Midjourney Stealth Mode – An Innovative Development in Visual Ai

Midjourney Stealth Mode

Midjourney is a platform where people generate images, and anyone can use them. Users with privacy concerns think about how they can hide their content from others. So here, Midjourney comes up with an instant solution.

Buy a Pro Plan and enjoy your privacy with your content. No, not just with the pro plan; you can generate private content; here’s a newly introduced Midjurney Stealth mode in the Pro plan which ensures that your content is not publicly available. 

Let’s discuss the Midjourney stealth mode in depth to understand why it’s a focal point of a Pro plan of Midjourney.

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What is Midjourney Stealth Mode

Since Midjourney is an open application by default, all the images generated by its users, even those made in private Discord servers, direct messaging, and the Midjourney web app, are accessible to Midjourney.

In Midjourney, Stealth Mode is a feature only accessible to its Pro Plan subscribers. Images generated in Stealth mode will only be hidden from Midjourney.com. 

To hide your images completely from other users, you must enable the stealth mode and generate content in your DMs or private servers. 

To enable the Stealth mode in Midjourney, all you have to do is subscribe to the Midjourney Pro plan and enter its stealth mode, and then you can generate and keep your content private from other Midjourney users. 

How to Enable Midourney Stealth Mode?

Switching to the stealth mode in Midjourney Discord is a two-step guide. Let’s quickly scan over how you can enable the stealth mode.

Select Server

As you know, Midjourney has many private servers in its discord. So to access the Midjourney Stealth mode, you can select any server from your discord channel.

Enter Command

Enter command /stealth to activate the stealth mode in your server and hit enter.

Stealth Mode Activation

Just after hitting enter, Midjourney stealth mode will activate. You can see the activation text in the server chat area.

After activating Midjourney stealth mode, you can generate images privately on any server of Midjourney Discord. 

How to Disable Stealth Mode?

Switching to the public mode is easy, and a two-step guide like enabling stealth mode. 

Stealth mode is a unique feature offered to only Pro plan members of Midjourney, so you should avail it entirely, but if you still want to generate images in Public mode.

Here you go!

Select Server

Select any server in Midjourney Discord. You can also stay on the same server you are working on.

Enter Command

Enter command /public to turn off the Midjourney stealth mode in your server and activate the public mode.

Stealth Mode Disabling

When you enter /public command, the Midjourney stealth mode will be disabled immediately and switched to the public mode.

After switching to the public mode, anyone on the Midjourney channel can access all the images you generate. They can use and upscale your pictures in any way they want.

How to Open/DM the Private Chat with the Bot? Where is my Private Channel? 

Here confusion arises that you activate Midjourney stealth mode and start generating images, but others can view all those images, and your pictures are not private anymore.

You must generate images in your private server or Direct messages to hide your pictures entirely. 

Let’s move to how to access direct messages after enabling Midjourney stealth mode.

Select Room

Head to the Midjourney server and open any room from the server.

Click Bot

Click on the Midjourney bot you see in the bot room.

Click View Profile

After clicking on the Midjourney bot, Click View profile or image of the Midjourney bot.

Click Send Message

Right after clicking on the profile, a box will be shown, from where select Send Message. 

Redirected to Direct Message

You will be redirected to your direct messages when you click the Send Message option.

Midjourney Stealth Mode

You can generate the images privately whether you have enabled the Midjourney stealth mode.

If you have enabled the Midjourney stealth mode, the content you generated here will only be under your control, whereas if you just generate content with no stealth mode activation, then Midjourney will have access to your content. 

How to Resolve the “You Can’t DM the Bot” Error?

If you receive an error while messaging the bot, saying you can’t Dm the bot. At the same time, you are a pro plan subscriber and have access to generate images in stealth mode in your DMs.

Follow the steps below to resolve your issue.

Click Server Icon

Right-click the Midjourney server from the server’s list.

Privacy Settings

Select the privacy settings from the options in the box.

Allow direct messages

Ensure you enable the “allow direct messages from other members” option, which turns green.

This way you can resolve the issue when you face regarding texting the Midjourney bot. By messaging the Midjourney bot you can avail the Midjourney Stealth mode feature to the fullest and can maintain your content privacy.


You got covered the whole Midjourney Stealth image generation process, and by taking all of the preceding actions, you can activate Midjourney’s Stealth mode and maintain the privacy of your content there.

The Midjourney Stealth feature of Pro Plan can assist in protecting your private information and guaranteeing that your art content can only be visible to you and is not available through any other public channels of Midjourney conflict.


How many jobs can I run at a time in the Pro plan?

Pro plan subscribers can run 12 jobs simultaneously with fast mode and 3 with relax mode.

We can generate images in the Midjourney bot privately and in Stealth mode. What’s the difference between them?

Without enabling Stealth mode, the content you generate in the Midjourney message bot will remain hidden from other users but accessible to Midjourney.

In contrast, the content generated in the Midjourney message bot, enabling Stealth mode, will be under your access only. Midjourney will not even have access to your Stealth content.

Will the content generated in Stealth mode be available to Midjourney?

The content you will generate in Stealth mode will only be in your control. No one can access them, not even Midjourney. That content will not be available to the Midjourney archive.

Why is the name of stealth mode changed to stealth from private mode?

The word private created a lot of confusion on Midjourney, as users thought this was how they could generate content within Discord without others seeing or interacting. In contrast, Stealth clearly states that it only hides your generations on the Midjourney website.


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