Create Stunning Images with Leonardo ai Style Presets in Alchemy

Leonardo ai Style

With multiple features like Leonardo Canvas and Leonardo Prompt Generator provided by, you must be able to create images in a few seconds till now effortlessly. 

But have you ever tried to step into the realm of the extraordinary by transforming the theme and taking your image to an entirely different world?

If not, then how about if I tell you that there is a way where you can change the image style and themes to transform them from just a picture to a mesmerising visual in many different styles 

Leonardo Ai Style Presets are the feature that lets you select themes in various varieties and incorporate them into your image with a finger click just when you enable the Alchemy mode.

So Let’s get into the presets and Alchemy world to discover Leonardo.Ai. 

What are Leonardo Ai Style Presets? 

Leonardo presets the themes provided to you according to different kinds of images when you enable Alchemy.

But if you are generating a standard image, you will be bound to choose between Leonardo or no style.  

The excitement arrives when you turn on the Alchemy, which is costly but worth it. By enabling Alchemy mode, you have the independence to choose from a variety of different Leonardo presets. 

How to use Leonardo ai Presets?

The Leonardo ai presets are different and can only be accessible by turning on Alchemy.

Let’s get into how to use these styles after enabling Alchemy mode.

Go to AI Image Generation 

After logging in to Leoanrdo, access the home screen. You will see the AI Image Generation option on the left panel. 

Click on that to enter the world of creativity, where you will be introduced to Leonardo style and many other features like this.

Leonardo Image Generation

Enable Alchemy mode

Without switching to Alchemy mode, you don’t have any option of styles except for one, which is Leonardo style.

If you want to experience something magical, then go ahead and turn on the Alchemy option to let the magic happen.

Leonardo Alchemy Mode

Enter Prompt 

There must be more than choosing a preset to generate your desired image. To explain your requirements to Leonardo, you must also provide a description. 

And for that, you can utilise the prompt or negative prompt box to convey your message to

Leonardo Presets

Select Preset 

Here is the passport to enter whatever world of creativity you want.

You have multiple presets that you can select that suit your image. But remember to be careful while selecting because it costs extra tokens.

Leonardo ai Style Presets

For instance, choose photography or general preset if your prompt is for portraits. Same way, if your prompt is linked to any building, choose environment and dynamic.

Set Image Settings

After entering the prompt and choosing a style, set your image settings like a number of images, photo real, prompt Magic, guidance scale, and more options.

Leonardo Image Settings

Hit generate 

Once you are done entering a proper description for your image and selecting the perfect Leonardo style. The only last step left is to attack that generate button now. 

And then you will be just a few seconds away from your dream results. 

Leonardo Image Generate

Leonardo Ai Alchemy with Presets 

The Alchemy feature is paid; therefore, experimenting with Leonardo’s presets is not in everyone’s reach. But fret not! You can get the minimal Leonardo subscription to access Alchemy.

If you are curious to see how images from different Leonardo presets would look, then wait not and look at the ideas generated from each selected preset. 

Leonardo Anime Preset

You may already be familiar with the vibrant world of Anime, a style born in Japan. It overloads the image with colours and amplifies emotions.

This preset is known for exaggerating the eyes, infuses dynamic speed lines, and wrapping your artwork in a fun, cartoonish vibe.

Prompt: A young girl stands in a dimly lit room, her headphones on, brush in hand, as she paints a vibrant mural on the wall.

Leonardo Anime Preset

Leonardo Creative Preset

Sometimes we can’t think of enough ideas to add to our image, but we have the description of what we need to generate and want someone to guide us.

To resolve this issue, has brought the Creative style preset to create your image with different and more creative ideas than you can imagine.

Prompt: futuristic cityscape with neon lights, a cyberpunk environment, tower skyscrapers, bustling streets, energy, and excitement, hyper-realistic.

Leonardo Creative Preset

Leonardo Dynamic Preset

The dynamic style preset can carry any type efficiently. No matter what description you provide, it creates an impressive version of the image you have thought.

Prompt: a lion in a human’s body wearing a suit, dark background, hyper-realistic, soft light.

Leonardo Dynamic Preset

Leonardo Environment Preset

You have a style in Leonardo called Environment preset that can add peace and give a soul to your image. This style is majorly used for adding more charm to your scenic image.

