Midjourney Server, How to Use, Create and Delete it?

MJ Server

If you are tired of looking for your generated images on the default AI text-to-image tool, then don’t panic. There are some ways through which you can make your images separately and can edit them and surf the app hassle freely.

Midjourney AI has been the talk of the town, and millions of users are signing up regularly. Moreover, the Midjourney system provides the best service to its user based on user prompts.

But the server images frustrate the user and might change the user’s perspective of the tool.

You can generate multiple private servers for image generation through this guide. Also, you will know how to maintain, invite and delete your server within seconds. 

Let’s start our hassle-free journey to Midjourney. 

What is Midjourney Server?

Midjourney is accessible through the Discord server. There only your imagination is the limit. You can generate diverse and creative images through the prompts. To access the Midjourney server, you need to signup for Midjourney as soon as possible.

After signing up to Midjourney, you will land on the central Midjourney server, where all the users register and generate images using Midjourney bot commands.

Midjourney Server

Every user landed on the default Midjourney server; the problem started here. The user easily gets distracted and can easily get confused as soon as he lands with mindblowing minds and excellent artistic prompts.

However, Midjourney allows its bot to work on private users’ servers to ease image generation. 

Let’s learn to set up your own Midjourney server on Discord and explore the app entirely.

How To Setup Your Own Midjourney Server? 

When you get completely exhausted generating and finding images on the main Midjourney server, try creating your own Midjourney server. You can add a Midjourney bot to your own server and develop your photos peacefully.

Let’s head out to create your own Midjourney Server on Discord.

Head to Midjourney Home Screen

To access the Midjourney home screen and create your own Midjourney server, you just need a Midjourney subscription

Setup Your Own Midjourney Server

Click [+]

Right after heading to the Midjourney home screen, click the option [+] situated at the end of the servers list to add a server on Discord.

Midjourney home screen

Choose Server Details

Discord offers multiple offers when generating the server on it. Each type of server is designed explicitly according to its type. So selecting the type of server is essential.

Here, Create my own server has been selected, where different features are offered based on a single user experience. 

You can select a server type according to your needs.

Midjourney Server Details

Again you need to provide more information related to a server while setting it up.

Midjourney Server Name

Set Server’s Name

You need to give it an identity to set up your own server on Discord. Therefore, you have to assign the server a name. 

Hit the “create” button to complete the server creation process.

Midjourney Server Creation Process

You can also set a photo to your server to customize your Server’s list, and different images will help you quickly trace your server from the Server’s list.

Midjourney Own Server

It’s a standard server generated on Discord. Here, Midjourney doesn’t work until you invite it to the server.

So let’s invite the Midjourney bot to the server to access all the Midjourney features easily.

Tip: You can join up to 100 servers and up to 200 with Nitro.

How to Invite Midourney Bot to Your Server? 

To get all the Midjourney fun without interruption, invite the Midjourney bot to your server. This invitation is a three- or four-step guide you can do right after creating your own server on Discord.

Access Midjourney Main Server

After creating your server, head back to the Midjourney server on Discord.


If you have your previous server and want to add the Midjourney bot to that server, just join the Midjourney subscription and follow the same process.

Midourney Bot to Your Server

Click Midjourney Bot

Click on the profile picture of Midjourney or the written Midjourney bot. You can select any bot of Midjourney from its main screen.

Midjourney Bot Server

Add to Server

Click on “add to server” to invite the Midjourney bot to that specific server.

Midjourney Bot Add to Server

Select Server

Enter the server name where you want to invite the Midjourney bot. Hit the “Continue” button to complete the invitation process.

Select Server


You need to authorize the Midjourney few options that Midjourney wants to do on your server. 

Authorize Midjourney Bot

Go to Midjourney Own Server

After completing all the main steps to invite the Midjourney bot to your server, Click “Go to Midjourney Own Server” to access all the features thoroughly.

Midjourney Own Server Created

After clicking it, you will head to your server with a message on the screen that “FINALLY, MIDJOURNEY IS ON YOUR SERVER.”

Now you can access all the Midjourney commands, Midjourney parameters, and all the Midjourney versions on your own created server where you have invited Midjourney too.

How to Delete Your Server?

To delete your server from Discord, you must follow the same steps of creating a server to reach the home screen and access your server. After getting the home screen, right-click the server and delete it immediately.

Click Server

Access your discord, then head to the server you want to delete.

Delete Your Server

Server Settings

Now select “Server settings” from the drop-down menu you get right aside from the server.

Server settings

Delete Server

You will see the “delete server” option at the end of the panel settings in the server settings.

Delete Server

Enter the Server’s Name

To delete the server, you need to enter the name of the server you own. Hit the “delete server” button.

Enter Server Name

Note: You can only delete your server.


Discord lets you create many servers on the platform to ease your journey with different apps. If you want to access the features of apps on your server, you need to invite their bots on your server.

Moreover, your server is helpful for your image generation and private peaceful experience of the app. Avoid generating adult content; otherwise, the adult or gore content can lead to your account suspension.  


Can I add Midjourney to my server?

You can successfully add Midjourney to your server by creating the invite from the Midjourney bot to your server. 

How can I delete someone else server from Discord?

You have no access to delete someone’s server from the discord. However, if you find someone interrupting your privacy and generating content against community guidelines, you can report the content and the server. 

The management of Midjourney will lead the case and protect the users and platform rights. 

How to upload an Image to the Server?

To upload any image to your server, use the [+] icon beside the prompt box. Or else you can visit the Midjourney reference image to get complete guidance. 


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