Picking the Best: Leonardo AI vs Starry AI?

Leonardo AI vs Starry AI

These days, it feels like every other person is using AI tools to create stunning art, as it has made it easy for us. With only a few clicks, you can turn your ideas into masterpieces and instantly become an artist.

Between these two AI image generators, it’s like trying to pick the brighter star in the twilight. Leonardo is that bright star that will make you awe if you choose it for image generations.

Now, Let’s get to know both AI image generators and discover which one aligns best with your needs.

Quick Peek of Leonardo AI vs Starry AI

Leonardo.Ai is popularly known for gaming and outstanding image generation features. It has a free AI image generator, Canvas, and prompt generator, from which you can make top-notch visuals.

On the other hand, Starry AI is also a free AI image generator that allows you to create your breathtaking visuals in just a few easy taps. You just simply type in a text prompt, and it crafts beautiful images based on your words. 

Let’s discuss its features and decide which one is worth investing the time and money on.

Head-to-Head Features of Leonardo and Starry AI

Leonardo Ai and Starry Ai, both tools, are all-in-one packages with a variety of features. Think of it like a high-tech car loaded with advanced functionalities and features to make your journey a memorable one. 

Let’s explore what’s under the hood 

1. Pricing Plans

Leonardo vs Starry AI Pricing Plans are similar. Initially, both are offered with free versions with a limited number of image generations.

For Free Tiers:

Unlike Starry AI, Leonardo AI offers you 150 tokens each day. Here, you can decide how many images you’d like at once. Normally, each image costs 2 tokens on basic image generation.

Whereas Starry Ai on the free version offers 5 credits daily, which you need to claim on a daily basis.

For Paid Version:

Leonardo has three paid versions, from $10 to $48. Each plan offers special features and unlimited image generation.

For Paid Version

However, Starry Ai has two systems. If you want to continue the free version with credits, you can buy credits separately without a subscription. But if you want a Starry AI subscription, you can get it in the range of 9-64 USD. 

Starry AI subscription

2. AI Models

Leonardo vs. Starry AI Image Generation has different models trained on specific image ideas. In Leonardo AI image generation, you are offered different model pipelines. Leonardo Alchemy, Prompt Magic, and Photoreal are the best ones you can try on.

Leonardo vs. Starry AI Image Generation

Starry AI has four models of AI image generation, which are Art, Photos, Illustrations, and Styles. You can also add your styles to generate images of your standard. 

Leonardo AI vs Starry AI

3. Styles

If I talk about the Leonardo vs Starry AI Styles, Leonardo leads in it. It offers the styles in ALchemy mode and Photoreal. Moreover, you can add style in the form of choosing Leonardo Finetuned Models

Leonardo vs Starry AI Styles

Starry AI also has styles with each model, but they need to be trained to give realistic results compared to Leonardo AI.

Starry AI

4. Prompt Generation

Leonardo vs. Starry AI Prompt Generation has a basic difference. Leonardo offers you a prompt generation feature in which you just have to enter a specific keyword, and it will generate different prompts for you to try on the platform.

Prompt Generation

Whereas Starry AI lacks the feature of Prompt Generation.

5. Image Prompting

The leading feature in both the platforms, Leonardo and Starry AI, has an image prompt. What you need to do in Leonardo AI is to add your reference image with a prompt you want your image to like. 

One plus feature in the form of an image prompt in Leonardo AI is an image-to-image feature. It works similarly to an image prompt with a few extra changes and transitions. 

Image Prompting

Starry AI also has an image prompting feature in the name of “Start Image.” You have to enter your image and add the prompt as you enter in Leonardo AI. Moreover, you can edit your image prompt within the app.

Starry AI2

6. Text Prompting

Where the Leonardo text prompts are like other AI tools, Starry AI offers you the prompt-building option.

The prompt-building feature allows you to customize your prompt according to the options given to you. From the style of subject, pose, material, and medium of the image, it offers you a complete prompt building facility.

Text Prompting

Add on Features in Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is making advancements in its app every coming day. Every new day, a new feature gets launched, which increases the curiosity of its users.

1. ControlNet

ControlNet in Leonardo works when you have provided an image prompt. You have to provide the ap an image and a text prompt. The ControlNet will transform that image into that text prompt design.

Like a Nike logo in a Japanese building form.

2. Tiling 

Tiling is used for creating the same or repeated pattern images over and over again, like a print of cloth, wall, and background. 

3. Elements

Elements is the newly launched feature in Leonardo in which specific art styles are being introduced. If you want to generate the architecture in baroque style, you can directly select the element rather than adding the baroque art style to your prompt.

Leonardo vs. Starry AI – Same Prompt, Different Results

Let’s try both apps and see what these images can make with the same prompts.

Branding and Design 

Prompt:  An Elegant Logo Blending Modern Design With Vintage Flair, Symbolizing The Cosmetic Company’s Commitment To Luxury And Innovation 


Product Packaging 

Prompt:  Minimalist And Eco-Friendly Facewash Packaging, With Clear Labels Showcasing Its Promise Of Radiant Skin.

Nature and Landscape Photography.

Prompt:  A Lone Boat Drifts On The Ocean, Silhouetted Against A Fiery Sunset, Capturing A Fleeting Moment Of Nature’s Majesty.

Historical or Fantasy Imagery

Prompt:  At Midnight, An Old-Fashioned Horse Cart Halts On A Stone Bridge. The Horse, Luminous Under The Moon’s Gaze, Breathes In The Cool Air. Water Murmurs Below. Stars Twinkle Overhead. Capture This Tranquil Moment.

Which one is Easier to Use?

If you are a  newcomer, it can be overwhelming for you to generate a perfect image from Leonardo.ai due to its variety of functions and features. 

On the other hand, Starry AI offers a more user-friendly experience because it has limited features, which makes it very easy to use for beginners.

1. Speedy Image Generation

With a good internet connection, you’ll find Leonardo.ai to be lightning-fast. It can produce an image in about 5 to 6 seconds. 

In comparison, Starry AI often requires a bit more patience; occasionally, it keeps you in suspense for a minute or even longer to produce an image.

2. Complimentary Credits

Every day, with Leonardo, you’re handed 150 free credits; each simple image setting costs 2 tokens,  which means that you’ve got the power to craft at least 75 different unique images. 

Now, let’s flip over to Starry AI. You get a neat little bundle of 5 tokens daily. In comparison, each generation uses up just 1 token and gifts you with 5 images in one go. This means that You can only generate 25 images daily, but there will only be 5 different designs.   

It depends on where you would like to splash your creativity. 

Based on my personal experience, being a beginner, you should start AI image generation from Starry AI. But if you are good at prompt engineering and have confidence in your creativity, go over Leonardo and explore the world of art. 


Leonardo.AI and Starry AI, both of the platforms are so surprising that it will leave you confused about which one to choose. At the same time, the images generated by both are undeniably stunning, with a subtle difference.

Leonardo is the platform where you will get a lot of features, but the crucial thing is that you should know the art of using it. It has speedy delivery of a few seconds and provides 150 free tokens daily. 

On the flip side, Starry AI offers a more classical and user-friendly approach. It simplifies the image generation process.


Does Leonardo generate images faster than Starry AI? 

Leonardo.ai is quicker at generating images than Starry AI, which can sometimes take over a minute to generate images.

When can we collect free tokens in Starry AI?

You receive 5 complimentary tokens every day at 5:00 AM. If you want urgency in image generation, you can buy credits from the platform.


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