Raise the Quality of Images by the Magic of Leonardo AI Upscale


Have you ever considered upscaling the images without affecting their quality then this article will lead you to a game-changing solution.

Leonardo ai upscale allows you to expand your photographs while keeping their quality. Whether you’re working with images, illustrations, or even anime-inspired artwork, using the upscale is designed to improve your artwork’s quality significantly. 

The method is the same whether you choose an already generated picture from the AI Image Generation or create by choosing any Leonardo Finetuned models.

So, let’s hop into the article.

Use of Leonardo ai Upscale.

Leonardo AI Upscale is an option for enlarging and enhancing images without compromising quality. Based on my first-hand experience the upscale feature assures that the photos seem stunning without damaging the pixels, even in larger sizes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the upscale feature.

Step 1. Go to AI Image Generation

Go to the home page, where you can see the AI Image Generation option, and hit on it.

Leonardo Upscale Image Generation

Step 2. Enter Prompt

On the top of the Leonardo.ai page, you can see the Prompt typing box; enter the prompt.

Leonardo Upscale Enter Prompt

Step 3. Select Model

Now select a model; for instance, we choose “Absolute Reality v1.6.”

Leonardo Upscale Select Model

Step 4. Set the Image Settings

Select the number of images which you want to generate.

Leonardo Upscale Image Settings

You can also make other settings like image dimensions, Prompt Magic, etc.

Leonardo Upscale Image Settings

Step 5. Click Generate

Then click on the Generate option.

Leonardo Upscale Click Generate

You can see your Generated image and are now able to upscale your image.

Leonardo Upscale Generated Image

Step 6. Hit Upscale

Select the Image you want to upscale and hit the upscale button.

For instance, you are upscaling the first one and choosing HD Smooth Upscale.

Leonardo Upscale Hit Upscale

Step 7. Get Result

Now, you can see the upscaling result.

                      Original Image                                                HD smooth Upscale Image

Leonardo ai Upscale

Leonardo AI Upscale Types

Leonardo.ai provides different types of upscaling options, allowing you to select the one that best meets your specific needs and the sort of upscaling required for your model.

You can see upscales below the image that you created. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Leonardo.ai’s upscaling works. 

Leonardo Creative Upscale

It can improve photos during the upscaling process. Your photographs benefit from the magic of Leonardo.ai’s Creative Upscale as they are scaled up. This incredible feature costs only five tokens.

Here, you can see the difference between original and creative upscaled images.

Leonardo Creative Upscale

Leonardo Alternative Upscale

If you notice a loss of detail when using the creative upscale, you can utilize the “upscale image alternate” option; just hit on it.

For instance, you use the “Absolute Reality v1.6” model and then alternative upscale.

Leonardo Alternative Upscale

The original image has quite much sharpness compared to the alternate upscaled image.

Leonardo Smooth Upscale 

Leonardo ai brings you Alchemy Smooth Upscale, designed for images with smooth textures, including illustrative, anime, and cartoon-like photos. The transition costs a reasonable 5 tokens. 

If your image needs it, simply hit on the Alchemy Smooth Upscale option.

Leonardo Smooth Upscale 

Leonardo Crisp Upscale

Leonardo.ai’s Alchemy Crisp Upscale is Ideal for pictures with fine textures, such as photography, digital art, and certain 3D renders. All of this awesomeness is available for only 5 tokens. 

Leonardo Crisp Upscale

As you can see, the above headings show how to successfully use Leonardo.ai upscales. When you use Leonardo AI’s upscale capability correctly, you will notice a considerable improvement in image quality. 


Overall, Leonardo.ai is revolutionizing image enhancement with its powerful upscales, and it also promises a  future as well. 

Users are already taken away by its existing capabilities, and there is a strong expectation that further features and innovations will be added in the future.

Leonardo.ai’s ongoing improvements and drive to improve image quality indicate that it will remain a leading force in the field of visual enhancement.

So, get in touch with Leonardo.ai and The Tech Mantle to help you on your artistic journey.


Is it possible to upscale several types of images?

yes! Leonardo AI’s upscale is designed to greatly increase the quality of your graphics across numerous genres, whether you’re working with photographs, illustrations, or even anime-inspired artwork.

Where could Leonardo.ai possibly help me on my artistic path?

The upscale capabilities of Leonardo.ai can substantially increase the quality and impact of your photographs. Using Leonardo.ai, whether you’re an artist, photographer, or creative enthusiast, you can achieve new levels of artistic expression and aesthetic brilliance in your work.

How can I begin using Leonardo.ai Upscale?

To begin this creative journey, go to Leonardo.ai, look through the upgrade possibilities, and play with various models and techniques. You’ll be blown away by the outcomes!

How can Leonardo.ai’s dedication to innovation affect its future?

Leonardo.ai’s continual attempts to improve image quality and provide new features show the company’s commitment to remaining a dominant force in visual augmentation. Expect continued growth and innovation.

How can I stay up to date with Leonardo.ai’s progress?

Stay in touch with Leonardo.ai and with us to learn about the latest features, advancements, and enhancements to your artistic adventure. Updates and news can be found on their website.

What can I expect if I use Leonardo.ai Upscale correctly?

Your photographs will look amazing even in higher sizes.


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