Midjourney Avant-Garde Art Style Prompts by David Burliuk 

About David Burliuk Midjourney

You must be aware that art has no boundaries; for artists, its canvas is almost everything. For the artist, their imagination is as vast as the color palette. So, if you want to express your inner artist, start with digital art.

The Midjourney styles will be your most significant game-changer in generating art. Moreover, if you feel it’s costly, you must learn how to cancel the Midjourney subscription.

Let’s experience a new art style, Avant-garde. Avant-garde is not that traditional art design, but let’s see how Midourney sees it and generates it for the artist’s reference.

Midjourney Avant-Garde Art Style Prompts by David Burliuk 

We used the Midjourney AI to create unique avant-garde art designs inspired and designed by David Burliuk. The following prompts and generated art are based on our firsthand digital art experience.

Midjourney Avant-garde Painting Style Prompt 

Prompt: Painting designed on canvas, alive with frenetic energy, Avant-garde painting, swirling shapes, visual chaos with colliding colors, dynamic modern art, art inspired by David Burliuk, sense of urgency and transformation.

Midjourney Avant-Garde Art Style Prompts by David Burliuk 

Midjourney Avant-garde Architecture Style Prompt

Prompt: structure building, Avant-garde architecture, sharp asymmetrical structure, a fusion of urban and natural elements, building nestled within organic shapes and materials, futuristic approach, vibrant colors, in the style of David Burliuk’s innovative art.

Midjourney Avant-garde Architecture Style Prompt

Midjourney Avant-garde Fashion Style Prompt

Prompt: The model is wearing an Avant-garde outfit, fabric with bold geometric patterns, and an outfit in solid color. The model is wearing traditional accessories, standing in front of a graffiti wall, modern design, and an atmosphere of fierce rebellion; the model is wearing an outfit inspired by David Burliuk’s art. 

Midjourney Avant-garde Fashion Style Prompt

About David Burliuk 

David Burliuk is a pioneer in the world of Avant-garde art. His legacy serves as proof of creative innovation, and his daring contributions also impact modern artists. 

In addition, he was recognized as the Father of Russian Futurism because of his futuristic approach toward art. He belongs to Ukraine, and apart from being an artist, he was a renowned poet, too. 


In our creative journey of trying Avant-garde art through Midjourney AI, we have found masterpieces with just a few art prompt that contains the essence of Burliuk’s innovative style. 

His legacy in Avant-garde art inspires modern artists, and with Midjourney’s tools, you can explore your creative potential.


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