental illustrations. The art shows a realistic image, not an imaginations of designs. You can get an idea of both the art and illustration in this article.

Here the Midjourney follows the flowing draperies more than the octagonal structure. Leoanardo.ai focused on octagonal sculpture more. The dusk view is more prominent in Leonardo as compared to the Midjourney.

Advertising Image Created from Midjourney and Leonardo AI using the Same Prompt.

Prompt: The commercial is one of the best of 2016, in the style of whimsical cats, celebrity and pop culture references, theatrical gestures, white and green, tenebrism effects, narrative diptychs, photo bashing –ar 135:67

You can also generate commercial pieces from both AI image generators. As shown in both images, Midjourney’s image picks the prompt well and generates an image according to that.

Leonardo.ai’s image doesn’t match the prompt; also, the eyes of the cat are not balanced, and you can’t understand what’s inside the bowl.


Midjourney and Leonardo.ai are leading AI image generators that are still updating their features for the users’ ease, either in the form of commands, versions, and models. As an artist, you can explore these apps and get a detailed idea of their pros and cons.

Having the examples of the above images, the difference between them is very clear the Midjourney generates more realistic images than Leonardo. Leonardo is good for gaming designs as it imparts vibrant and bright colors.


Is Midjourney better than Leonardo at generating an image?

Images created from Midjourney are realistic with detailed art, and it follows the prompt efficiently. Meanwhile, the facial features images created by Leonardo have unusual and imbalanced designs. 

Are Midjourney and Leonardo both paid AI tools?

Midjourney is a paid tool, but you can use Leonardo.ai absolutely for free. It gives 150 tokens daily to the user for generating images, which is sufficient for a day.

From Midjourney and Leonardo, Which one is easy to use?

Leonardo is more convenient to use than Midjouney. Still, if you want high-resolution image quality, you should opt for Midjourney for advanced designs and exposure to the big-scale community.


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