Midjourney Copyright: The Best Fool-Proof Overview

Midjourney Copyright

Midjourney allows you to generate amazing art with just a few texts. All your thoughts and ideas are converted into insane art, but you might be curious about protecting your original content and ensuring it belongs to you.

Providing amazing content comes with the responsibility of protecting users’ privacy. You will be given a detailed tour of the Midjourney copyright and how it works for different subscribers that are offered with the Midjourney License.

You can overview the Banned words in Midjourney AI for better app usage to avoid inconvenience.

Let’s discuss the Midjourney copyright so you can enjoy the effortless journey of image generation. 

What is Midjourney Copyright?

Copyright itself is a delicate term, but when it’s about the images generated by the Midjourney art generator, it gets more confusing because of the legal rights issue from its owner. 

Who’s the owner? You, a content creator, or Midjourney, an art generator.

Midjourney states all its copyright policies in section 4 of its terms and conditions.

This art generator refers to its subscriber as a customer paying for one of its plans because, in the initial stages, Midjourney was free for everyone. Now, they have three subscription plans for which they have copyright policies.

First, we will discuss the rights that you give to Midjourney.

Rights You Grant to Midjourney

When you subscribe to any of Midjourney’s plans, you give Midjourney a mutual, open-source, universal right to use, modify, publish, and translate any input and output you enter into its software. 

You also grant access to create any secondary work, perform content, and display the content you create using Midjourney.

Therefore Midjourney can use your content in any form, but yes, they restrict themselves in that they will not use that content for 

  • Improving their AI models
  • Marketing their products and services
  • Licensing your content to third parties

These rights mean you can claim your content if you found Midjourney using it for any of these points mentioned. 

Now let’s move to your rights.

Rights Midjourney Grant You

So there is a statement in the user’s rights that “you own any assets created using the Midjourney services, according to the mentioned license.”

This statement means only one can use your content or images if they credit you for your content on their platform.

Users on Midjourney are allowed to use your photos. They can even remix your images and prompts according to their desired image, as Midjourney is an open community. These rights exclude upscaling images.

If you wish to conceal or save your content privately, you must first purchase a Midjourney pro plan, as it surpasses some public sharing rules.

Midjourney also gives you copyright ownership even if you cancel your subscription in the working month.

Midjourney Copyrights for Employers

Wondering How to use Midjourney for Business? Midjourney has grown so much that even its users have started selling their images and using them for their businesses.

In that case, Midjourney made a statement for employers and passed a condition that they must subscribe to their pro plan at a certain level.

Suppose you are using images generated from Midjourney for your business, and you are the employee or owner of a company whose annual gross revenue is more than USD 1,000,000. Then it’s a must condition for you to subscribe to MIdjourney’s Pro plan.

If you don’t go for the Pro plan of Midjourney when you’re generating an annual revenue of $1,000,000 from it, then Midjourney will surrender your account, and you will lose the copyright for your assets.

Midjourney Copyrights for Free Users

Initially, Midjourney was a free platform for everyone, but it started charging for its platform. If you are a subscriber, then you will be issued a license.

You can use these images as long as you are a paid member or have a trial subscription; otherwise, you will receive a Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International Licence, which prevents you from reselling or otherwise profiting from the images.

How Midjourney Images are Copyrighted in the United States

According to US copyright regulations, the images generated by Midjourney are not copyrighted. They are not humanly generated but the product of AI software that uses its algorithm to generate them on user’s commands.

When there are no copyrights on Midjourney images, then those images will be allowed to use by anyone. The users can share, remix, and modify the image.

But, if someone generates an image influenced by someone, like any painting or design, the original owner has the right to issue a copyright against that artificially generated image. 

Similarly, if someone uses your generated image for commercial purposes, you can enforce copyright claims against that commercial business.

Implications of Midjourney Copyright for Commercial purpose

The copyright implications of using Midjourney images for commercial purpose depends on the kind of image and its commercial usage.

Usually, the law of copyright protects the content of its creator, but if it’s AI-generated art, then there’s complexity. In the above-mentioned policies, anyone can use, share and remix your photos. 

Still, if someone uses them for its business, either for market growth or any other purpose, you can copyright claim to that usage.

If someone wants to use your image, they have to get permission from you, as Midjourney does not grant permission to use someone else content commercially. Midjourney, on the other hand, retains ownership of any images generated on its website.

For paying subscribers, Midjourney grants them to use their own generated content for commercial purposes, but they have to comply with the conditions:

  1. Used content should not be someone else unless you have permission
  2. Used content should not be unlawful, defamatory, violating and harmful to other rights

Midjourney Copyright laws vary from country to country. If someone is still unsure of the copyright laws for Midjourney-generated content, they must deal with their attorney to better understand their country’s copyright policies. 


Hope this article sums up the Copyright policies of Midjourney-generated content. The terms and restrictions that apply to your usage of Midjourney must be understood, especially if you want to utilize any content for commercial purposes.

Moreover, there is a long debate on copyright policies of AI-generated art, as some refer to it as machine art and some as human-generated art.

Whatever side you fall on, it’s important to remember that Copyright law is constantly evolving, so it’s always best to consult a lawyer before using any copyrighted material.


What are the limitations of using Midjourney Commercially?

Midjourney limitations related to commercial use are not specified anywhere. Still, if you comply with U.S. laws, the Midjourney license does not give you a copyright on the images. 

If there are any issues with copyright in another country, they have to comply with their country’s laws and policies.

What are the terms of service for Midjourney?

Midjourney states that a user owns all assets he creates on the platform. Users have the license to utilize that content for its commercial purpose. 

The terms and services also state that Midjourney will take down the content if they find out that the user content doesn’t belong to the user and is being used without permission from its original owner.

What is the policy of MJ to terminate someone’s license?

Midjourney will terminate someone’s license if the user violates the Midjourney community guidelines. Any abusive, adult, gore, or NSFW content users will be blocked from the Midjourney platform.

Midjourney Copyright


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