Using Leonardo ai Fixed Seed in Images – A Comprehensive Guide

Fixed Seed Leonardo

In’s excellent image art generation, you might have encountered the issue that it often feels like every image created is a one-time magic trick. Each one is different from the previous one and hard to recreate.

But with a unique feature of, recreating your dear images is not a dream anymore but a beautiful reality. You can quickly bring back your favorite ideas, ensuring they match their inspiration.

This life-saving feature is “Leonardo Ai Fixed Seed.” It is exactly the option made for people like you where you can incorporate the ideas of your desired image into your new artwork.

Leonardo ai Fixed Seed 

Every generation in the AI image generation tool is assigned a specific seed number. Users can trace any picture with that exact seed number. 

Fixed Seed is a secret trick to infuse your inspired image’s essence into your masterpiece. With only a few simple steps, you can blend the spirit of your favorite photo into a fresh creation.

The result generated using a fixed seed will not be the replica of the image but will shine with a brighter resemblance, carrying the ideas of your chosen image’s seed number. 

So, using “Fixed Seed” in your images to create stunning artwork is not rocket science. If you want to sprinkle some inspiration into your pictures, let’s move to how to use the seed in 

How to use Seed in Leonardo AI? 

Usually, users use the fixed seed option to generate the sequence art. Using the Fixed seed, they can create images of the same pattern, style, and theme with more relevancy and linkage. 

If you are already familiar with the AI Image Generation and have all your adjustments done, then you just need to enter the prompts and follow these easy steps to use Fixed Seed in your image.

Head to Advance Setting

Access the image generation and scroll down a bit to access the “Advanced setting” option. Click on the Advance setting.

Leonardo ai Fixed Seed

Enable the Fixed Seed Option

Right after heading to the advanced setting, enable the fixed seed option. 

Enable the Fixed Seed Option

Copy the Seed Number

Every Leonardo picture has a seed of that image in its options. Click on “Copy Seed” to get the number of your inspirational image.

Note: You can’t use the seed number of any image from another’s feed.  

Copy the Seed Number

Paste Seed Number

Once you have copied the seed number, it’s time for you to paste that into the fixed seed bar to see the magic happen. 

Paste Seed Number

Hit Generate 

Once you paste the seed number and add a suitable prompt, quickly click the “Generate” option to see your desired image coming to reality.

Hit Generate 


Instead of saying bye-bye to those fantastic images, you can bring them back to life and mix them with something new to create another stunning piece of artwork. 

Using the fixed seed option, you can easily copy the number of any Leonardo image and paste that into the Fixed Seed bar to create a new image.

We hope you find this blog easy, free, and game-changing. This introduces a new feature that can quickly help you get the image generated of your choice in no time and with no effort. 


Can I use any other picture except for images created by Leonardo in the fixed seed option?

To use the fixed seed option, you need to copy the seed number of the image that only you have generated from the setting of that image. You can copy the seed number of any other platform’s image and use it on 

Does using fixed seed cost any extra tokens?

No, you can use fixed seed absolutely for free. Only the number of images generated will cost you tokens, depending upon the multiple features you are using. will not charge extra tokens to users to use the Fixed Seed in Leonardo. 

Can we use more than one fixed seed for a single image?

The limit of copying fixed seeds for each image is only one. You can only copy one image number at a time, and it is impossible to use the ideas of more than one image in one piece of artwork. You can use the image prompt feature for more than one reference for image generation. 

Can I enable the Fixed Seed feature with the Alchemy, Prompt Magic, or PhotoReal option?

Using features like Alchemy, PhotoReal, or Prompt Magic has nothing to do with the fixed seed option. You can use this feature wherever or whenever you want in


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