Explore the Leonardo Ai Finetuned Models to Strengthen Your Creativity

Leonardo Finetuned Models Razumov Portrait Style

What about generating Images using the Leonardo ai Finetuned Models? Prepare to be amazed as we provide step-by-step guidance on using Leonardo ai Finetuned models for Generating Images.

With the help of fine-tuned models, you can turn your creative concept into a stunning reality. Whether you’re a painter, a designer, or a daydreamer that uses Leonardo Training and Datasets to prepare your own Models.  

Leonardo allows you to use different models like DreamShaper v7, RPG 4.0, etc., to generate images with unique designs like never before, whether you choose it from AI Image Generation or Fintuned Model.

How to Access Leonardo AI Finetuned Models

The method of using all finetuned models is the same whether you select them directly from Leonardo Ai Image Generation or through the Finetuned Models from the Leonardo home screen. 

Head to Leonardo ai Finetuned Models

After accessing the Leonardo home screen, hit the Finetuned Model option, which is presented on the left side.

leonardo tuned

Choose Model

You can see different models and select one of them. For instance, here you are setting the Absolute reality v1.6. 

Leonardo Ai Finetuned Models

Click Generate with this Model

Now, click on “Generate with this model”.

Leonardo Generate Model

Enter Prompt

Type the prompt in the Prompt Typing box, which you can see at the top of the leonardo.ai page.

Leonardo Finetuned Prompt

Select Leonardo Style

Hit on the Leonardo.ai style after entering the prompt. Leonardo style will only be accessible if you enable the Leonardo Alchemy.

Leonardo Finetuned Style

Select Image Properties

Now set the image properties; for instance, you select 2 images, alchemy and photoreal, to generate the image.

Leonardo Finetuned Properties

“You can change the Guidance Scale; for instance, here you are setting 7 and change the tiling, which is presently off.”

Leonardo Finetuned Properties Panel

Hit Generate

Hit the Generate option.

Leonardo Finetuned Generate

Get Results

So you can see the results.

Leonardo Finetuned Results

Leonardo AI Fine-tuned Models and Specifications With Images

Leonardo ai every model has a unique enchantment that weaves an array of imagination and creativity.  

Now, let us go see the marvelous effects of these Leonardo ai Models!”

Leonardo FineTuned Platform Models

Leonardo ai finetuned platform models are refined versions of the original Leonardo model adapted to various jobs and features. 

You can experience increased performance and precision in your projects with the Leonardo FineTuned “Platform” Models, making complex jobs seem simple. 

With these thoughtfully designed models, you can unleash the potential of specialization and take your work to new levels.

Let’s proceed ahead and experience  Leonardo’s Finetuned Platform models.

3D Animation Style

The “3D Animation Style” model is trained on 3D film vibes and can generate complex scenes with rich color. 

Prompt: Indulge oneself in a delightful 3D Steampunk journey with Clockwork Paradise.

Leonardo FineTuned Platform Models

Absolute Reality v1.6

When creating photorealistic art, this model is your best bet. It brings your works to life with outstanding realism and lifelike details. 

Prompt: Photorealistic Portrait Full of Happy Expression Feelings, extremely detailed light brown eyes, her skin and blue eyes illuminated by a starless night, her brown hair falling down his back Sitting on a bench in a Garden.

Leonardo Finetuned models Absolute Reality v1.6


The Amulet model is trained to generate unique and ornate amulets, jewelry, and more. You need to use specific terms in your prompt to develop a particular talisman.

Prompt: shimmering amulet, emit radiance, intricately carved, hyper-realistic photograph, 8K resolution.

Leonardo Finetuned models Amulets

Anime Pastel Dream

The “anime pastel dream” is trained on anime image generation. When you combine the prompt with PMv3 and the anime preset, you will get pastel-styling anime images.

Prompt: ethereal anime girl surrounded by soft flowers shimmering eyes, flowy hair, and colorful ribbons. Enchanting environment, painting, delicate pastel shades, highly detailed.

Leonardo Finetuned models Anime Pastel Dream

Battle Axes

The battle Axes model allows you to create intricate axe designs easily. Whether a medieval battle axe or a modern chopping axe, this versatile tool is ideal for creating unique, detailed layouts.

