Midjourney Abstract Art Style Prompts By Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder Midjourney

When it comes to abstract art, we all are artists. As is usually said, abstract art is independent of the literal meaning.

Learn how to use reference photos in Midjourney; you can generate many art pieces without actually entering the long prompts. All you need to do is to balance image weights when using image prompts.

You can also use the innovative Midjourney commands like describe and shorten to improve your art generations. 

Midjourney Abstract Art Style Prompts By Alexander Calder

Let’s look at some of the prettiest Midjourney prompts in Alexander Calder’s art style.

I created these art pieces based on my first-hand experience on Midjourney.

Midjourney Abstract Action Painting Style Prompt 

Prompt: An artwork of action painting, an abstract exhibition scene set within Alexander Calder-inspired art, large metal sculptures hanging from the ceiling, showing asymmetrical Mobile elements, intriguing shadows on the walls, visitors, movement and balance, wonderful atmosphere, wide-angle photography.

Midjourney Abstract Art Style Prompts By Alexander Calder

Midjourney Abstract Colour Field Painting Style Prompt 

Prompt: Color Field composition by Alexander Calder, featuring a large canvas of feminine art dominated by a vibrant and intense shade of orange and purple, extending to the edges with a sense of boundless energy, subtle variations in hue and tone creating a dynamic visual experience, Artwork, acrylic paint on canvas

Midjourney Abstract Colour Field Painting Style Prompt 

Midjourney Abstract Cubism Expressionism Style Prompt 

Prompt: Abstract artwork, dynamic shapes, intersecting and overlapping, muted and earthy colors, fragmented forms, and contemplative sense of painting evoke disconnectedness and isolation in the style of Alexander Calder.

About Alexander Calder

Renowned artist Alexander Calder was an American artist born in 1976 and contributed majorly to that era’s American sculpture art.

Alexander Calder was famous for his mobile sculptures and static stabiles and strongly believed in no judgment and analyzing of his art. 

He often said that Theories maybe all very well for the artist himself, but they should not be broadcast to other people.


Get expertise in various aspects of Alexander Calder’s abstract art style with the help of Midjourney prompts.

Use unique and inspiring combos in your prompt to get fantastic and extravagant results in your abstract art pieces.

Variate your images further if you dislike the outcome using the Midjourney Variation buttons. 


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