Leonardo.AI Terms and Conditions: An Ultimate Guide for Developers and Users to Enhance Creativity

LEonardo Ai

Leonardo.AI is a groundbreaking tool, changing the creative world with the shortest and simplest techniques. But before entering into the world of Leonardo, familiarise yourself with Leonardo AI signup and leonardo best prompts.

As you explore the worlds of design with Leonardo AI art, you must know about its conditions and policies to rock your artistic talent within your clients. This insightful article will guide with every minute detail for developers and users, assuring them a flawless creative experience.

So let’s see how leonardo.ai and creative minds collide and enlighten the creative journey through Leonardo’s terms and conditions. 

Leonardo.AI Terms and Conditions

Leonardo revolutionized the art world and its future with its exemplary features. It can generate art in the form of famous artists by their reference in the prompts. Because of its advanced and cutting-edge features, the visuals it produces are insane. 

Although some features of Leonardo.ai is in the beta version, it still gained worldwide recognition in the commercial sector due to its stunning visuals.

To access Leonardo.ai, you must agree to all its terms and conditions posted on its app, which can update anytime, anywhere without notifying its users. 

Let’s discuss that is leonardo ai free for commercial use by understanding its commercial policies, account sign-up, Leonardo limitations, and user rights that come with subscription and free trials. 

Leonardo.ai Terms and Conditions for Account Registration 

To sign up and log in on Leonardo.ai, you must be 18+ to use its services and provided with accurate information for account registration. You must admit all the terms and conditions on behalf of the account you use on Leonardo.ai.

Fact: The features offered on your account will be based on your subscription plan, and you’ll be responsible for all the activities done on your account.

Leonardo.ai Policies for Offered Services 

After registration, you can access Leonardo.ai for gaming assets, like environments, helmets, and buildings, with services provided on the platform. 

The AI designing tool also provides some default Leonardo fine-tuned models and allows you to develop and train them based on your specifications to create art and its assets.

Leonardo.ai Terms and Conditions for Generated Content

Leonardo states content as“the input and output” and grants you the right to own all assets you create on the Leoanrdo.ai app during your membership period.

Content Policies For Paid Subscribers

Users with paid subscriptions will retain all rights to their generated content, which include exclusive ownership and copyright protection.

Policies for Private Content of Paid Subscribers

Leonardo.ai have the right to keep the user’s private content to provide the services requested by the user. 

Paid Users can keep their models private if they don’t want Leonardo.ai to use them for promotional purposes.

Policies for Public Content of Paid Subscribers

If your content remains public, Leoanardo.ai can use your content in any way the app wants.

Here, the question arises, can you use leonardo ai for commercial use, so leonardo ai commercial use can be explained as Yes, you and Leonardo Ai retain the right to use public content commercially.

Moreover, Leonardo ai can use public content to update, improve, advertise, and market the app’s services. In contrast, it can promote the community models to a permanent position on the website, and then your public-trained model will no longer be your property. 

Content Policies For Free-Tier Users

Users on free trials will have their content on the public by default. Leonardo.ai and other users on the platform can use their content. 

Fact: Leonardo.ai free for commercial use, allows free and paid subscribers to use their content commercially. 

Leonardo.ai Terms and Conditions for Subscription Plans 

You are offered three Leonardo subscription plans when you switch from a free plan to a subscription plan.

Leonardo.AI Terms and Conditions

You must pay all charges with accurate information and a valid payment method due to your account. At the same time, Leonardo.ai is responsible for correcting any flub occurring in its issued invoices.

Let’s discuss how and when Leoanrdo.ai can suspend your account.  

Leonardo AI Account Disable Policy

Leonardo.ai will issue you a warning notice if there is any delay in payment, or it will suspend your account until your payment is received. 

Currently, there are only refundable policies offered by Leonardo.ai if they are mentioned in your subscription agreement. 

Leonardo AI Pricing Policy

If Leonardo.ai ever changes its subscription prices, you will be announced through its website and can be sent with notice to your account. 

The new pricing will apply when you need to pay immediately on the day the alterations are officially announced.

Leonardo.ai Takedown Policies – How to Report and Remove Content

If leonardo.ai is issued with a report of any content that crosses Leonardo.ai copyright laws and is involved in property rights issues, then that content will be taken down immediately.

Leanardo.ai will also terminate the account that it finds continuously violating the app and content rules.  

How to report to Leonardo.ai, If someone is using my Content?

When you find out someone is using your content, invading your privacy, and if there are any copyright issues, you can submit your notice to the email address provided by Leonardo.ai, i.e., [email protected].

Ensure you are the sole owner of the content you will report or the rightsholder of the content, then attach the following attachments with your notice.

  1. Copy of the content claimed to violate the copyright laws, along with the copy of violating material you request to take down from the social platform. Attach infringing content location you want to be removed, whether from a website or app.
  1. The copyright holder must attach his accurate contact details, including his full legal name, email address, and a declaration letter. 
  1. A declaration letter that contains:
  1. A statement declaring that the reporting content is unauthorized by the intellectual property rights owner and not used correctly
  2. A statement that the notice contains only accurate information.
  3. A statement under the penalty of false statement ensures the right holder is authorized to speak on behalf of the person whose intellectual property is allegedly violated.
  1. Content holder’s electronic signature with legal name on the notice.

What are the Leonardo.ai Intellectual Property Policies?

Intellectual property rights give you legal protection over your content. These rights allow you to control your creations and inventions and decide who can use your content and in which way. 

Let’s look at what policies Leonardo.ai make for its platform

Intellectual Property Rights

Leonardo.ai abide by the use, formation, and publishment of any derivative work of the proprietary material from its website. It includes UX, UI, and other proprietary designs of the platform.

Moreover, you are allowed to share the generative content of the user on social media; also, you can use such files for your website that your device “auto” saves in RAM from Leonardo.ai. 

You are also allowed to print and download a copy of pages of the Website only for your personal use, not for publication and reproduction purposes.

Warning: Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

Your permission to use the service will end straight away, and you will be required to either fix or delete any duplicates you have created of the contents, at our choice, if you publish, copy, alter, or otherwise use any portion of the website is infringing on the conditions of use. 

All rights not expressly given by the Company are reserved, and you are not granted any right, title, or interest in or to the Website or any of the information on the Website. 

Leonardo.ai Reliance on Platform Information Posted

User must make up their mind that the information posted on the site is for information purpose and Leonardo.ai do not justify its accuracy and usefulness. Leonardo.ai refuse to acknowledge any condition arising from relying on the stuff available on the site.


Why is leonardo.ai generating similar content on different prompts?

Leonardo can generate similar images and content on the different prompts because the software installed in it is currently limited. Therefore the output you receive may not be unique. 

What is the payment method for Leonardo.ai?

Fees are payable in U.S. dollars and are due upon invoice issuance.

Can I change my subscription plan later?

You will be able to upgrade or downgrade your plan very shortly.


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