Metropcs Apn Hack Unlimited Data Best Settings


If you want to improve your internet speed with MetroPCS, you have landed in the right place. This article gives you the best MetroPCS Hack unlimited data settings for your Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. 

Known as Metro By T-Mobile, MetroPCS provides quality internet services to customers. To enhance the connectivity, we will provide you with the fastest MetroPCS internet settings. By applying these configurations, you can speed up your data.

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Metropcs Apn Hack Unlimited Data

In this guide, we not only explore the MetroPCS APN settings but also delve into MetroPCS MMS settings. 

Based on my firsthand insights! You can elevate your internet speed & connectivity across iPhone, Android, or Windows with the provided MetroPCS APN settings below. My tried-and-tested hacks guarantee improved connectivity for all devices. Also, do not forget to restart your phone after doing the setup.

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New Settings Of MetroPCS APN For iPhone (iOS):

  • Access Point Name (APN):
  • UserId and Passcode: Not applicable
  • MMSC:
  • The Proxy of MMS: Not applicable
  • The Maximum Size of Message for MMS: 1048576
  • Profile URL for MMS User Agent:

How To Set On iPhone

  1. Turn off your mobile data.
  2. Navigate to Cellular Data Options and then open Data Options.
  3. Input the APN details in the Cellular Data & MMS section.
  4. Save the new APN iPhone settings.
  5. Turn off and then turn on your iPhone.
Metropcs Apn Hack Unlimited Data

New Settings Of MetroPCS APN for Android:

  • Network Name: Metro By T-Mobile or MetroPCS Network
  • Network Access Point (APN):
  • No need to enter anything in the Proxy or Port option
  • Keep UserID and Passcode empty
  • The County Code of Mobile: 310
  • The Code of Mobile Network: 16 or 260
  • Authentication Type: Default
  • Network Access Point (APN) Types: Default, supl, MMS
  • Access Point Name (APN) Protocol: IPV4

How To Set On an Android Phone

  1. Open your Android phone’s settings.
  2. Navigate to Mobile Networks and then open Access Point Names.
  3. Create a new internet setting.
  4. Input the provided APN details.
  5. Save the new Metro By T-Mobile setting.
  6. Turn off and then turn on your Android phone.

New Settings Of MetroPCS APN For Windows

  • Profile Name: Metro By T-Mobile/ MetroPCS
  • Access Point Name (APN):
  • UserId and Passcode: Not applicable
  • Info Of Sign-In Type: Not applicable
  • IP Type: IPV4
  • Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC):
  • Max Size Of Message for MMS: 2048 KB

Setting This On Windows Phone

  1. Open your Windows Settings.
  2. Navigate to Network & Wireless and then go to Cellular & SIM.
  3. Select the Metro By T-Mobile network.
  4. Open the properties option and click on Add an Internal APN.
  5. Enter the APN details and save.
  6. Turn on the option called: Used This APN For LTE & Replace The One From My Mobile.
  7. Return to Properties and then click to Add an MMS APN.
  8. Input the MMS setting details.
  9. Apply the new setting.
  10. Power off and on your Windows phone.


So, there you have it – the key to unlocking a smoother, faster online experience with our Metropcs Apn Hack Unlimited Data settings. By optimizing your APN settings, you are not just getting quicker downloads and uploads, but you are also entering into a world where streaming is seamless without any delay.

Stay connected effortlessly and enjoy a stable and reliable internet connection. It is like giving your digital life a boost. So, why wait? Try out our Metropcs Apn Hack Unlimited Data settings and experience the internet like never before!


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