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Leonardo ai Texture

Get ready for a shocking reveal because Leonardo.ai’s texture creation is about to take the work to a whole new level by infusing it with an appealing sense of 3D magic.

Leonardo ai Texture Generation creates complicated textures from blended gradients by employing 3D techniques and interactions with OBJ files, similar to JPGs and PNGs for photos.

Continue reading this article to embark on an adventure that perfectly merges your creativity and technology using Leonardo.ai Texture Generation.

Leonardo ai Texture Generation

Leonardo ai Texture Generation entails creating textures that resemble a mash-up of numerous gradients on a single image. This technique is based on 3D generation and requires interaction with 3D files. 

Before you begin, remember that we’re working with OBJ files in Leonardo.ai Texture Generation. 

OBJ is the format for 3D images, similar to how photographs arrive in JPG or PNG formats.

Let’s get started!

Click on Texture Generation

On the home page of leonardo.ai, you can see Texture Generation on the left side. Hit on it. 

Leonardo Texture Generation

Click on Upload New Object

Hit on “Upload New Object” in front of 3D Texture Generation.

Upload New Object Leonardo Ai

Upload Model

Now, upload the image from your PC. 

Leonardo supports OBJ files up to 20 megabytes. Therefore, selecting the OBJ format is a smart option. 

Tip: If your file is Obj up to 20MB, you can download and convert it without problems

Upload Model

Set Object name

Write the Texture name which you want to generate in the box. For instance, your object name is “spider 3D model”.  

Set Object name

Hit Start Texturing

After uploading the image now, click on “Start Texturing”.

Hit Start Texturing

Write Prompt

On the left side, you can see the prompt box. Write a prompt based on the changes you want in your generated textures image. 

Generate Preview

Before moving to Generate full texture, you can see the generation preview of your image. You just need to click on Generate Preview.

Generate Preview

Now we can see the result.

Preview Results

You can also see previously generated materials about your texture and make adjustments by clicking on the “Material Option”.

Material Option

Click on Generate Full Texture

Hit the “Generate Full Texture” option.

Generate Full Texture

Get Results

Now you can see the final result of Texture Generation.

Leonardo ai Texture Generation

So you can see that the preceding stages thoroughly detail how to quickly develop textures for your photographs using Leonardo.ai, blending technology and creativity for an extraordinary result. 

Texture Image Generations

Let’s get into the few examples of textured images generated by Leonardo.ai.

3D Alien Texture

Prompt: Alien with deep dark green skin with black strips, a mixture of red and black brilliant eyes, keen sharp fangs and blood teeth.

Generate Preview: You should glance at the Generate Preview because it can assist you in coming up with ideas for your final texture that will be the final look. So here we are using the Generate Preview option.

Leonardo Texture Image Generations 01

Generate full texture: The final step is to generate full texture.

Leonardo Full Texture Image Generations 01

3D Animal Texture

Prompt: 3D teddy bear, The bear’s fur shimmers with an array of celestial colors, and innocent eyes.

Leonardo Full Texture Image Generations 01

Generate full texture: 

Leonardo Full Texture Image Generations 03

3D Lizard Texture

3D Lizard Texture

Prompt: The lizard’s skin texture reflects the desert’s delicate hues, with sandy beige tones and small touches of dark pale green. 

Generate preview:

3D Lizard Texture 01

Generate full texture: 

3D Lizard Texture Full Texture Leonardo ai

3D Heart Texture

Prompt: The heart’s texture radiates a beautiful gemstone’s deep red.

Generate preview:

3D Heart Texture Preview Leonardo ai

Generate full texture: 

3D Heart Texture Generate Texture Leonardo ai

3D Body Texture

Prompt: Color and textural variations resemble the natural flow of veins and capillaries beneath the surface. The texture emanates liveliness and vivid realism.

Generate preview:

3D Body Texture Full

Generate full texture: 

3D Body Texture Full Generate


Overall, texture generation is one feature of the vast leonardo.ai toolbox. Its regular upgrades bring you the most recent models and tools, expanding the creative potential of your artistic pursuits. 

These continual developments will allow you to integrate more creativity into your artwork. So, keep in touch with leonardo.ai to stay updated on the newest products to uncover even more creative potential in your art! 


What exactly is an OBJ file format?

The OBJ file type is used for 3D pictures, similar to how photos are stored in JPG or PNG formats. OBJ files are the basis for creating textures in Leonardo.ai Texture Generation.

How can Leonardo.ai improve texture generation?

Leonardo.ai updates its tools and features, including Texture Generation, regularly. These changes help to increase the endless possibilities available to artists.

What is the maximum OBJ file size limit in Leonardo.ai Texture Generation?

Leonardo.ai supports OBJ files up to 20 MB in size. As a result, choosing the OBJ format is a sensible choice for effective processing.

Why is it recommended to use the OBJ format?

The OBJ file is suggested because it complies with the texture generation process in Leonardo.ai.


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