Leonardo AI Image Generator Best Guide


Imagine you merely utter any word, and it comes before you, and this is what AI has done for us. EASE!! Enter any thought; the image will be in front of you. Think about expanding your imagination and designing with AI tools.

Let me entertain you with the fact that some AI image-generation tools can bring your creative ideas to life effortlessly in no time. Leonardo.ai is one of them. It works beyond your thoughts. You will find Leonardo ai terms and conditions also user-friendly.

In this article, you will be amazed to see how easy it is to generate an image with the help of the Leonardo Ai Image generator tool. You will find its features more interesting when used with full guidance.

How to access Leonardo Ai Image Generator?

Before jumping into the Leonardo image generation, you must sign up for Leonardo.ai and get into in-depth features by mastering prompts.

Let’s discuss how you can get access to Leonardo.ai image generation. 

Access Leonardo.ai Home screen

Kickstart your image generation journey by visiting the website of leonardo.ai, sign-up to Leonardo and logging in to access the home screen. 

Leonardo Ai Image Generator

Select AI Image Generation

Once you log into your leonardo.ai account, direct yourself to the “AI Image Generation” option. 

Ai Image Generator

Enter prompt 

Now, whatever creativity you have in your mind, you have to explain it to Leonardo.ai innovatively through your prompt. 

From here, the real game in Leoanardo.ai image generation starts. 

The true victory lies in expressing your creativity through skillfully crafted prompts. If you have mastered it, you win!

Leonardo Ai Prompt

Hit “Generate” 

The most awaited picture is now only a click away.

Click on the “Generate” option below your text prompt immediately. 

Leonardo Ai Prompt Generate

Leonardo AI Image Generation Features

The Leonardo ai image generation is where the real excitement begins! To kickstart your image creation journey, this is the feature Leonardo AI is leading in AI tools.

Here you are given a comprehensive guide about the features of leonardo.ai along with its prompts where you can see how using these features can significantly impact your images.

Prompt Area

The prompt is like the base of your generation. Text prompts are a collection of keywords that you use to convey your concept to AI.

When you access the Leonardo image generation home screen, you will see the prompt box on the top centre of your screen. Enter your prompt there.

Leonardo AI Image Generation Features

Finetuned Models

Leonardo.ai offers you their trained models to use in your image generation. Each model is trained on a specific theme and gives a different look to your image. 

But if you still need to get more satisfied with the models and want something unique to your artwork, Leonardo also has you covered here! 

You can train your custom models and generate your image to create what is on your mind.

Leonardo Finetuned Models

Leonardo Styles

While generating images in the standard process, you can choose Leonardo style or nothing and let your mage remain in its natural form. 

The default style is Leonardo style, and more presets are offered when you enable Leonardo Alchemy. You can carefully browse them and select what makes your image stand out. 

Leonardo Styles
Leonardo Default Style

Leonardo Negative Prompt

Sometimes the art produced by Leonardo.ai has unusual rhythm and elements. But every problem comes with a solution. You can use the “Negative Prompt” to remove the unwanted stuff. 

You can mention what you don’t want to see in your image in the negative prompt area.

Leonardo Negative Prompt

Leonardo Generate Button

Your creation is a tap away. And, the only barrier between you and your masterpiece is that Generate Button. 

You will witness the stunning emergence appearance of your masterpiece after hitting the “Generate” button. 

But only click on that once you are assured that you have perfectly described your details in your prompts and adjusted the other features.

Leonardo Generate Button

Number of Images

You can choose the number of images you want to generate from the “Number of Images” option on the top left of the screen.

Leonardo.ai allows you to have images from 1 to 8 at once. Each print will cost you 2 tokens. So, accordingly, 8 images at once will be of 16 tokens. The Alchemy or Prompt Magic feature consumes double tokens. 

Fact: Tokens consumed in image generation variate with models, styles, and aspect ratios selected for the image. 

Number of Images

Leonardo Prompt Magic

Prompt Magic is a secret ingredient of image generation. It will turn your simplest prompts into the most breathtaking images.

Quality does not come with low prices. Prompt Magic consumes more GPU minutes, doubling your token for image generation.

Leonardo Prompt Magic

Prompt Magic has 2 categories for you, V2 and V3. Let’s see how they both function!

