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ReLogin to your Instagram account

Suppose you are an influencer or a celebrity having collaboration issues in connecting with brands. You might think that it’s your device or app or that it is an update issue. But let’s fix it together through this article.

Basically, invite collaboration is a feature on Instagram where two users share their Post / Reel as one post to increase their popularity or followers. But sometimes, due to different bugs, this feature doesn’t respond, and influencers can be stuck in their career progress.

If you are in the same trouble, having the problem of invitation collaboration not showing on Instagram. You will get complete information through this article, where you will get all causes and fixes related to inviting collaboration on Instagram.

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Troubleshoot Invite Collaborator Instagram Not Working to Share Post- Story- Reel 

You can have the Invite Collaboration issue on Instagram for several reasons. But the main question that arises here is how to detect them. 

So, I have collected all the basic and proficient level causes that can lead to an Invite Collaborator Instagram issue.

So, let’s start discussing them. 

1. Disable Private Account

Suppose you are not receiving any invite collaboration feature on your Instagram.  In that case, it must be because either you have a private account or the person who wants to collaborate with you has a private account. 

Check your Instagram settings; if you find your account private, turn it on to a public account.

  • Head to the Instagram app.
  • Click the profile and select three lines.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Disable “private account”.

Or, if you already have a public account, ask the next person to check his Instagram private account settings.

Invite Collaborator Instagram Not Working

2. Switch To A Business/Professional Account

The invite collaborator feature on Instagram is beneficial for the users who market themselves on the platform. It includes influencers, content creators, brand managers, and many others. 

So, if you are one of them and cannot find the “invite collaboration” option on posting posts, you must set your account to professional. 

  • Open an Instagram account.
  • Go to Profile.
  • Click the Hamburger menu.
  • Click Settings & Privacy.
  • Click accounts, then click on a professional account.
Switch To A Business Professional Account

3. Allow People to Tag You on Instagram

Some content creators or beginners have a public account but still have the collaboration issue, So you should check your account tagging settings. 

Allow the people to tag you on Instagram. So, when someone tags you in a post/reel, you will get a notification on your phone. 

Let’s have a look to enable tagging from any person.

  • Head to Instagram.
  • Go to the profile.
  • Hit three lines.
Allow People to Tag You on Instagram
  • Click Settings or Privacy.
  • Click Privacy
  • Click tags.
Allow People to Tag You on Instagram - Tags
  • Select “Everyone.”
Allow People to Tag You on Instagram Select Everyone

And now you are done.

4. Force Stop Instagram

If the Instagram app catches an error or glitch or gets a bug, some features might get stuck and will not respond to certain events. In this case, there is a high chance that your invite collaboration feature will not appear on the app.

Therefore, you must “force stop the Instagram app” to clean up and kill the bug that appears on your app. Your app RAM space will get clean, and you can have a smooth running app.

  • Long press the Instagram app and tap the icon info. 
  • On other Android devices, you need to head to settings> apps> Instagram app.
Force Stop Instagram
  • Tap “force stop”.
Instagram Force Stop

Refresh your app and open it again.

5. Authenticate Your Instagram Account

Instagram account interface update, and if the user doesn’t update his credentials, the app automatically stops certain features from working. Therefore, you need to authenticate your account and log back in with the updated credentials. 

To authenticate your account, follow the steps below to make your scrolling and tagging faster.

  • Open Instagram and hit “profile.”
Authenticate Your Instagram Account
  • Click the Hamburger menu.
Authenticate Your Instagram Account Hamburger Menu
  • Click “Settings.” 
Authenticate Your Instagram Account Settings
  • Scroll down and hit “log out.”
Logout Instagram

Now log in again with your password and username.

6. Clear Instagram Cache

Suppose you use your account constantly; then the temporary files will be overfilling your data. If your engagement increases but you need more space, and your invite collaboration feature stops responding.  

You need to clear the cache from your Instagram app through the settings of your phone. The clear cache will only delete your surfing data, not your app essentials. 

For Android:

Head to Settings> Apps> Instagram> Storage> Clear cache.

Clear Instagram Cache in Android

For iPhone:

Head to Settings> iPhone storage> Instagram> Offload Instagram.

7. Update Instagram

When Invite Collaboration is not showing on your app along with other features, you might miss the new update. You need to update your Instagram from the Play Store. 

Sometimes, avoiding the update is reasonable, but you must update your app for security and private purposes. 

