Midjourney GPU Minutes All You Need To Know

GPU Minutes

If you have been generating images on Midjourney and enjoying its subscription, you must be running out of your Midjourney GPU minutes and wondering where to get a top-up and how many are left. Which Midjourney subscription plan will give you more Midjourney GPU minutes?  

Midjourney is a paid text-to-image AI tool that generates images according to your prompt and consumes Fast GPU minutes. You can add Midjourney parameters with a range of different commands. You can also get more GPU minutes when you run out of them.

This article will give you all the information about Midjourney GPU hours and also guide you on when and how to switch between fast and relaxed modes to continue your remarkable Midjourney.

What are Midjourney GPU Minutes?

GPUs are Graphics Processing Units. Midjourney GPUs process your prompts and generate the image. When you subscribe to a Midjourney plan, you purchase the Midjourney GPU minutes. 

You use your subscription’s GPU time each time you generate an image.

Which Midjourney Subscription Plan is Best for Good GPU Response Time?

Midjourney is no longer free. Now, It offers four subscription plans with monthly and yearly payments. Each subscription plan offers different Fast Midjourney GPU hours. 

Midjourney offers a 20% discount if you pay annually.

You can subscribe to any Midjourney plan using the Midjourney /subscribe command. 

Good GPU Response Time

The Pro Plan is the best for users, charging $48 monthly if you pay annually. It provides all the features of mega and standard plans with accurate, fast GPU time and unlimited relaxed GPU time.  

This package offers 30 hours of Fast GPU time and unlimited Relaxed GPU hours per month, with around 1000 actions.  

How Much Will Midjourney GPU Time per Image Cost?

The Midjourney bot will take about one minute of GPU minutes to generate an image by processing a prompt. You can generate 60 photos in 1 hour using the fast GPU minutes.

Moreover, you can generate unlimited images on relaxed GPU time on Midjourney.

Midjourney GPU Minutes

You can understand the Midjourney GPU usage by the image. The significant job type like variations, default aspect ratio (1:1), low quality and stop parameter consumes low GPU time.

The Midjourney upscaling of images with unusual aspect ratios and older versions consumes more GPU time per image. 

Similarly, the widely used /imagine command, default quality, and stop parameter consume one minute per image for a generation. 

How to Switch to Relax Mode in Midjourney?

You can switch from the Midjourney fast and turbo mode to relax mode when running off the fast GPU minutes using the Midjourney /relax command. 

There are three ways to switch from fast and turbo mode to relax mode.

Relax Mode

Type the “/settings” command in Midjourney prompt box and hit Enter. Then select the relax mode from the menu.

Switch to Relax Mode in Midjourney

Relax Command

You can also switch to relax mode by using /relax command in the chatbot.

Relax Command Midjourney

Relax Parameter

You can also use the –relax parameter at the end of your prompt to perform a single job instead of changing all settings.

Midjourney Relax Parameter

How to Get Fast Hours in Midjourney?

If your Midjourney GPU time exceeds and you want to buy more Midjourney GPU hours, you can buy additional Fast GPU hours for $4/hr.

Fact: These fast GPU hours do not expire, but you must have an active subscription plan to use them.

You can check your Midjourney fast time remaining using the Midjourney /info command at the prompt box.

Check out the article to earn Midjourney free fast hours using a quick and easy hack. 

How to Find Midjourney Fast Time Remaining Over 100?

You can get complete Midjourney account information using the Midjourney “/info” command. Midjourney gives information about your ID, such as your subscription plan, visibility mode, the number of running and queued jobs, etc.

You can also get details of the remaining GPU minutes on Midjourney using the /info command. 

Midjourney Remianing Fast Hours

The Midjourney bot will give you all the details about your Fast and relaxed GPU minutes. 

Fast and relaxed GPU minutes


By using Midjourney and practising a few times, you will figure out how you can take the most out of your GPU minutes. And how it helps generate an image quickly, consuming fewer Midjourney GPU minutes.

You can save the overall Midjourney lifetime usage by using the relaxed GPU hours. Now that you know GPUs, I hope this article helps you select the best subscription plan for your Midjourney to continue generating mind-blowing images. 


How to get the most out of your GPU Minutes?

As GPU minutes are expensive to buy, here are a few tricks to save your GPU minutes.
Use your prompts’ low “quality parameter” value to get your results x4 times.
However, the picture will not be great when you expand it, but you can refine it afterwards. This hack is great for experimenting unless you get your final image to refine.
Use the “/settings” command to get the options of adjusting style, quality, and upscaling settings. But remember that you cannot access all the settings as they are locked behind the subscription plans.

What GPU does Midjourney use?

Midjourney has partnered with Google Cloud’s GPU virtual machines, which NVIDIA GPUs power, to display the created photos on the servers at an astoundingly fast rate.

What is the difference between a Midjourney relax mode and a Midjourney fast mode?

Relax mode is a slower way of generating images, but it’s usually more than enough for most of your job. The fast mode is needed to speed up your image generation process and upscale an image.


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