Leonardo Prompt Magic V2

With the power to create high-quality pictures and greater prompt adherence, the Prompt Magic V2 feature can breathe life into your image and improve the quality of your image in any model you choose. 

But to get into a magical art show, you must also buy a ticket. The top-notch quality this feature provides requires your extra tokens. After all, quality doesn’t come cheap. 

Leonardo Prompt Magic V2

Prompt Magic V3 Beta

The Prompt Magic V3 Beta feature is the king when creating photo-realistic and high-contrast images.

You can only access it when you activate the alchemy mode. Along with the alchemy feature, it will cost 16 tokens per image. But the result will be worth it!

Prompt Magic V3 Beta
Raw Mode

While Leonardo.ai is an expert in creating new ideas and designs by itself, it sometimes needs to pay attention to what you have mentioned in your prompt. Simply enable Raw mode.

After enabling raw mode, you must add a detailed prompt with everything you want to see in your image. 

In other words, if you want an exact image according to your prompt, enable raw mode.

Leonardo Raw Mode

Prompt Magic Strength 

On this scale, from a ratio of 0.1 to 0.8, you can decide how much influence of prompt magic you want in your image.

It enables you to control the intensity of influence on your final results.

Leonardo Prompt Magic Strength 

High Contrast

Like the Prompt Magic Strength feature, the “high contrast” will be available upon activating the “Prompt Magic V2” option.

High contrast will give darker shadow images with moodier essence.

Leonardo High Contrast

Leonardo Alchemy

When creating lifelike images, a feature in Leonardo known as “Alchemy” is a game changer. It generates 2D images based on your text prompts and reference images.

Alchemy in Leonardo.ai enhances the quality of the images through different styles, high-resolution, contrast boost and resonance.

It works with Leonardo image to image feature and Prompt Magic V2 only.

Leonardo Alchemy

As you enable alchemy, you will see different styles offered to you.

Leonardo Alchemy style

High Resolution 

Enable High resolution if you want an image of good quality with a realistic look. 

It adds details to your image, but you have heard that “Every rose has its thorn”. Enabling high-resolution can make your image go through a diffusion process so you might find malformed features in your photo. 

High Resolution 

Expanded Domain

It increases the creativity range of the image. Expanded domain only works when the Prompt Magic V2 option is enabled. 

When the expanded domain is off: You will get aesthetic images, but the image might not be accurate as the given prompt.

When the expanded domain is on: Alchemy follows your prompt, but the image might not be aesthetical, and anomalies increase.

Expanded Domain

Contrast Boost

Experiment with the brightness and contrast of your image with the ‘Contrast Boost’ option.

By dropping it down, your image will have a softer tone with muted colours and a subtle glow. On the other hand, by turning it up, your image will be transformed into a radiating and dazzling masterpiece.

Set from 0-1 value and see the changes.

Dropping it down


Alchemy comes with a Resonance feature. It adds details to your image. By selecting the range, you decide how much detail your artwork needs. 

It works just like the seasoning for your image. The level between 13 and 15 is a perfect balance, not too plain or spicy. Otherwise, your image will be busy or boring based on your selected value.


Public Images 

The “Public images” option is a paid feature by which you can toggle between public and private images before generating an image. However, you can’t toggle it for previously generated images. 

Public Images 

Input Dimensions

Just like an artist selects a canvas carefully that suits their imagination, Leonardo.ai also offers you a variety of image dimensions you can choose from. 

Furthermore, if you still want to adjust the size to meet your requirement, you can customise the size to make your artwork fit like a glove.

Tip: Alchemy’s final output is higher because of higher resolution and domain, so select accordingly when alchemy is enabled.

Input Dimensions

Guidance Scale

Guidance scale weight your prompt on your image. While using this feature, you don’t need to be concerned about adding excessive details or specific terms. 

However, the Guidance scale will be disabled if you are using the Alchemy feature. 

Guidance Scale

Leonardo Control Net

A tool in Leonardo.ai that allows you to guide the transformation of images is “Control Net”. It lets you control how one image is transformed into another based on specific aspects like pose, style, or composition.

You can enable this tool once you have added your image-to-image reference to select the different modes it offers.

One more thing, ControlNet doesn’t work with Prompt magic and alchemy.

