Unlock Your Creativity Using Leonardo.ai Remix Best Feature

Leonardo Remix

Leonardo.ai has many features, and you must wonder what its new feature, “remix”, brings to its users. Although this emerging tool catches the user’s attention, its easy-to-use interface makes it acceptable for every community.

The remix feature of Leonardo.ai is the perfect tool for unlocking your artistic ability. You can remix leonardo ai image generator images using its styles and experimenting with new visual aesthetics. 

You can also create fascinating and original prompts from Leonardo Prompt Generator that incorporate inspirations from various artistic traditions. All this will be explained to you in this article.

All you have to do is to stay connected and explore with us.

What is Leonardo.ai Remix?

Leonardo.Ai Remix is a groundbreaking AI-powered feature that allows you to transform the image by using your artistic styles, remix visual elements, and convert old artworks into magnificent masterpieces.

How to use Leonardo.ai Remix?

Leonardo ai Community Feed Remix can help you realise your creative potential. You can select any image from the feed and remix the image by setting the model, style, image panel options and contrast of teh image. 

Let’s go over the basic steps of how to use it.

Login to Leonardo.ai

Login to Leonardo.ai so you can access Leonardo, and you can see the home page.

Leonardo.ai Remix

You can remix any image from the community feed and also from your personal feed.

So, Lets see how can you get to Community and Personal feed.

  1. Click on the Leonardo.ai Community Feed.

If you want to remix any image from the community feed, Click the “Community Feed” option present on the left panel of the screen.

Leonardo.ai Community Feed

Select Image Options of Community Feed

On the Community Feed, you can see three options for selecting images: Trending, New, and Top. 

Select the option according to your requirement.

Leonardo ai Image
  1. Click on Personal Feed

If you want to select any image for a remix from the Personal feed of Leoanardo.ai, then Click on the “Personal Feed” option right below the Community feed button.

Leonardo Ai Personal Feed

Select Image Options from Personal Feed

Now, you can select images from either “Your Generation’’, “Followers Feed” and “Liked Feed”,

Leonardo Your Generation

Click Image

Explore the community and perosnal feed and select any image that grasps your attention.

Leonardo ai Click Image

Click Remix Button

The actual magic will begin now, 

Hit on the “Remix option”.

Leonardo ai Remix Button

Set your Remix Image Setting

Select your Leonardo.ai finetuned model and image style first. 

Styles can only be changed in the paid version of Leonardo.ai.

Remix Image Setting

Select the Number of Images

Select your number of images.

Leonardo Ai number of images

Enable or Disable the Prompt Magic option.

Enabling the “Prompt Magic” option is your choice. 

Prompt Magic will provide adherence to your prompt and enhance image fidelity. 

Then set your prompt magic strength and contrast level.


The higher the Prompt Magic strength, the higher the influence on your image.

Leonardo Prompt Magic option

Select Image Panel Options

Set the Alchemy options according to your requirements.

Set if you want to make your images public or not.

Adjust the image dimensions that suit your requirement. 

Set the “Guidance scale” to influence the prompt to your image.

Leonardo Image Panel Options

Hit Generate Button

Then Click on the “Generate option”.

Leonardo Generate Button

Get Results

Now you can see the Leonardo Remix result.

Leonardo Image Results

This step by step guide covers all the detail on how to use Leonardo Remix from your Personal and Community Feed. Whether you want to remix your imagery, images from your followers, or images you’ve loved, you can do so. 


Overall, Leonardo.ai can give you new options for artistic styles, visual aspects, and remixing techniques in the future, enabling artists to explore even more possibilities and expand the boundaries of their artwork. 

Leonardo.ai has enormous potential to expand its offerings and empower artists with unique tools and capabilities. So, watch for intriguing upgrades and get ready to take your artistic adventure to new heights with Leonardo’s Remix.


Is it possible to customize the remixing procedure in Leonardo’s Remix?

Yes, Leonardo’s Remix allows you to change the Instance Prompt, the number of photos, the image dimensions, the guide scale, and other aspects. These options can be modified to fit your artistic vision.

What can I anticipate if I use Leonardo’s Remix from my Personal Feed?

You can choose pictures from your own made images, your followers’ feed, or your favourite feed while utilising Leonardo’s Remix from your Personal Feed. The technique is identical to the steps for remixing on Community Feed, allowing you to produce unique artwork from your collection.

Can people see my remix artwork?

Yes! Leonardo’s Remix enables you to create magnificent artworks to share with the rest of the world. 

Can Leonardo’s Remix help me find my creative voice?

Yes! You can uncover your creative potential and produce intriguing and unique artworks by blending diverse artistic traditions and inspirations.


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