Leonardo.ai Prompt Generator – Unveiling the Powerful Creativity


You must have heard about prompts when using AI to command the tool. But have you ever heard about AI designing tools generating prompts based on your thought and then generating images based on that prompt?

Leonardo AI introduces the prompt generation feature for its users. This feature of Leonardo ai is your creative partner as it is intended to produce prompts that will spark your ideas and assist you in creating stunning artwork.

While using Leonardo.ai prompt generator, you can access the Leonardo.ai image generation tool and get a complete overview of How to upload an Image Prompt in Leonardo.ai? 

In this article, you will be covered on how to use Leonardo.ai Prompt Generator and how you can generate an image through it. We’ll lead you through the steps, revealing the inner workings of this amazing tool and its features. 

How to Use Leonardo AI Prompt Generator?

The prompt generation of Leonardo.ai is one of its unique qualities. You can use the tool to generate prompts based on your ideas by giving a single term or word. 

You can generate two to eight prompt ideas centered on these fragile creatures. But what distinguishes leonardo ai prompt generator from other features is its extraordinary daily limit of 1000 prompt generations, which allows you to expand your artistic potential. 

Let’s move toward discussing how to use the leonardo.ai prompt generation feature.

Click on AI Image Generation in Leonardo

The user tools area is on the left side, where you can click the “AI Image Generation” button from the drop-down menu. 

Leonardo.ai Prompt Generator

Select Prompt Generation

The AI image generation will open up with two options “Image Generation” and “Prompt Generation.” 

Click on the “Prompt Generation” option.

Leonardo Prompts


Unlike Image Generation, which utilizes 150 tokens daily to generate images on the free plan, Leonardo.ai Prompt Generator generates 1000 prompts daily.

Enter Prompt Idea

On the basic prompt idea box, enter your basic prompt idea. Write it here a basic idea about your art.

For instance, you write the idea of a “butterfly on a red rose.”

Leonardo Ai Prompts

Select the Number of Prompts

Select the number of prompts you want to generate. You can see in the image that “4” prompts are selected to ideate through the leonardo.ai prompt generator.

Select the Number of Prompts

Click “Ideate” 

After inserting your raw thought about your art into the prompt box, Click the “Ideate” button on the right side as a small light bulb.

Leonardo Ai Prompts

Get your Leonardo.ai Generated Prompts

After clicking the “Ideate” button, you will be given your selected number of generated prompts from the Leonardo.ai prompt generator.

Click “Ideate” 

How to Use Leonardo.ai Generated Prompt in Leonardo.ai Image Generation?

The image generated from your prompt or the prompt generated by Leonardo.ai is easy, but the AI tool usage sometimes needs to be clarified for the user. So here, you will be guided on how to use Leonardo.ai generated prompt in Leonardo.ai image generation.

First, you must head toward the “AI image generation” tool and select “prompt generation.” Now you can select the number of prompts you want Leonardo.ai to generate and enter your thought into the prompt box to ideate it.

You can edit or generate the ideated prompts of Leonardo.ai in your image generation by clicking the Generate button. Now let’s head over to the image generation guide. 

Select the Prompt

You will be given different prompts when you ideate the prompt using Leonardo.ai prompt generation feature.

Select any of the prompts you wish to generate an image of.

The selected prompt is “A majestic butterfly hovering above a lush red rose, its wings glimmering in the moonlight.”

Click “Ideate” 

You can edit the prompt before generating the image of the prompt by clicking the drop-down arrow beside generate option.  

Select the Number of Images

In the same way, you select the number of images for your image generation; you will also select the number of images from the prompt generation tool.


Set Image Settings

Select other settings like input dimension, image contrast, and resolution to generate the best possible image through Leoanrdo.ai image generation. 

Leonardo Input Design

Click on Generate

Click on the “Generate” option.

Leonardo Generate

Access Generated Images

Finally, you can see the result of images generated by “Leonardo.ai Prompt Generation.”

Leonardo Images

You can also access your images in Leonardo ai gallery in an app named “Personal feed.”

The Leonardo ai user interface enables easy movement from selecting the prompt generation tool to the ideate option and to image generation.


Leonardo.ai Prompt Generator is a wonderful resource for artists and creators looking for inspiration. This tool works as a creative partner, leading you through the process of producing ideas for your artwork with its capacity to provide high-quality prompts.

In the future, you can use more of Leonardo ai’s best features because it is involved in researching and developing breakthrough AI solutions for application in a wide range of technological disciplines.


Can Leonardo Prompt Generator assist you in coming up with suggestions for specific subjects or themes?

Yes, the Leonardo Prompt Generator is intended to Generate Prompt ideas based on a specific keyword. If you enter “butterfly,” for example, the program will generate prompt ideas particularly connected to butterflies, assisting you in coming up with ideas for artwork focusing on that theme.

Is there a daily token limit on utilizing the Leonardo Prompt Generator?

Leonardo.ai’s free plan has a daily token limit of 150 for image generation; the “Prompt Generation” tool has a large daily limit of 1000 “Prompt Generating” ideas, giving users more freedom and possibilities to express themselves artistically.

Is there a limit to the number of prompts Leonardo Prompt Generator can generate?

No, Leonardo Prompt Generator allows users to customize the number of prompts generated. The program can generate 2, 4, 6, or even eight prompts based on your needs.


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