Prompt: fantasy battle axes against a moss-covered stone, intricate designs, set within a lush forest glade, blend fantastical hues with intricate details.

Leonardo Finetuned models Battle Axes

Character Portraits

Using this model, you can create fantastic RPG characters from all classes, all in a fascinating and consistent style. 

Prompt: a woman with a voluminous bun and glowing, luminous skin, The character’s eyes should have a mystical depth to them, and she should look to be connected to the cosmos.

Leonardo Finetuned models Character Portraits

Chest Armor

With this Model, you can create a diverse array of chest armor, ranging from the beautiful armor of ancient knights to advanced warriors’ future exoskeletons.

Prompt: Majestic warrior decked out in glittering chest armor covered with elaborate celestial patterns, with the warrior’s ethereal aura,  an otherworldly radiance. The breastplate depicts a magnificent phoenix; the polished surface captures the essence of an infinite universe in fascinating hues of deep cosmic blues.

Leonardo Finetuned models Chest Armour

Christmas Stickers

This model has created stickers whether you’re looking for beautiful and colorful patterns to spread joy to the little ones or traditional and exquisite stickers to add a touch of elegance to your holiday décor.

Prompt: Beautifully decorated Christmas tree sticker with a Santa Claus

Leonardo Finetuned models Christmas Stickers

Crystal Deposits

This model is ideal for creating beautiful and attractive crystals that can be utilized as precious products or integrated effortlessly into a stunning isometric landscape.

Prompt: Create a captivating crystal deposit within an underground cavern with a dazzling array of shimmering gems and bright colors.

Leonardo Finetuned models Crystals Deposit

Crystal Deposits Alternate

You can generate astonishingly realistic crystal forms with the alternate crystal deposits model. When employing “object” and “3D Vray render,” this new approach adds a touch of reality to your creations.

Prompt: a yellow crystal, gleaming like a golden treasure in the darkness. This 3D Vray render captures the mesmerizing beauty of the object with stunning realism. The crystal’s facets reflect light, creating a dazzling display of colors and patterns. 

Leonardo Finetuned models Crystals Deposit Alternate

Cute Animals Characters

This model is perfect for you when you are making beautiful animal characters – loveable and playful designs.

Prompt: a full-body cute kitten character

Leonardo Finetuned models Cuet Animals

Cute Characters

You can use this fantastic model to build charming and attractive game characters, giving a touch of power to your game creation.

Tip: Use the word “character” in your prompt to bring these adorable creatures to reality.

Prompt: Create a young Female character with brown hair dressed in magical clothes

Leonardo Finetuned models Cute Characters

Deliberate 1.1

Deliberate 1.1 generates high-quality, realistic images as well as artistic works. It merges cutting-edge technology to provide outstanding results for various creative reasons.

Prompt: a gorgeous lady with hazel eyes full of wisdom and power, standing in the neon-lit metropolis surrounding her, wearing black clothing with rusted metal armor plates, long hair, tattooed hands, fashion pose, and detailed symmetry, looking into the camera.

Leonardo Finetuned models Delebrate

DreamShaper 3.2

DreamShaper 3.2 is a versatile model known for its remarkable portrait styles and beautiful backgrounds. It generates unique and fascinating outcomes.

Prompt: a gorgeous girl with brown roll hair, a high-resolution masterpiece with an adorable expression, and a blue and golden outfit, clean image, and excellent resolution.

Leonardo Finetuned models Dremshaper

Dream Shaper v5

DreamShaper v5 model provides a wide range of possibilities in both photorealistic and anime-style creations. 

With its noise offset training, this adaptable model ensures you can create unique and realistic results while retaining the beauty of anime-inspired artwork.

Prompt: Awe-inspiring blend of comic book art, with a rich pallet of natural colors, a little Vietnamese girl, Armed with a machete, a fearsome snake faces forth against towering dinosaurs with unshakable bravery.

Leonardo Finetuned models Dremshaper V5

DreamShaper v6

DreamShaper V6 is the perfect model for disposal to create stunning photos of people, engaging landscapes, splash art, and unique interiors.

