Midjourney Abstract Art Styles Prompts by Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin

Everything in this world is an art, from the most abstract to the plain things. Art is everywhere in different forms and types.

As for abstract art, you can’t deny it. It can give you an emotional, relaxed, sophisticated, refreshing, harmonic, and extravagant aura.

For you to be amused, the Midjourney system gets updated with artists’ styles and inspirations, which you can access through the Midjourney code list. So, let’s get into abstract art with pencil lines and grids as per the artist’s inspiration.

Midjourney Abstract Art Styles Prompts by Agnes Martin

When we trialed some prompts on midjourney being impressed by Agnes Martin’s prettiest art styles.

We got mind blowing images by using different versions with the same prompt.

Let’s have a look at it!!!

Midjourney Abstract Action Painting Style Prompt

Prompt: An evocative abstract action paint style art piece influenced by Agnis Martin’s style, showcasing delicate lines in Dichromatic colors purple and blue that create a horrible tree. Watercolor painting on textured paper

Midjourney Abstract Art Styles Prompts by Agnes Martin

Midjourney Abstract Color Field Painting Style Prompt

Prompt: abstract art color field style painting in the style of Agnes Martin, featuring a girl playing with toys, the minimalist composition of intersecting geometric shapes in bold monochromatic color against a pristine white background, playful energy, Illustration, digital vector art.

Midjourney Abstract Color Field Painting Style Prompt

Abstract Art Cubism Expressionism Style Prompt 

Prompt: An abstract cubism expressionism artwork reminiscent of Agnes Martin, featuring fragmented geometric shapes in vibrant pastel colors, evoking a feeling of playful energy and curiosity showcasing subtle variations of white on white, as if exploring a world of interconnected puzzle pieces, Illustration, digital art

Abstract Art Cubism Expressionism Style Prompt 

About Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin was born in Macklin, Canada in 1912. His full name was Agnis Bernice Martin and studied from teachers college and Columbia university.

Agnes Martin is famous for his great art in painting grids and pencil work. He was an artist of fantasy who usually carved emotions in the form of grids and colorful bands of square canvas and leather, therefore known as Painter of Grids. 


Your prompts would be so much fun and create the best images if you avoided Midjourney banned words in your prompt.

All these art styles by Agnes Martin have some special charm in it. Ai tools like Midjourney add to this charm more by making unique art combinations in Martin’s style.

Use Subtle or high variation modes to add more to these mysteries.


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