20+ Midjourney Prompts for Fashion Designers in Different Styles

Midjourney Halloween fashion

You must have heard the quote, “Art is not what you see, but what you makes others see”. So the point of this quote is that everyone has a hidden artist in itself; you just need to light a spark into it, either by your art or by letting them explore their art.

The AI tools have just worked as a spark in the community of artists. Many beginners and pro designers of every field are diving into this pool just to expand their thoughts and imagination. 

But sadly, many users are not aware of prompt generation. Prompt generation is also an art where you can utilize AI tools and do wonders.

So let’s learn how to generate prompts. Initially, you will find prompt generation a little bit difficult, but as soon as you dive into this piece of writing, you will start getting prompts and how they work.

Let’s go!!

Midjourney Prompts for Fashion Designers – Must Used Keywords

Midjourney dataset is uniquely trained on prompts and other languages. It can generate a whole damn image just through a word. But if you want to give a complete scenario from an image, use keywords. 

You can generate Midjourney prompts for fashion designing using the fashion style, settings, environments and other basic and trendy accessories.  

I have combined all the keywords you must incorporate in your prompts for ease. These keywords are not only for fashion designing, but some are limited to fashion designing.

Fashion StyleTrendsEnvironmentDesign AcessoriesSetting
Flowing dressWeightlessnessWhimsicalBold colorsgraffiti-adorned walls
Floral patternContemporaryMinimalistGeometrical shapesGrand ballroom
LuxuryPaintingFuturisticMetallicGarden setting
CyberpunkEpicSurrealElectric accessoriesMetropolis
Retro styleTimelessSophisticatedNeon litUrban cityscape
Preppy styleSeasonalDreamySoft pastel huesFantasy world
Bohemian styleClassicSereneClean linesRed Carpet
Grunge styleTrendInnovativeEdgyModeling
High fashionChicEnchantingFabricFashion week
StreetwearIntricate detailsVintageHandbagAdventure
Boho chicDepth of fieldShoesMagical
Avant gardeInspired by (artist name)Bright lightningRegal
Bridal wearPhotographySoft lighteningRebellious
Haute coutureCinematicyouth culture
Abstract art
Opulent gownsIllustration
Casual wearSketch
SportswearWater Color
Fast fashion

Midjourney Prompts For Fashion Designing

You don’t need to get complex from these keywords. Also, you do not need to utilize all keywords in a single prompt. Choose according to the desired image you want to generate from Midjourney.

Let’s start switching these keywords and experience some magic.

Prompt 1: 

a futuristic fashion model, neon-lit metropolis inspired by Hajime Sorayama. Vibrant colours, metallic fabrics, and cyberpunk aesthetics blend harmoniously. Expresses confidence, and boldness on the models’ faces. Glowing neon lights, striking contrast between shadows and highlights. adventure and innovation atmosphere

Midjourney Prompts for Fashion Designers

Prompt 2: 

a model, whimsical, and dreamy fashion world reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha. Water painting, flowing dresses, floral patterns, and soft pastel hues combine in a magical garden. Ethereal expressions on the model’s face, soft, diffused lighting.

Midjourney fashion prompts

Prompt 3:

models in haute couture fashion in the grand ballroom, style of Gustav Klimt. oil painting, abstract art. Opulent gowns, intricate patterns, bold colours. sense of luxury and sophistication. Models wear poised expressions, exuding elegance. Warm golden lighting bathes the scene, enhancing the regal ambience, full body

style of Gustav Klimt

Prompt 4:

Edgy streetwear, comics-style in urban cityscape, Jamie Hewlett’s work. A model with ripped jeans and futuristic electric accessories posed in front of a Graffiti wall. Cool, rebellious expressions of a model depicting a sense of youth trend. Bold colours and dynamic lines add energy.

Midjourney Jamie Hewlett's Style

Prompt 5:

Glamorous Gucci red carpet, floor-length gown, intricate with beadwork and embroidery, exuding luxury and elegance, surrounded in a lavish ballroom with chandeliers and adorned with ornate decorations. An atmosphere of luxury and grandeur. Wide angle photography.