Prompt: Sojourners in the Heavens Ethereal beings wandering across the cosmos, surrounded by celestial splendor, beauty is highlighted in the artwork,  the hyper-realistic colors,8K resolution with dramatic lighting, embodies the techniques of painters 

Leonardo Finetuned models Dremshaper V6

DreamShaper v7

The model demonstrates its abilities in various styles to generate stunning landscapes, detailed patterns, and attractive portraits. You can create images related to food, logo, and t-shirt designs.

Prompt: A captivating graphic design t-shirt depicting Harry Potter’s trip on a vivid London street, a harmonic blend of brilliant tones, and professional imagery of an enthralling smoke.

Leonardo Finetuned models Dremshaper V7

Isometric Asteroid Tiles

You can use this model to generate magnificent isometric asteroid environment tiles. With the help of “3D Vray Render” and “Unreal Engine,” you can develop stunning, elaborately textured tiles that are presently popular.

Prompt: a visually spectacular isometric tile, Unreal Engine, portraying the sense of a bustling mining town on an asteroid.

Isometric Fantasy

This model is suitable for all types of Architectural Imagination. You can create 3D Vray renders with an isometric viewpoint. Set your guide scale to 6 and watch as magnificent landscapes and fascinating environments appear in front of your eyes.

Prompt: an architectural fantasy world with an airy floating metropolis, highly designed construction sites, mystical airships, falling water, realistic effect, guideline scale of 6.

Leonardo Finetuned models Fantasy

Isometric Sci fi Buildings

Excellent in designing sci-fi structures with a variety of themes. Add the term “isometric” to your prompt to ensure an isometric view. Consider adding “3D Vray render” to enhance your creations with breathtaking realism and lighting effects. 

Prompt: a sci-fi building located within a beautiful alien within forest, boasting isometric features that show its harmonic interaction with the environment.

Leonardo Finetuned models Sci Fi Buildings

Leonardo Creative

Leonardo Creative is an alternate model of SD 2.1 finetune that adds a little more artistic interpretation to the mix. This alternative allows you to discover and experiment with ideas with a new and innovative twist.

Prompt: a futuristic cityscape that combines building, nature, and technology

Leonardo Finetuned models Leonardo Creative

Leonardo Diffusion

The Stable Diffusion model generates great shading and contrast well, making it a suitable choice for images with different artistic approaches.

Prompt: Embracing Nature’s Beauty, a Scenic Landscape with Dynamic Shading and Contrast

Leonardo Finetuned models Leonardo Diffusion

Leonardo Select

This fine-tuned version is your go-to tool for astonishingly realistic results. SD 2.1 enhancement that will bring your works to life with outstanding realism. 

You can take your work to a new level of authenticity with Leonardo Select, allowing your artistic concepts to shine.

Prompt: a t-shirt graphic showing a highly detailed and lifelike Beetle Volkswagen in vintage style, set against a calm morning backdrop.

Leonardo Finetuned models Leonardo Select

Leonardo Signature

This creative powerhouse model provides superior variety and efficacy for your finetuning requirements. You can use this model for different art patterns, coloring book art, t-shirt designs, etc.

Prompt: an action-packed image of a biker in the center of a wild journey, surrounded by a vivid Synthwave-inspired ambiance. The T-shirt vector is surrounded by a captivating circle design.

Leonardo Finetuned models Leonardo Signature

Magic Items

Using the Magic model, you can make various magical things like swords, shields, boots, and books adaptable.

Prompt: a magical box, an ancient scale that gives elemental powers, a dazzling celestial lantern that shows invisible routes.

Leonardo Finetuned models Magic Items

Magic Potions

The Magic Potions is a fantastic model for constructing unique semi-realistic magic tinctures. Add an “intricately detailed, 3d vray render” to your prompt.

Prompt:  a vial of colorful liquid that offers invisibility, a gleaming potion that grants the capacity to fly, a whirling mixture that reveals secret memories, and a that alters one’s look.

Leonardo Finetuned models Magic Potions

Pixel Art 

A pixel art model that was first trained on headshots, but it demonstrates an extraordinary level of adaptability to a wide range of subjects. 

Prompt: a digital artwork of a beautiful woodland filled with colorful vegetation and charmed creatures.

Leonardo Finetuned models Pixel Art

RPG 4.0

This model is suitable for generating RPG character portraits with high photorealism.

