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Leonardo Cute anime girls 1.0

Leonardo.ai is a platform known for its wonderful gaming assets because users can easily get images according to their demands. Still, it also grabs the attention of anime lovers due to its power to generate their pieces of craft free of cost compared to other tools. 

Leonardo.ai Anime prompts can spark your thoughts, test your boundaries, and empower you to create unique and progress in anime art.

This article will present how Leonardo.ai Anime Prompts will help you take your artwork to the next dimension. 

What are Leonardo.ai Anime Prompts?

Leonardo.ai Anime prompts are Japanese animation-style prompts that you can generate by giving particular details in your prompt. The generated visuals will illustrate the style and beauty often associated with any anime.

You may enter information about character designs, environments, moods, and atmosphere, all intended to reproduce the distinctive look and feel of anime graphics accurately.

How can you generate images with Leonardo.ai Anime Prompts?

To generate the amazing anime prompts by leonardo.ai, here is a simplified step-by-step guide for your images. Let’s move towards the Ai image generation in Leonardo to generate anime text prompts.

Click AI Image Generation

The first step is to select an AI image generation tool.

leonardo ai anime prompts

Write Anime Prompt in Leonardo

In this step if you are not selecting an anime model, you must just write an anime prompt using keywords; however, if you are selecting an anime model, you only need to write simple prompts.

anime prompt Leonardo

Choose the Model

Click on the model you wish to use, then proceed to the model’s generation page. 

Here you can see the model used for image generation is DreamShaper V5, which is trained in anime creation.

leonardo prompts

Select the Image Settings

You can view the following options from the side bar:

  1. Total tokens left for image production
  2. Number of output images you can create at least upto 8 images.
  3. The size of the image shows the dimensions of your picture.
  4. Magic of the Prompt: Makes the image correspond to your prompt more closely.
best leonardo prompts

Hit the generate

Now hit the ‘generate’ button and your image will start creating.

leonardo.ai anime prompts

Final stage

In this way, you get the desired result that matches your prompts as shown below:

leonardo ai

You can see that just entering the prompt into the specific anime-trained model will generate the best images. Results are in front of you and you can have an idea of Leonardo’s anime generation feature.

Anime Models in Leonardo.ai

You can also create anime images from the different platform and community models as per your demands. Here is an example from some of them.

Leonardo Dreamshaper v5 (Platform model)

A young girl stands atop a jagged mountain peak, her arms outstretched, her gaze fixed on the distant horizon in search of a glimmer of hope.

Leonardo Dreamshaper v5

In this picture I think I got the result as I wanted, the image quality is totally fine and done justice with the image generation.

Leonardo Dreamshaper 3.2

A brave and determined fighter, a young boy with a sword in hand, ready to take on any challenge, rendered in a two-dimensional, planar vector style with a cartoon-like, Ghibli-inspired, retro-style blue superhero costume.

Leonardo Dreamshaper 3.2

In this image you can see a young boy with a sword in his hand looks quite well but the picture quality does not provide the accurate result. 

Leonardo Cute anime girls 1.0 (Community Models)

A young girl in a chair, her eyes hidden behind glasses, her hair billowing in the wind, her face partially obscured by a book she is reading.

Leonardo Cute anime girls 1.0

In the above image you can identify that it provides the anime character well suited with the prompt but the outcome is not satisfactory as there is an issue in hands.

Keywords for Generating Anime Images in Leonardo

There are several models that are not made for anime, but you can still produce anime prompts by utilising these keywords. Here is a list of prompt keywords to help you to design better prompts and receive spectacular results. 

Famous Anime Characters

It’s challenging to compile this list. You can however, use well-known anime characters that readers should be familiar with. The fact that you will use some of these anime characters to make some Leonardo.ai anime art in this article. So, below is the ranking of the most famous anime characters:

  1. Kakashi hatake from Naruto manga
  2. Goku from dragon ball series
  3. Lelouch Lamperogue (Code geass)
  4. Roronoa Zoro (One piece)
  5. Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto series
  6. Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Here I use the anime character Kakashi hatake from Naruto manga in the prompt and it generates the image based on it.

Figures and toy

The following keywords are the best options for finding amazingly lifelike images of action figures, toys, and figures. 

Chibi characters

Toy like feature

Small appearance

leonardo anime

I wrote a  prompt that created the image. Here I want toy-like features and chibi character and boom it generates as per the demands.

Stunning Anime backgrounds

Here are some recommendations of animators who might offer imaginative and excellent inspiration if you want to create a visual backdrop to your project.

Mamoru Oshii, Ghost in the Shell

Hideaki Anno, Evangelion

Makoto Shinkai, Your Name

Tatsuyuki Nagai, Anthem of the Heart 

leonardo environment

Now here you can also add places like Landscape, hotels,cinema,bus stations, jungles or any scene in your mind and it will fulfil your orders.