Prompt: Man fishing beside the lake, sunset, grass, birds, trees, and peaceful and calm environment. 

Leonardo Environment Preset

Leonardo General Preset

Some things can be fitted anywhere. Yes! You are reading about applying the “General preset” to any standard image.

Whatever prompt you provide to it, it will never fail to amaze you with its extra detailing.

Prompt: a female astronaut inside the spacecraft, futuristic, hyper-detailed

Leonardo General Preset

Leonardo Illustration Preset 

The simple job of Illustration Style is to turn an ordinary image description into a piece of illustration art. 

This preset adds depth, textures, and colours, making every picture tell a story. You will be satisfied with selecting an Illustration preset, no matter what art category you want in your image.

Prompt: painting of tall buildings, top view, muted dark colours, hyper-detailed, bird’s eye view.

Leonardo Illustration Preset 

Leonardo Photography Preset

Now it is your chance to be a photographer without a camera! 

All you need is an idea and Leonardo’s Photography preset. Depending on the photo you want to create, this style focuses on many factors, such as subject matter, lighting, composition, and colour usage.

Prompt: mesmerising 4D cardboard creation, Ansel Adams, highly detailed, blending reality and imagination, neutral colours.

Leonardo Photography Preset

Leonardo Raytraced Preset 

The future of gaming graphics has arrived. All thanks to the Raytracing preset, specially designed to generate game images.

Raytraced provide you with 3D computer graphics to create high-quality images. The style reflects shadows, resulting in greater depth and realism.

Prompt: Dynamic illustration, gaming assets, futuristic, energetic, intricate details, metallic grey assets in a bustling cyber city.

Leonardo Raytraced Preset 

Leonardo 3D Render Preset 

3D render preset converts your 3D images into 2D images. It’s like you have a block of clay. You sculpt it into a figure, add texture, and place it under a light to highlight its feature. Then you took a picture of that.

Some of them look incredibly real, just like a photograph, while others look like a cartoon.

Prompt: face illustration, ninja wolf, magic, dark magic splashes, cute and quirky, fantasy art, watercolour effect, low-poly, soft lighting, bird’s eye view, photorealistic rendering.

Leonardo 3D Render Preset 

Leonardo Sketch B/W Preset 

If you want the best no color image, your go-to selection should be “Sketch B/W”. It adds so much detail to your image with dark, black and white colours, yet looks classic.

Using this preset is like having a professional artist at your fingertips, transforming your pictures into stunning sketches.

Prompt: pencil sketch of captain jack sparrow on his ship, super detailed, realistic. 

Leonardo Sketch BW Preset 

Leonardo Sketch Color Preset 

Whatever subject you enter in your prompt, the Sketch Color preset will effortlessly transform it into a beautiful pencil sketch. It usually uses light and white pencil strokes to give your image a classic sketch look. 

This preset will capture all the details of your prompt but in the simplest artistic way.

Prompt: A cool, unique frase with an eye

Leonardo Sketch Color Preset 

You have seen how each different preset works. Recently Leonardo introduced some more presets but in photoreal mode.

Photoreal also works only with Alchemy, but Alchemy preset does not work with Photoreal.

Conclusion is like a magic box with remarkable features. One of the best features is Leonardo presets, which can turn your images into a magical piece of art the way you want them to be. 

Getting started with this feature takes a lot of work. Just log in to and head into the AI Image Generation. Without switching on Alchemy, you’ll have just one style, the Leonardo style.

So why style for less? Switch to Alchemy mode and open the hidden chest full of artistic presets. Each image will cost you 16 or 8 tokens, and doubling images doubles the tokens to 32. 

Whether you want the lively feel of Dynamic preset or depths of 3D Renders, the classic beauty of Sketch B/W, you have a collection of diverse artistic Alchemy presets to incorporate into your image. 


Can I select the Leonardo preset if the Alchemy mode is disabled?

Without Alchemy, the only style you can use is the Leonardo style. If you want many other different presets, then you will need to turn on Alchemy mode.

How many tokens does it cost to use preset in Alchemy mode? 

A single image in Alchemy costs 8 tokens if the prompt magic is disabled. It depends on how many photos generate at once. The cost will be the same for every number of images, whether one by one or all at once.


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