Midjourney Avant Garde Art Style Prompts By Yoko Ono 

Yoko Ono Midjourney

Being an artist, you must have heard about Avant-garde, an aesthetically innovative style of art that scientists use to create art pieces.

People have used Midjourney to create fantasy in the form of images, and many have been using it commercially.

Sometimes, it may cause extra randomness in the image that its original effect is lost. Do not worry; Midjourney seeds can create specific and consistent results per your prompt.

Get a full guide of the Midjourney banned words to avoid them. If you use any of them, it might stop your whole action.

Midjourney Avant Garde Art Style Prompts By Yoko Ono 

We found her art pieces interesting, so our team tested a few prompts in Yoko Ono’s Style using different Midjourney versions.

Let’s check it.

Midjourney Avant-garde Architecture Style Prompt 

Prompt: architectural scene in Yoko Ono style, a monochrome green dominated by shades of gold and deep purple, an atmosphere of enigmatic allure and sophistication, using a ray tracing rendering engine to achieve lifelike reflections and lighting

Midjourney Avant Garde Art Style Prompts By Yoko Ono 

Midjourney Avant-garde Painting Style Prompt 

Prompt: An avant-garde representation in the style of Yoko Ono, big walls, yellow boat painting, fragmented shapes, bold lines of monochromatic color, surreal environment, floating objects, mixture of whimsy and contemplation.

Midjourney Avant-garde Painting Style Prompt 

Midourney Avant-garde Fashion Style Prompt 

Prompt: Channeling Yoko Ono’s avant-garde fashion style, a model wearing an ensemble crafted from unconventional materials, a futuristic urban environment, an atmosphere of innovation and futurism, showcasing the natural environment.

Midourney Avant-garde Fashion Style Prompt 

About Yoko Ono

Japanese artist “Yoko Ono” born in 1933 in Tokyo. In 1969, she married John Lennon, a singer and songwriter. She was a lady with multiple talents and had 90 years of life. 

Be it art, singing, or being a peace activist, she had all these guts simultaneously.

Renowned Japanese multimedia artist laid the foundation of novelty in art by adding performance art to the art genre. Moreover, she had a strong grip on different genres, including experimental, rock, pop, abstract, and Avant-garde art.


Avant-garde, the modern art style, greatly impacted society, causing every artist to worry about it.

Get a complete guide on creating inspiring prompts by making unique combos of different artists like Yoko Ono and more.

High or subtle variations in Midjourney allow users to vary images in their desired way. So get yourself expertise in abstract art through the use of Midjourney. 


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