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You must get frustrated when you feel unable to describe what is in your mind through words. Whether it’s on AI tools or in reality. But here, you will be explained how Leonardo solves this problem so easily. 

Using the image-to-image feature, you can convey your super-creative ideas through your reference image and text prompts will generate the new creative image. You can also use Leonardo Image prompts to generate wonderful images.

In this article, you will get to know how you can unlock your true potential and step into the world of creativity without having to worry about the text prompt in 

Let’s get into this.

What is image-to-image? 

The image-to-image feature of Leonardo AI works in AI Image Generation which generates an image based on the provided image. Although the text prompt doesn’t work the best with it, you will be guided on which options to set to get the best results.

With this amazing feature, you can have your image strike any pose you desire.

Let’s move to its interesting part, where you will learn how you can create your images with image2image feature.

How to Use Image to Image?

The Leonardo image to image feature is undeniably wonderful. All you have to do is to select the Leonardo Ai image generation tab, select the image-to-image feature, provide a reference image and precise text prompt and hot generate to let Leonardo works for you.

Why not we discuss its step by step guide?

Sign up or Log on to

The very first thing is to signup and log in

Leonardo Ai

Head to AI Image Generation

After logging in, don’t panic;  head directly to the left panel to access the “AI Image Generation” tab.

Dear artist, This is exactly the place from where your journey of image generation will begin.

Leonardo Ai Image Generation

Select Image-to-Image Option

Scroll down the control panel and select the Image-to-Image option.

It will lead you to your documents from where you can enter the pictures  and pick the best one as a reference image.

Leonardo Image-to-Image Option

Adjust Init Strength 

Set the “Init Strength” just after entering the reference image.

Init strength ranges from 0-0.9 depending on how much impact of the image you want in your result.

Set other options like “Guidance scale”, “Image Dimension” and “Number of Images” after entering the reference image and text prompt.

Tip: Turn off the Prompt Magic Option, as Image to Image doesn’t work with Prompt Magic.

Leonardo ai Init Strength 
Leonardo ai Init Strength 2

Select Fine-Tuned Model

This feature is the real game changer for your image. Be very picky in selecting the model and ensure it suits your image’s theme. 

Leonardo Ai Fine-Tuned Model

Enter Text Prompt

You have explained to through the text prompt what posture or position you want by providing the image reference.

Leonardo Ai Generation Tool

Hit Generate

The wait is over; finally, it is time to turn your envisioned image into reality.

Hit the “generate” option and then wait for few seconds to get your desired results.

Generate Leonardo Ai Image
Leonardo Images

This is the image that I generated from by providing it with an image reference and a text prompt of only 2 words. If I can generate images so easily yet so creatively, then imagine how much benefit you can get from as a professional.

Now don’t just imagine, take action. 

Unleash your potential by using features like this in to generate the best of your creative ideas.

Leonardo Ai Image-to-Image Tutorial 

Let’s dive into the complete tutorial examples of Image to Image feature. 

Image 1

I added the first photo to img2img, with init strength: 0.3.

Prompt: A sketch of a beautiful cat wearing a suit with a crown on the head.

Model: DreamShaper v7

Leonardo Style: Illustration

Image 2

I added the first photo to img2img, with init strength: 0.37.

Prompt: big portrait painting of an iron man, wearing a red and golden steel suit, aura of power.

Model: 3D Animation Style

Leonardo Style: Illustration

Image 3

I added the first photo to img2img, with init strength: 0.37.

Prompt: pitcher plant in the forest, flies around the plant, rain showers, tiger surrounds, aerial view

Model: Absolute Reality v1.6

Leonardo Style: Environment image-to-image

Wait no longer and save your time by signing in to and Show your creativity to the world effortlessly with its amazing features.

Happy creating! 


Generating an image in any pose has become very easy with the image-to-image feature presented by Leonardo. Anyone can use it, whether you are a professional artist or just someone new to

You only need a simple image to guide and a simple description. From here, Leonardo will get you an image of your imagination. To ensure you get a fine and unique piece of art, you can edit features like “Init Strenght” or “Guiding Scale.” 


Is the image-to-image feature different from the image prompt feature? 

In the image prompt feature, incorporates both your text prompt and image prompt idea in one image, providing the result with the hint of both prompts and its own ideas. 
In the image-to-image feature, Leonardo generates an image exactly in the same position as the image reference. 

What to do if I can’t activate my image-to-image feature?

If you cannot switch to the image-to-image option, go to the prompt magic feature and disable that. This will grant you access to selecting your image.

Can I select multiple images as a reference in the Image-to-Image feature? accurately replicates the posture of your image reference into your final output. This means that it can not blend two images into one result. Therefore, you are only limited to selecting only one image in each generation.  

What should be the Init Strenght ratio for the perfect image in

The accuracy of the final image depends on how much you increase the Init strength of it. If you are adding a text prompt as well, it is advisable to reduce the Init Strenght a little bit.
As far as I have experienced, an ideal balance to get a blend of both text and image is usually achieved with the Init Strenght of  0.3



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