Midjourney Luxury Style

Prompt 6:

Lady in fashion design of the retro and vintage dress with bold prints and vibrant colours, the essence of a nostalgic and playful outfit, set in a 1960s-inspired diner with checkered floors and jukeboxes, exuding a sense of nostalgia and retro charm, Fashion design.

Midjourney Retro Style

Prompt 7:

Illustration of a bohemian-inspired Dolce Gabbana outfit with flowing fabrics, fringes, and earthy tones, a serene desert oasis with palm trees, relaxation and escape environment, created using digital painting techniques with a focus on natural elements and texture.

Midjourney Dolce Gabbana outfit

Prompt 8:

woman in avant-grande fashion, a cocktail dress adorned with sparkling crystals and feathers, exuding an atmosphere of luxury and celebration, portrait photography, inspired by Torm Ford

Midjourney avant-grande fashion

Prompt 9:

a guy fully covered with tattoos, wearing free-spirited fashion design, posed behind the wall painted with abstract art, clashing colours.

free-spirited fashion design

Prompt 10:

an avant-garde evening, the woman wearing a gown with galaxy-themed patterns and a flowing train inspired by Donna Karan.

Midjourney Donna Karan Style

Prompt 11:

A surreal and abstract realm, where fashion designs become living art, blurring the line between art and fashion, exploring the intersection of creativity and self-expression art by unconventional materials and interactive elements.

Midjourney abstract realm

Prompt 12: 

A futuristic man in a neon-lit loose dress, surrounded by sketches and fabric samples, creating avant-garde styles with holographic garments and edgy accessories, high-quality photography.

Midjourney neon-lit loose dress Style

Prompt 13: 

A man wearing captivating haute couture, sleek lines, monochrome art, inspired by Pierre Cardin, Halo Reach landscape with a Spartan amidst a battlefield, smoke and fire in the background, and detailed environment blending chaos and beauty

Midjourney Pierre Cardin Style

Prompt 14: 

a man walking in an ethereal fashion show, a model with moss-covered runway amidst towering trees, wearing a cross hat and dress inspired greenery, Illustration portrait photograph.

Midjourney ethereal fashion

Prompt 15:

A woman modern and urban streetwear, sleek lines and contemporary details, vibrant and bustling city street with modern architecture and city lights, capturing the essence of urban chic and cosmopolitan style, executed with high-tech and functional material.

Midjourney contemporary details

Prompt 16: 

A young man with a beard and glasses, looking directly into the camera, wearing a jacket, full body, village atmosphere at night, concept art illustration.

Midjourney Illustration Style

Prompt 17:

A casual slow fashion attire inspired by Eiko Ishioka, featuring a western tie-dye beach dress, beaded bracelets, wide-brimmed hat, background of a coastal cliff, and gentle sea breeze susurrate the dress.

Midjourney Eiko Ishioka

Prompt 18:

A man in a cyberpunk suit, a mixture of neon and leather, futuristic glowing circuit patterns, augmented reality glasses, an environment of urban alleyway, living off an edgy and mysterious vibe, Digital Art.

Midjourney cyberpunk suit

Prompt 19:

A sleek and modern minimalist ensemble in monochrome, consisting of tailored black flap trousers, a crisp white button-down shirt, and a structured blazer, accessorized with a silver watch, and abstract pattern background, capturing the essence of sophistication, style of Virgil Abloh.

Midjourney modern minimalist ensemble

Prompt 20:

A glamorous preppy style couture, inspired by Isabel Sterling. Setup in a Corkscrew Canyon, the model stands amidst the jeeps and airy sand, the soft sunlight filtering through, creating a romantic atmosphere. The focus is on capturing the gown’s ethereal movement as it catches the breeze, emphasizing its graceful and enchanting aura.

