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Midjourney Limitations: The Gateway To Access 101

Every platform that offers its services and gathers a large community implies some restrictions for the serenity and safety of the app. It is as essential as building some house rules among family members because it protects the rights of an individual.

Midjourney is a rapidly developing technology and states as an open-by-default community where the generated images benefit the user. It promises to deliver a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, but the content must be strictly PG-13.

In this article, you will learn about all the Midjourney limitations and what you need to remember while using the app.

Midjourney Limitations Are Rules To Access Community 

Midjourney limitations are the guidelines presented to you when you signup for Midjourney on the website. You must know them in detail before agreeing to it.

Consideration Of Others

Don’t use offensive prompts and generate inherently disrespectful, aggressive, or abusive images. Midjourney terms and conditions abide by any kind of violence and harassment at any level. Be courteous about your behaviour and language.

No Adult Or Unpleasant Content 

You must ensure that your prompts do not include the Midjourney Banned Words. Midjourney prohibits gore or adult content. And imposes not to make visually shocking or disturbing content and make it a safe place for everyone.

Also, any cannibalism, blood, brutality (images of war, shooting, bombing), deformed bodies, severed limbs, and pestilence are strictly prohibited etc.

Moreover, Adult content is considered nudity, sexual organs, fixation on naked breasts, people in showers or on the toilets, sexual imagery, fetishes, etc.

Besides this, Any other thing that is offensive or abusive because or can be viewed as racist, homophobic, frightening, or in some way defamatory to a community. It includes offensive images of celebrities or public figures.

Reposting Others Content Is Prohibited 

You are not allowed to share or repost others’ content anywhere without their permission because the generated images are one’s asset. Furthermore there is no law of copyright on AI generated images.

You can share your generated images outside the midjourney community, but you should think about how others might view your content.

Follow The Rules And Regulations 

Midjourney hopes to respect their hard work in creating a positive and supportive community for all. They encourage you to express yourself fully and creatively, but you must know your boundaries and maintain the privacy of others.

Secondly, as I mentioned above, your generated images are an asset; you can use your art commercially. Still, the Midjourney license does not give you a copyright on the images.

Individual Usage 

Midjourney accounts for individual use, and users may maintain only one account at a time. Midjourney does not deliver an API to access the bot through third-party apps or writings, and automated interactions with the Midjourney Bot are strictly unallowed.


Facilitating users and maintaining peace at the same time is a tough job. If you know your limitations, you can make the most out of Midjourney AI. 

If you still have any queries left, feel free to email us at: [email protected]


Where do the Midjourney rules apply to?

Midjourney rules apply to all content, including images made in private servers, using Private Mode, and in direct messages with the Midjourney Bot. 

What are the consequences of violating Midjourney rules?

Suppose you repeatedly violate the terms of services of Midjourney. In that case, you may be cautioned by a community moderator, given a break from accessing the Midjourney bot, or they will block you from using the service.

Does Midjourney free have the same limitations? 

The free trial program was initially free to use with a 25-image limit. As of April 2023, you are required to subscribe to a paid plan to access Midjourney.



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