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Creating images and being creative but thinking about minor changes to create an aesthetic picture. These little changes will generate a difference in a photo, but using which tool can make these minor changes in the Midjourney image is a question.

Midjourney is a text-to-image tool that offers variations for your generated image, from simple Variations with Vroll buttons (V1 – V4) to high and low variation modes or from big variations to slight changes; Midjourney gives reality to your imagination.

This article will guide you through everything about Midjourney Variations. We got it all covered by the types of modes and the amount of variations.

What Are the Midjourney Variations of an Image?

The “V” stands for Variations in Midjourney. This powerful tool allows you to perfect your image. When you generate an image on Midjourney, it generates a grid of 4 images. 

Vrolls in Midjourney

You get the results using your best ai art prompts in Midjourney Discord, but your results differ from what you were thinking. 

From Version 1 of Midjourney to the latest version, you get the option of Vrolls (V1, V2, V3, and V4) buttons below your grid. Press them to see the variation.

You will be asked to remix your prompt when you press the V buttons. So you can edit your prompt through the Midjourney remix if you want any new changes in your variation.

Vrolls in Midjourney

And Rerolls instantly gives you another grid of a new set of 4 images. Check out this article to see Vrolls/Rerolls in detail.

Midjourney Variation Modes

Midjourney version 5.2 has two new variation modes by which you can control the number of variations. 

Midjourney High Variation Mode

High Variation mode strengthens the variety of all variations, providing a new combination level in the output. High Variation mode is your default setting.

Midjourney Low Variation Mode

Low Variation Mode variates images with better visual texture than the original image.

Midjourney Vary Buttons 

Midjourney also introduces “vary” buttons to do variations to an upscale image. When you upscale an image, it gives two buttons to do the variations.

These buttons are available with Model Version 5.2 and Niji 5. Older models have only variation buttons to generate the variation grid.

Vary Subtle

The vary Subtle button is used for too similar Midjourney variations.

Vary Strong

The vary strong button is used for strong variations in Midjourney to give your image a bold effect.

Comparison Of Variations

In this section, you will see how images variate with each variation button and mode.

Variation by Vroll Button

Prompt: the world under the sea surface, vibrant coral towers, marine creatures surrounds the corals, the water shimmering with otherworldly hues, evoking a sense of wonder and magic –ar 16:9 –niji

Midjourney Variations

Variation through pressing Vroll Button 1, we get:

Midjourney Variations Results

Variation by Midjourney 5.2 Variation Modes

You must enable Midjourney variation mode through the settings command to get images in high and low variations.

Prompt: futuristic city submerged with the ocean surface, aquatic transport, sculptures, interpretation of bustling life underwater, style of American artist. 

Result of High Variation Mode 

High Variation Mode

Result of Low Variation Mode 

You can see that the images came in different trends and settings in high variation mode, whereas those in low variation mode are almost symmetrical.

Example of Vary Buttons

“Vary subtle” and “vary strong” buttons are only accessible when you upscale an image. Let’s generate the picture and see how different “vary” buttons work on the same prompt.

Prompt: a woman celebrating the end of a dancing epidemic with other people in the early 16th century, realistic, cinematic, octane render,8k.

Midjourney Vary Button

Result of Vary Strong

Midjourney Upscale and Strong

Result of Vary Subtle

Midjourney Upscale and Vary Subtle

Changing The Amount of Midjourney Variations

You can easily change the amount of variation and different variation modes in Midjourney by switching one variation mode to another.

How to switch variation mode on Midjourney?

You can use the settings command on your Midjourney chatbot to select or switch between different variation modes.

switch variation mode on Midjourney
variation mode on Midjourney

Use The Vary Buttons

Use the Vary (Strong) or Vary (Subtle) buttons under upscaled images to create strong or subtle variations of that image.

Use The Vary Buttons


Variations on Midjourney are no less than magic. It transforms and enhances the image as per one’s imagination. 

Now that you know Midjourney variations in detail, explore them and let us know how you discover them in the comments below.


Can I do variations on previous versions of Midjourney? 

You can do the basic variations on previous versions of Midjourney with V1, V2, V3 and V4 buttons right below the generated image.
The Vary (Strong) and Vary (Subtle) options are available with Midjourney 5.2. The older versions allow you to Make Variations.

What is the difference between upscale and variation in Midjourney?

When you generate an image, you get an image grid with the option of upscale and variation on the bottom. “U” stands for upscaling (it enlarges a selected image), and “V” for variations (generates four new images with slight variations but an all-around style similar to the chosen picture.)

Can I do Midjourney variations of an existing image?

Yes, Midjourney variations of uploaded images are possible by adding editing specifications in the /imagine prompt after you upload the image on Discord.


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