Leonardo Control Net

Leonardo Pose to Image

“Pose to image” is used to recreate an image based on the posture in the input image. 

Leonardo Pose to Image

Edge to Image

It works like you are creating a sketch of the original image. You can use it when retaining the original image’s general shape or outline because it emphasises the contours or edges in the picture.

Edge to Image

Depth to Image

If you want to give your image a 3D look, go straight to the “Depth to Image” option. It can make your flat ideas bloom with three-dimensionality and enhance the tiny details of your image. 

Depth to Image

ControlNet Weight

ControlNet weight adjusts how much effect of the reference image you want in your final output.

If you want your final image to reflect more of your reference image, increase the weight on your Control Net ‘scale’.

ControlNet Weight


Among the many cool tools that Leonardo.ai offers, here’s one more special treat – the “Tiling feature”. 

Whether you envision geometric or floral patterns, Leonardo.ai will not just act like a tool but a complete experience where you can create designs in any colour, theme, or background.


Image Prompt

When words fall short in describing your vision, Leonardo.ai has got your back. Leonardo AI Image prompt is a feature to add an image as a reference to work on that with the text prompt. 

Leonardo.ai will incorporate your image and text prompt into your final result by adding an image prompt, which will reflect your concept. 

Also, the Image prompt works with Prompt Magic, not with Alchemy.

Ensure your image format is PNG and JPG and doesn’t exceed the file size of 5MB.

Image Prompt

Image to Image

The image to Image feature transforms your existing image into a high-quality modified form. You must enter a photo into Leonardo.ai that resembles your idea and enter the prompt.

Image to Image works with Alchemy, but not with Prompt Magic.

Advanced Settings

Leonardo offers some advanced settings that can help you locate your photo and set the image quality.

Used Fixed Seed

As an AI, Leonardo has assigned every image a number you can use when you stumble upon a masterpiece you want to recreate.

The “Fixed Seed” feature will let you recreate your favorite images again and again. All you need to do is to learn how to use seed in leonardo.ai.

Used Fixed Seed


Schedulers are used to manage noise in your images. In easy wording, it is a feature that lets you select the method or algorithm the AI uses to process your images.

However, the choice of the scheduler can depend on the style of work and the specific effect the user wants to achieve because every scheduler produces a different result.

If you still didn’t understand, have a look at the images created by each one of the schedulers 

  1. PNDM
  1. DPM Solver
DPM Solver
  1. DDIM
  1. Euler Discrete
Euler Discrete
  1. Euler Ancestral
Euler Ancestral
  1. KLMS
  1. Leonardo
Step Count

Step count is one of those features that adds extra details to your image. But you will only be able to adjust these step counts once you have selected the scheduler.

The only tiny speed bump is that you will have to wait a little bit more for the image to be generated. Just like a painter takes time to carefully add more colors to the canvas, the step counts work the same.

But don’t worry! The result generated from this will be worth waiting for.


With Leonardo.ai, the world of creativity is at your fingertips as it provides you full control over your artwork. 

The magic begins when you simply log on to Leonardo.ai and provide a thoughtful prompt and with tools like ControlNet and Image Prompt, you can achieve a level of detail and consistency in your images. 

With having many amazing features in Leonardo like prompt magic, alchemy, high resolution, and many more, you don’t even have to worry about adding additional details into your prompt. Only adding your subject would be enough for Leonardo to produce a breathtaking result 


Can I change the images once they are created in Leonardo.ai?

Yes, you can improve the quality of the generated image by upscaling. It cost you five token and upscaling is for paid users.

How can I generate only one image at a time in Leonardo.ai?

Shift your focus to the left side of the screen, you will notice an option for a number of images. You can select the number of images you want to generate as per your requirements. 

How long does it take for Leonardo to generate an image? 

Once you have entered your prompt and adjusted the settings, it will take only 10 seconds to generate your image. 

How many images can I generate in Leonardo? 

With Leonardo image generation, you can generate up to 8 images simultaneously using the same prompt. Each image costs 2 tokens and you receive 150 free tokens every day. Tokens vary with the models you choose to generate images.

What to do if I can not describe my idea to Leonardo through text? 

If you are unable to describe your image through text only, there is another feature for you called “Image Prompt”. You can add an image as a reference for your idea and it will be incorporated with your text prompt into your image.


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