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Midjourney Niji Mode: Best Version for Anime and Manga Artists

You may have tried many tools for generating art, but twisting your imagination with emerging technology is undoubtedly a thing of creativity wizards. If you are ready to knit your art with new beads of creativity, join us in our way of Mijourney’s newly launched feature.

Midjourney recently came up with mind-blowing anime designs and manga art, calle midjourney niji mode. You will later admit that this fantastic innovation can elevate an image generation to a new level. 

Here’s a guide to explore Niji version of Midjourney with some images, its access and its image quality.

What is Midjourney Niji Mode

“NIJI,” a new animation mode launched by Midjourney, formerly was on invite only but is now available for everyone. This new feature was launched in collaboration with Spellbrush, a game developer famous for its internet jokes.

This mode generates high-quality illustrations and anime aesthetics. As an anime-tuned model, it utilizes well-known style words differently due to its data set, and it will be familiar with diverse media references and artists. 

In – -Niji mode, English may have different modes; therefore, it understands certain Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other Asian languages. These languages are also comprehended by Google Translation functionality. 

Midjourney Niji mode was launched as an update of Version 4, and recently in April 2023, they announced another new brand update of Version 5 as Niji 5, designed explicitly for anime aesthetics. 

What does -Niji Mean?

Midjourney explained the “Niji” word when introducing this new mode to its platform.

Niji is a Japanese word that means “rainbow” or “2D”. The main purpose of introducing a new mode with this name is to specify that this version is tweaked to generate fine anime art and illustrations.

How to access Midjourney Niji Mode

To get started, you must subscribe to any Midjourney plan to access the Niji version. For that, you can check the article on how to subscribe to Midjourney.

Let’s get into the process of accessing Midjourney Niji version 4.

Tap Settings

First, type command /settings on the message area and hit enter. 

Select Niji mode

Choose Niji Mode.

After switching to Niji mode, you are ready to generate creativity. You will see in this version how diversely the Niji version generates images incorporating anime designs. 

Also, Niji 4 still needs to be updated, and many features must be fine-tuned and want upgradation. The advanced features, better prompt results, and color range are in its newly launched version Niji 5.

Let’s Explore Niji 4 Features

Niji version 4 is mainly renowned for its bright colors and rainbow features. The image quality you will get in Niji 4 differs from other versions of Midjourney; they have a new stylized feature that increases image dominance. 

Although it’s not up to mark, still in updating process, so without wasting time, let’s get into the images that Niji 4 can generate.

/imagine prompt: A girl flipping her hair, looking confident look, sipping coffee in a bar, soft lightening, poker face –niji 4

Midjourney Niji Mode

/imagine prompt: a boy and a girl standing on two different poles. One cold pole and another warm pole. In the middle, a lightning spark burns the bridges for both of them. –niji 4

/imagine prompt: futuristic city, a detective investigates a series of mysterious disappearances that lead to a shocking revelation about the nature of reality. –niji 4

/imagine prompt: eating chowmein with a chocolate bar –niji 4

/imagine prompt: man in armor all ready to fire –niji 4

You can see how Niji 4 has converted these all simple prompts into Anime designs. You can also give prompts to Niji 4 if you want to give your images the basic style of anime design.  


The Niji version is one of the most acceptable and updated versions of Midjourney that is specifically designed for anime and manga art designs. People interested in anime and wanting to develop their imaginary characters can utilize this tool more diversely than others.

Every single version of Niji is coming up with the most advanced features like styles, stylize and is expected to launch more. I hope this article assists you with accurate information and you experience enhanced Midjourney designing from this.


How do I add “anime style” to my prompt?

You can add “anime style” or “manga-style” to the end of your prompt to get more convincing results with Midjourney Niji Mode.

Can I invite Niji to my private server?

Yes, you can invite Niji to your private server and can fully generate images using it.  

How can I change the size of an image in Niji version?

You can add –aspect ratio parameter in your prompt to change the size of image you are generating. 

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