  • Open play store
  • Tap the search bar, then Search “Instagram.”
  • Click up-to-date to update your app.
Update Instagram

8. Check Instagram Status 

Instagram servers sometimes have an outage issue due to several reasons, which causes the Invite Collaborator feature to disappear. You can get help from the downdetector in resolving the Outage issue. 

9. Invite Collaborator Before Uploading A Post

Before uploading a post, tap on Invite Collaboration and select which you would like to invite to your post. You can add more than one collaboration at a time, but it must be before publishing. 

If you forget to invite collaboration, you need to delete your post and repost it. Instagram gives you the capacity to add three invite collaborations in one post. 

10. ReLogin to your Instagram account

The easiest way to resolve the Instagram invite collaboration feature or other kinds of problems is to log out and log in again. 

To log out, follow the arrows and steps shown in the image.

Head to Instagram> profile> hamburger menu> Settings & Privacy> Log out

ReLogin to your Instagram account

To log in again.

Login again your Instagram account

11. Join Beta Program (Only Android)

Instagram launched its beta feature to test its new features on a specific amount of people. So, if your Invite Collaborator feature is not working efficiently, you need to join the Beta program from the Play Store. 

After joining the beta program, many new features will be unlocked for you. 

Follow the instructions to be in the Instagram beta program.

  • Open Play Store.
  • Search Instagram.
  • Scroll a bit.
  • Click Join under the Join beta.

12. Get Connected to Instagram Help Team

Suppose you have tried everything but are still facing the same issue and have tried every fix. The last option for you is to contact the Instagram support team to resolve your solution.

Follow the steps to get help from the Instagram Support team.

  • Open Instagram.
  • Head to Profile.
  • Click Hamburger Menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap on Help.
  • Now click report or support request.
Get Connected to Instagram Help Team

Where Do I Find or Use Invite Collaboration Feature On Instagram?

You can find the Instagram Invitation to Collaborators option only if you are logging in by public or professional accounts. So make sure that your account is public and that you allow people to tag you on Instagram. 

Now that you have enabled the public and tagging on the account. Let’s see where you can find the Invite Collaborator option.

  • Click Plus to upload any new reel or post.
Use Invite Collaboration Feature On Instagram
  • Select Image or Video.
Collaboration Feature On Instagram
  • Tap Next.
Collaboration Feature On Instagram Next
  • Tap “Tag People and Add Collaborators.”
Tag People and Add Collaborators
  • Now, click tag to tag people with their username, and Invite Collaborators to show your partnership in your video or post.
Invite Collaborators to show your partnership
  • Tap Tick to post.
Tap Tick to post

You are all done; now, you can collaborate with your brands and people to reach your target.

Can Private Instagram Accounts Have Access to Invite Collaborators?

Absolutely Yes! Private Instagram account holders can also access the Invite Collaborator option, but the business they are collaborating with must have a public or professional account. Your Instagram account status doesn’t matter. 

However, private account holders can only invite collaborators but can’t accept invitations. So, make sure that the user must be a public account holder when sending the collaborator link.

Is Invite Collaborator Setting Can Be Change After Posting?

Sadly no. Invite collaboration can not be edited once you post the content with collaboration on your feed. 

Likewise, if you want to add or remove any collaborator, you can post new content, but you can’t edit the same one. 

Why I Can’t Accept Collaboration on Instagram?

If you are not able to accept the “invite collaboration” request on Instagram, it may be because your account status is set to private. Another reason can be that the user who wants to collaborate with you is not following you on Instagram.

Make sure your account is of business or professional status and that both the user and collaborator are following each other. 


The invite collaborator feature on Instagram is one of the best features for brands and influencers to connect and make content with other users. Make sure that before posting a reel, you remember to invite collaboration.

These little fixes can be your biggest saviour in terms of growth and troubleshooting. I hope you get all the answers and are satisfied with the guide. 


If the other user from the Collaboration post deletes the post, will the post be deleted from both accounts? 

Only the original creators can delete the post by themselves. Otherwise, the actual post cannot be deleted from any platform.

Can we invite collaboration on Instagram with two users at a time?

During the launching years of the Invite Collaboration feature, only one collaborator can be tagged in a post. But now, you can invite more than one collaboration in a single reel /post.

Why is my Invite Collaborator Feature on Instagram Not Showing?

Your account version may be old, so the collaboration feature is not showing. The updating, logging in, and logging out hack can help you to keep your issue out easily and satisfactorily.


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