Prompt: A ferocious beastmaster with animal friends who wear rugged leather equipment and wields a magical vine-encrusted staff. The setting is lush with life in the uncontrolled wilderness, alive with fantastic animals.

Leonardo Finetuned models RPG 4.0

RPG v5

RPG character model is designed to accommodate any character you can think of in role-playing games.

Prompt: A captivating depiction of the Queen of Hearts in an elegantly designed gown, the setting emits an unearthly allure reminiscent of a fantasy fairy tale.

Leonardo Finetuned models RPG 5.0

SDXL 0.9

The SDXL model is the most recent advancement in Stable Diffusion technology. It provides you with a significant improvement in image quality. You can use it for coloring art, painting texture, and more art.

Prompt: Create printable coloring sheets featuring mermaids, beautiful fish, seahorses, and undersea palaces. The drawing style lends a magical touch to the aquatic environment.

Leonardo Finetuned models SDXL


With this mode, you can create various elaborately detailed shield designs, allowing for various material types.

Prompt: A futuristic shield that blends cutting-edge technology with conventional aesthetics.

Leonardo Finetuned models Shields

Spirit Creatures

You can use this amazing model to create many adorable and mystical spirit characters. 

Prompt: A sweet spirit creature with sparkling wings and a friendly temperament who works as the magical woodland’s protector

Leonardo Finetuned models Spirit Creatures

Vintage Style Photography

This model can generate a wide range of visuals in a vintage style as if captured on film. You can turn your modern images into attractive and vintage works of art.

Prompt: This stunning digital illustration captures the colorful energy and ambiance of Hong Kong’s bustling red-light districts. Immerse the viewer in the center of the action in this comic-style artwork, highlighting the vivid craziness of the metropolis

Leonardo Finetuned models Vintage

Leonardo FineTuned Community Models

Leonardo.ai makes it easier for you to generate and share your own picture model.

These shared user models are displayed under ‘Community Models’ and can be used to make photos by anyone.

Here are some commonly used community models by users with their features.

T Borodinauskas

This amazing model is suitable for generating interesting coloring pages and attractive logos.

Prompt: A competent logo with the uppercase character “M”

Leonardo FineTuned Community Models

Razumov Portrait Style

The Razumov Portrait Style model is the perfect tool for creating your portrait-style photography that captures a person’s personality. 

Prompt: a woman walks down a bustling street, Each brushstroke captures the beautiful features of her face in the style of Inessa Garmash, the light bronze and white tones, this 8K maximalist photo illustration

Leonardo Finetuned Models Razumov Portrait Style

Stable Diffusion 1.5

This model is a creative model that is proficient at both photorealism and artistic creation.

Prompt: Create an Attractive Scene with Rich Colours and Photorealistic Features in Ethereal Fantasy Realm

Leonardo Finetuned Models Stable Diffusion 1.5

Stable Diffusion 2.1

You can use this model for t-shirt designs, shading, and contrast. It will be great for artistic styles and photos.

Prompt: A peaceful woodland, a little panda bathed in gentle, golden sunlight, and a beautiful brook meanders over the terrain, waters reflecting the vivid flora and fauna surrounding it

Leonardo Finetuned Models Stable Diffusion 2.1


Overall, with AI advancements, Leonardo.ai’s finetuned models can provide you with even more fantastic opportunities in the future to improve your creativity and artistic expression.

So, keep in touch with Leonardo.AI to be the first to experience innovative features and elevate your artistry.


Is it possible to employ various fine-tuned models to suit various artistic styles?

Leonardo.ai  offers several fine-tuned models, including DreamShaper v7, RPG 4.0, and Isometric Fantasy. Every model has been created to support various artistic techniques, enabling you to make unique and gorgeous creations.

Are the Finetuned models appropriate for both traditional and digital artists?

Yes! Leonardo.AI’s fine-tuned models allow conventional and digital artists to improve their creativity. These models can be valuable tools in your artistic journey, whether you work with electronic media or prefer conventional art approaches.

How can we be up to date on new Leonardo.AI upgrades and features?

Connect with the website via regular logins and subscribe to emails or notifications given by the service to be updated about Leonardo’s newest developments and functions.


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