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Leonardo Image Prompt

Have you ever wondered if you can depict something using an image on an AI tool? Also, if you cannot create your desired image by effectively describing that in words only, don’t worry. Use the image. Sound strange? offers an alternative option for your prompt: the image prompt Besides entering the text prompt, it lets you generate the image by Leonardo AI image generation with the help of an image prompt if you face difficulty explaining that in your text.

In this article, you will be covered with how to use the image prompt and a discussion of the results generated by it. In further articles, you can see how to use Image to Image in and Leonardo ai prompt generator in depth.

Let’s discuss it!!

What is Image Prompt?

The image prompt in is how to order Leonardo by referencing an image. You have to enter the reference image to its software for image generation and a text prompt along with it. 

When your reference image is combined with your text prompt, you will get your desired image of high quality.

How to Upload an Image Prompt in 

Here is a complete guide on how to Upload an image prompt. And it is easier, way easier than you think. All you need is one of your reference photos and a brief text prompt for your image so generates a quality image that resembles the reference image.

Now, look at the step-by-step guide on easily uploading an image prompt in

Go to “AI Image Generation”

First of all, when you log in to, head to the “AI Image Generation” option, where you can generate your images. 

Image Prompt in

Select Image Prompt Option 

Scroll down the control panel; you will immediately see the option of an “Image Prompt”. 

Select the “Image Prompt” option so you will be allowed to provide a visual reference of the image you want to create.

Leonardo image prompt

Upload your Image

Click the box to lead you to your documents, from where you can browse your saved images and select those that best represent your vision.

You can also drag your images to the image prompt box.

Upload Image to Leonardo Ai

Enter your Prompt

Enter your prompt into the prompt box at the top of the “AI Image Generation” Screen. 

Leonardo Ai Image Generation

Tip: Pay attention to details in your text prompt, as it is a vital bridge between your vision and Leonardo’s image-generating capabilities. 

Set the Image Weight and Prompt Magic Strength

Set the image weight that ranges between 0.35 to 1. A higher image weight will generate an image according to the reference image.

Set the prompt magic strength to influence the image according to the prompt.

Prompt Magic Strength Leonardo Ai

Select the Fine-Tuned Model and Style

Select the Model that you want to work on your image prompt.

If you’ve entered the sketch and selected the “DreamShaper v7” Model, your sketch will eventually turn according to the trained model.

Styles will only work if you enable the Leonardo Alchemy option. Otherwise, it will remain in the Leonardo default style.

Fine Tuned Model and Style

Select Image Options

Select the Image options shown in the image below.

First, select the number of images according to your Leonardo tokens. 

Enable Prompt Magic, so your image will have far greater prompt adherence.

Then disable Alchemy, as it does not work with the Image prompt.

Set the Input Dimensions of your image.

disable Alchemy

Hit Generate 

You are just seconds away from having your envisioned image come to reality image.

Right below the text prompt box, click the “Generate” option to initiate the image generation process.

Generate Image in Leonardo Ai

Now, within a few seconds, your image will be generated. 

You can further upscale the image, edit it in Canvas, and remove the image background in

Image Prompt Examples

Here you will see the image prompts used in and how transformed them into quality images.

Example 01

Prompt: Man on a horse in heavenly time travel, big moon with artistic tall buildings, a futuristic long glass tunnel, a flowy river, magical purple clouds, bright, luxurious lightning.

Finetuned Model: DreamShaper v7

Image Weight: 0.44

Prompt Magic Strength: 0.55 

Finetuned Model DreamShaper v7

Example 02

Prompt: spring landscape, pink trees in center, orange trees with alternate pink trees, waterfall, glass blue river, depth reflection, ultra had, deep blue sky with clouds, rainbow

Finetuned Model: RPG 4.0

Image Weight: 0.48

Prompt Magic Strength: 0.65

Finetuned Model RPG 4.0

Example 03

Prompt: rainbow color frog, standing like human, frog sitting on a large leaf floating on water, frog with a formal red pant and coat

Finetuned Model: 3D Animation Style

Image Weight: 0.48

Prompt Magic Strength: 0.5

Finetuned Model 3D Animation Style

Example 04

Prompt: realistic luxurious art station on the sea, ships, crows, smoke everywhere

Finetuned Model: Leonardo Diffusion

Image Weight: 0.4

Prompt Magic Strength: 0.5

Finetuned Model Leonardo Diffusion

Example 05

Prompt: a girl with octopus like dress, white complexion, eight tails of gown, beautiful long ponytail, pop fashion dressing, bright colors

Finetuned Model: Absolute Reality v1.6

Image Weight: 0.3

Prompt Magic Strength: 0.6

Finetuned Model Absolute Reality v1.6


Uploading an image prompt is a very simple and straightforward process designed to convey your thoughts through images effortlessly.

What’s more exciting is that you can add multiple image prompts to enrich the depth of your image and clarify your idea comprehensibly. 

All you need to do is while generating the image; have to look for the “image prompt” option. From here, select a file, add a short but relevant text prompt, and click the “generate” option.


Why should I use image prompts?

Image prompts are used as a source of inspiration or reference that you can incorporate into your artwork. You can give your idea to Leoanrdo and add just minimum changes to the prompt that you want to see in the image.

Is it necessary to provide a prompt after providing an image reference?

Leonardo will not be able to understand the idea of your work unless you provide a text prompt. So, it is important to enter the text prompt as well, which contains all the details of your image.

Can we select more than one image for reference? 

Yes. By uploading multiple images, you can experience a wider range of ideas and easily express your artwork’s complex ideas. Moreover, it allows to gain deeper knowledge about your creative idea.

How many reference images as image prompts can I upload at once?

You can add up to 5 images to generate one image. Once you have reached the maximum limit of uploading, will not allow you to add more images.

Does it cost extra credits to upload an image prompt?

In, credits are only deducted because of the number of images that it generates for you, so it does not matter how many images you upload; it will not cost you any extra credits.


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