Leonardo ai Canvas – Ultimate Guide

Leonardo ai Canvas

Leonardo.ai has already marked its impact on the design field and is one of the most compatible AI tools users use. You might wonder how Leonardo.ai is rising compared to other AI tools in the coming days.

Let’s move to the features that Leonardo has updated on its platform. One of its beta features you will explore in this article is “Leonardo.ai Canvas.” Along with Leonardo Prompt Generator, Canvas is a mind-blowing tool for emerging artists.

Leonardo.ai compared to Midjourney AI, has a few extra capabilities that make it more demanding in AI art tools. 

In this blog, you will see the Leonardo AI canvas and its exciting features in detail.

Leonardo ai Canvas

In new and unique ways, you may create and modify AI art images with Leonardo.ai canvas, a potent, easy, and user-friendly editor. 

With the help of this canvas editor, you can effortlessly extend information, visually fix and polish details, change styles, create composite artwork, and produce eye-catching photomontages.

Let’s see how you can utilize Leonardo canvas for editing images and discover some wonders of this app.

Use of Leonardo ai Canvas

You can edit photos using Leonardo.ai based on a specific position. The users can also upload a photo showing themselves in the desired pose into the canvas to use this feature.

Leonardo.ai canvas is trained on the models available to enhance and edit the illustrations you enter into the platform to avail features.

You are being shared with a guide to using Leonardo.ai Canvas right after getting a Leonardo.ai Subscription.

Head to AI Canvas

When you get the subscription, log on to Leonardo.ai and head to Leonardo.AI Canvas.

Upload image

Click the “Upload Image” button from the toolbar’s left side.

You can upload images from your hard drive, choose one you’ve already created, or even from the Community Feed.

Select Model

Start using Canvas by selecting the models shown on the right-hand bar. Pick any model to adjust the image editing based on trained parameters.

Leonardo ai Canvas

Select Canvas Mode

You are given four canvas modes. 

Choose the canvas mode accordingly. 

The image has been uploaded, so Inpaint/Outpaint mode has been chosen to blend the uploaded image’s few parts smoothly. 

Tip: Enable the outpaint to extend the image. 

Set Inpaint Strength Value

The inpaint strength value will affect the blending of the new generation with the old image.

Set the Actual Editing Window

Set the Window on the place of the image where you want to edit based on your selected canvas mode.

Select the Number of Images 

You’re given the range of 1-4 images for image generation at a time. Select the number of pictures so it can generate or edit the photo depending on your prompt. 

Image dimensions

Adjust your image dimensions from the table given. The canvas will edit the image of the size you select for your image modification.

Render Density

Another new feature that Leonardo.ai introduced reduces the generation context’s size and boosts the pixel frequency.

Write a Prompt

Enter your prompt in the ‘Prompt’ text area, then hit the ‘Generate’ button to create fresh content.

Download your artwork

Your artwork will be generated within a few minutes. Now, you can download your image by clicking the ‘download’ button in the corner.

Let me show you the uploaded image and Leonardo AI Canvas’s work. 

You can now clearly see the difference between both images. It’s a time-consuming app, but it will blow your mind when the result comes out.

It is okay if we say this app is truly an AI artist’s dream come true.

Features of Leonardo ai Canvas

By going deep into Leonardo.ai canvas editor, some more features will make you speechless of its creativity.


On the canvas, begin a typical Leonardo.ai generation from scratch while ignoring the nearby content.

Prompt: A big wolf roaring in the night

In the text-to-image, you will also have all the Leonardo AI image generation options in the AI Canvas.


By pressing the outpaint option, you can expand your image quality. 

By enabling the inpainting, you can generate something currently in your image. The strength will deviate from the original more as it gets stronger.

From the generated image on Canvas, the Outpaint option has been enabled to use Canvas’s Inpaint and Outpaint tools.

Prompt: Golden lightning strikes in between, and on the left, a guy walks with a wolf in the jungle.


Change the underlying material slightly or fully and equally adaptable for minor changes and complete redesigns.


Create AI-generated images from your sketches as distinct parts or as part of larger compositions.


By erasing a specific area, undesired components are removed, and you can blend the two images by forming a new photo. 

Draw Mask

To modify your image, you can use the ‘masking’ feature to edit some specific parts of your pictures. 

For example, a necklace has been added smoothly to the image without erasing the neck area.


A compelling text-to-image generator with AI is called Leonardo.ai. Despite being in its initial stages, it has already shown that it can create various pictures, sketches, and inpainting with just a few steps.

As a result, Leonardo.ai canvas is a revolutionary platform for AI picture generation that enables users to realize their full creative potential.


How does the Leonardo.ai app operate?

The generation view clearly shows how many tokens you still have, as Leonardo.ai runs on a token-based mechanism. Each created image will utilize a certain amount of tokens.

Does Leonardo.ai have the ability to create high-quality AI images?

Yes, Leonardo.ai can produce excellent-quality AI images. You can generate realistic, anime, 3D, cartoon, and different textured prints through the platform.

Does the AI Canvas operate on the free version of Leonardo?

You can use AI Canvas on a free trial, but the only limitation is tokens. You will be offered a limited amount of tokens, which you can utilize in image generation, Canvas, or 3D texture generations.

What are the benefits of Leonardo.ai?

Firstly, Leonardo.ai is a user-friendly app; it is free, and secondly, you can create your own images for commercial purposes.


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