Midjourney Avant-Garde Art Style Prompts by Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp Midjourney

Art!! If you think art is just a design that people usually draw in their free time, buddy, you have yet to learn what art is all about. Art expresses people, emotions, thoughts, behavior, and everything you can think about.

But, with the upcoming AI technology, the art world and its artists have been transformed. Like Midjourney, Bluewillow AI is in the market to compete in the digital art era.

Avant-garde art is innovative art with no boundaries. The artist can experiment with their max skill through this art. 

Experimenting with Midjourney, we came up with a solution that, using the Midjourney code list, you can achieve the best out of Avant-garde art. So, let’s try some prompts using Marcel Duchamp’s art inspiration.

Midjourney Avant-Garde Art Style Prompts by Marcel Duchamp

This article shows how Marcel Duchamp’s Avant-garde art style is created with various prompts and contrasted with multiple Midjourney versions.

Midjourney Avant-garde Painting Style Prompt 

Prompt: An unconventional avant-garde portrait in the style of Marcel Duchamp, fragmented features and surreal distortions, hints of mechanical elements, vibrant colours with grayscale tones, disorientation, yet intriguing visual experience.

Midjourney Avant-Garde Art Style Prompts by Marcel Duchamp

Midjourney Avant-garde Architecture Style Prompt

Prompt: Architectural design in the avant-garde art movement, inspired by Marcel Duchamp, geometric shapes suspended in mid-floor, an urban skyline at twilight, mystery and intellectual curiosity, metal and glass construction.

Midjourney Avant-garde Architecture Style Prompt

Midjourney Avant-garde Fashion Style Prompt

Prompt: outfit in the Avant Garde style, designed by Marcel Duchamp, models adorned in unconventional outfits made of repurposed materials, walking down a mirrored runway, wide-angle photography. 

Midjourney Avant-garde Fashion Style Prompt

About Marcel Duchamp

French painter Marcel Duchamp was born on 28 July 1887. Duchamp was a visionary artist whose name echoes throughout history and stands as a trailblazer in Avant-garde art designs. 

He was fearless in his experimentation and disregard for rules; his works challenged conventional art ideas. Duchamp broke the border between art and everyday things. His influence on modern art is still evident today and is unbeatable.


Marcel Duchamp is a big name in Avant-garde aesthetics that still fascinates today’s artists. His continuous experimentation and ignoring social norms forever changed the natural world of modern art. 

With the help of innovative AI tools like Midjourney, we have explored the limitless possibilities of creating Avant-garde art through simple prompts.

Drawing from our experience, we have witnessed how Midjourney’s models allow artists to generate creative art.


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