Midjourney License: A Legitimate Guide to Proper Commercial Use

Midjourney License

You might be an emerging artist trying to navigate the murky realm of trademarks and designs but need clarification on the complexity of licensing. No worries.

You don’t have to look further! Here we are back with a detailed post covering all the License policies and rights of How to use Midjourney for Business, which Banned Words in Midjourney AI you should avoid, digging into the critical points you must know as its subscriber.

Understanding the Midjourney License is important regarding the type of content you generate through Midjourney. You must also know about the Midjourney copyright to use the images outside of personal use.  

Let’s overview the Midjourney License.

What is Midjourney License?

The Midjourney license is an agreement between Midjourney and the user to accept the terms and conditions of Midjourney for generating content. It’s a bit tricky as it still needs to be reviewed and revised in other countries where Midjourney has access. 

The agreement of Midjourney and the User when he accepts its terms and conditions to produce content, either images or videos, is stated as the Midjourney license.

The Midjourney license offers you specific rights and limits your ability to utilize these assets.

Types of Midjourney Licenses for Users

“Your membership plan determines the kind of Midjourney license you acquire.”

Midjourney, based on monthly subscriptions, made three subscription plans, which are a basic plan that costs you minimum charges, then comes to the standard plan, and the Pro plan that contains extra features.

Every plan of Midjourney has different subscription costs, allotted fast GPU hours, and queued jobs. 

You can compare all the subscription charges and offered features in this plan. At first, you are given a free trial with only 0.4 hr/lifetime; afterward, your free trials end. 

Also, the images you have generated as a freebie will be used according to Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International Licence, which doesn’t allow you to use your content commercially. 

Now for every paid plan of MIdjourney, you can visit the Midjourney for more information.

To explore Midjourney to its fullest, you must visit How to Subscribe to Midjourney to subscribe to any Midjourney plan.

In the same way, you can subscribe at any time; you may also cancel your Midjourney subscription at any time.

Terms and Conditions for Each Midjourney License

The terms and conditions of the Midjourney license will outline its rights and limits. Every plan is only allowed to use by a single user. They can’t share their account with any other person.

Similarly, each plan for the Midjourney license is proposed with different fast GPU minutes as basic plan subscribers are currently offered 3.3 hr/month and standard plan subscribers with 15 hrs/month. In contrast, pro subscribers will be provided 30 hr/month.

You can buy more fast hours if you run out of the provided fast GPU hours. The amount for purchasing fast hours is the same for every subscriber currently.

Although Pro plan subscribers are only offered some different and unique features, as they can unpublish their content in bulk, they are provided with Midjourney stealth mode, and their jobs queues are also more than any other subscribed users.

Can Midjourney Images be Used for Commercial Purposes?

The users of free members can use their content according to Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International Licence, which doesn’t allow you to use your content commercially.

Although, free tier users can use their content for non-commercial purposes, which doesn’t generate revenue. Non-commercial purposes also include using the content for personal and educational work. 

Moreover, if you subscribe to any Midjourney plan, you can use any content commercially for any business goal. 

You can use your content in any form, from marketing your business, or build a brand, targeting customers, and increasing sales. 

Using Midjourney’s developed photos for business can bring value to your company, but it’s critical to keep to the terms and conditions to prevent legal complications.

Will Midjourney Terminate License on Using Banned Words?

Midjourney, like other AI image generator tools, makes its content PG-13. It doesn’t allow the users to use any word in the prompt that is against the community standards. You can get access to all the Banned words in Midjourney AI to avoid any inconvenience.

Moreover, any word that Midjourney might find inconsiderate, argumentative, and abusive will be blocked from the site. Tolerance regarding the harassment over content and violence on the site will not be entertained.

Midjourney will block the prompts that might generate disturbing images based on your input. Also, no gore and NSFW content can be generated through Midjourney. 


The legal ownership of images created by any AI art generator continues to be a source of debate. According to some, the AI deserves to be treated as the creator and owner of the content since it developed the image.


What is the policy of MJ to terminate someone’s license?

Midjourney will terminate someone’s license if the user violates the Midjourney community guidelines. Any abusive, adult, gore, or NSFW content users will be blocked from the Midjourney platform.

What is meant by Gore’s content on Midjourney?

Images of cannibalism, blood, violence (such as shooting or bombing scenes), malformed bodies, amputated limbs, plague, and other gory scenes are included in the term “gore.”

What’s NSFW or Adult Content?

Content that is found in fetishes, sexual images, persons in showers or on toilets, bare breasts, sexual organs, and other such things is NSFW content. 

Also, you can’t generate any content that is homophobic, racist, and derograte the community standards. Any offensive and adult content must be avoided to generate as it might lead to your account suspension.

Midjourney License


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