Midjourney Isabel Sterling

Prompt 21:

An avant-garde fashion designed by Raf Simons. The dress is weightless, with the stunning juxtaposition of sharp geometric lines and flowing asymmetrical drapes, constructed from metallic silver and jet-black materials. contemporary art gallery, sculptures gives a backdrop.

Midjourney Raf Simons

Prompt 22:

A man in a cutting-edge space suit designed for future interplanetary travellers, envisioned by the pioneering designer John Galliano. inspired dress, sleek silver exoskeleton with luminescent blue accents, equipped with integrated life support systems and a transparent helmet that offers a panoramic view of the cosmos. 

Midjourney John Galliano

Prompt 23:

A surrealist fashion style of Salvador Mirage. The outfit features a distorted silhouette with exaggerated proportions, mixing materials like velvet, mirror shards, and feathers. The photo shoot occurs in an optical illusion room, where mirrors create a mesmerizing play of reflections and perspectives.

Midjourney Salvador Mirage

Prompt 24:

A fantastical and whimsical fashion in the style of Gianni Versace. The outfit consists of a skirt made entirely of oversized fabric flowers and a corset adorned with twinkling fairy lights. The photo shoot occurs in an enchanted forest, where sparkling fireflies illuminate the scene.

Midjourney Gianni Versace

Prompt 25:

A model in a post-apocalyptic dress designed by John Varvatos. Model wearing leather jacket carrying metal pieces, cargo pants and rugged boots. Setup on crumbling buildings and overgrown vegetation form a gritty backdrop. 

Midjourney John Varvatos

Prompt 26:

An unconventional fashion inspired by Alexandre Czetwertynski. The outfit combines vintage clothing and modern technology, featuring a corset made from retro television screens. Set up in a minimalist white room, the model poses the blend of old and new trends, creating a visual commentary on the evolution of technology and fashion. 

Midjourney Alexandre Czetwertynski

Prompt 27:

An elegant Halloween fashion, inspired by Morticia Noir. lengthy black net gown, highneck collar. Venue of the dark mansithe on, haunting the pose of model create an alluring aura of seductive vampire queen.

Midjourney Halloween fashion

Prompt 28:

A whimsical man, wearing an outfit inspired by Felix Wonderland. The outfit has a colourful jacket, paired with patterned pants. cheerful facial expression. photoshoot at a vibrant carnival setting, carousel horses Photography, captured with candid shots that capture the model’s joyful spirit.

Midjourney Felix Wonderland

Prompt 29:

A woman in a Halloween costume inspired by Jack Lantern. The outfit expresses a mischievous spirit and includes a pumpkin-inspired dress with an oversized orange skirt and green vine accents, pumpkin hat. A cheerful model poses animated expressions, the Halloween season.

Midjourney Jack Lantern

Prompt 30:

A tech man inspired by futuristic fashion in the style of  Junya Watanabe. The man is in a black bodysuit, creating a pulsating pattern. The model’s posed curiosity expression, wide eyes, open mouth, and sense of awe.

Midjourney futuristic fashion

Prompt 31:

Sportswear outfit, illustration in motion, Athlete action, motion against the cityscape, bold colours, energetic atmosphere.

Midjourney Athlete action

Prompt 32: 

Show design, avant-garde, Meagan Morrison style. Absolute details, and fascinating facial expressions. Soft lighting.

Midjourney Meagan Morrison style

Prompt 33: 

Vintage fashion design, 1960s spirit, dressed up as Gen Z, style of Jamie Sterling, retro-inspired setting, vibrant colours. The model’s poses capture the carefree and energetic vibe of the era. 

Midjourney Gen Z Style

Prompt 34:

A fashion of millennials, eclectic style of Gen Z, style of Jordan Parker. Hair in messy waves.

Midjourney eclectic style of Gen Z


As you have learned the prompt structure to generate the fashion style prompts from Midjourney, you will also be guided in further articles on developing other realistic and best prompts for AI art.

Switch the Fashion styles with the artists with different backgrounds and environments, and you will be shocked to see the results generated by Midjourney.

Also, if this guide needs any amendments and either find this helpful guide, let us know through the provided mail address.


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