Vintage Anime Theme

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. You can incorporate the following to create a vintage anime look:

1980s old version

1990s old version

Retro style

leonardo ai prompts

You can also add some vintage types keywords for your anime here. I use the anime prompts ‘1980s anime style young girl’ and it gives it the proper look of that era. 


Popular Japanese art known as manga is well-known for its distinctive concept of character design. It provides a wide range of genres and is therefore a readily available source of interest for the population of Japan.You can use:  

Manga animation

Manga adventure

Manga graphics

Manga comics

Manga drama

leonardo manga art

As you can see, the term “manga” encompasses all forms of animation, comics, and cartooning so by adding this keyword ‘manga’ you can easily get the sketch. 

Futuristic Design

Science fiction anime takes place in a fantastical future world with advanced technology, time travel, and other futuristic concepts.

Numerous high-quality sci-fi anime have been made in Japan over the years, ranging from the first anime films to the most recent anime shows. In addition to fantasy fiction, you can also discuss ideas from cyberpunk, mecha, adventure,architecture,photomontage and polychromatic effects.

leonardo futuristic

By adding colours,holographic rays of sunlight and cinematic view to your prompts you can generate the images with great lighting effects.here i use a keyword ‘A colourful, stylized crowd of anime fans, immersed in the cinematic experience of the movie theater’.

Characters ideas and Design papers

Character creation for animated films, comic books, TV shows, toys, and magazines is referred to as character design. An initial idea for a character is  a set of personality, actions, and physical characteristics.

The character is then sketched by the designer or brought to life with design tools for print, screen, or real objects.  

leonardo character

 You can write a brief description of the character’s personality along with the name of your character. The role of the character in your story should be briefly explained in the prompt, which should not be longer than a few sentences.

With the following keywords you can explore different kinds of design to write anime prompts.

Different Types of Anime Prompts in Leonardo

Here is a quick overview of how you may improve your anime by simply coming up with prompts.

Prompt 1

Goku stands on top of a rocky mountain,illuminated by the rising sun,his face contorted in rage.

leonardo ai

Prompt 2

A vibrant, surreal landscape featuring Hideaki Anno, surrounded by a sea of Evangelion robots.

leonardo helicopter

Prompt 3

A vibrant 1980s Anime-style portrait of a young girl with a beaming smile and rounded eyes, her half-length hair cascading down her back against a dreamy, pastel-hued sky.

leonardo girl prompt

Prompt 4

Four friends in a cozy cafe, illuminated by holographic rays of sunlight, enjoying their favourite desert and sharing stories.

leonardo prompts

Prompt 5

A mysterious anime character with manga screen tones, illustrated in a pencil sketch style with a dark, mysterious atmosphere.

leonardo grey scale

Prompt 6

A tiny Japanese anime boy with a soft, round face and a pastel blue outfit, standing in a playful pose with a toy-like appearance.

leonardo baby prompt

Prompt 7

A melancholic anime scene of a rainy night, with Levi Ackerman standing in the shadows of a bus stop, his straight black hair and broad, furious grey eyes illuminated by the streetlight. He holds an umbrella in one hand, and a mysterious package in the other.


Prompt 8

A stunning Korean girl stands in the rain, her vivid anime style clothing shimmering in the night as she stands in the city streets.

leonardo game

Prompt 9

Eren Yeager is the talk of the town as he arrives at the red carpet, his black suit and angular jawline making him look like a celebrity.

leonardo dresscode

Prompt 10

A lush anime jungle with mythical creatures, long coconut trees, and pointed bushes, illuminated by a captivating starlight, featuring a young girl standing alone with her faithful companion, painting a digital masterpiece. 



As you can see, the Leonardo.ai Anime prompt feature looks absolutely incredible, and it’s amazing to learn how this platform is expanding the possibilities where you feel free to modify and try out various prompts to find your creative flow.

A great method to refine your design abilities and create original anime character designs is to experiment with design prompts.It can aid in stretching the limits of your imagination and provide you with the opportunity to experiment with various references and methods.

By this way you can try out several elements by using Leonardo Anime prompts to give your character a more intriguing appearance.So, enjoy exploring Leonardo AI’s potential and let your imagination go crazy!


How can Leonardo.ai anime prompts come about?

The models are trained using large amounts of text data, such as existing anime descriptions, character biographies, and story summaries. Based on these characteristics, Leonardo.ai may generate unique and innovative anime prompts by analysing this data.

Is there any specific mode for creating images from anime prompts in Leonardo AI?

No, Leonardo.ai enables the users to rapidly build stunning anime character designs free of cost.

Is it true that Leonardo.ai Anime prompts are always correct and of excellent quality?

The accuracy and quality of Leonardo.ai Anime prompts can vary.Sometimes when the ideas generated are illogical or require more improvement. It is the user’s responsibility to filter and customise the prompts to meet their individual needs.

How many prompts are we allowed to ideate in Leonardo.ai Anime prompt?

We can come up with 1000 prompts every month.


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