How To Use Seed In Midjourney: A Magic Trick

How to use Seed in Midjourney

Undoubtedly Midjourney is an unbeatable art generator product of Artificial Intelligence. Its realistic images, features, and other things make it a consistent top Product.

I’ve been on Midjourney for a while now, and I found it a bit tricky to answer How to get the best results from Midjourney? As the image randomness made it hard to achieve the specific look the user is trying to achieve. 

Don’t worry, Midjourney introduced a seed parameter to add more consistency to the generated images. In this article, you will learn how to use seed in Midjourney. You can also learn it from Midjourney parameters so without wasting time, Let’s dive in!

What does Midjourney’s –Seed Parameter mean?

Midjourney seed is a parameter where Midjourney bot uses a seed number to start with a field of visual noise, like TV static, to make the first image grids.

Each image’s seed number is chosen at random by Midjourney, but you can also choose it yourself with the –seed or –sameseed parameter.

Why is it important to know the seed number?

On using Midjourney prompt guide, you will get a variety of results as Midourney doesn’t create the same image twice. So users will get different results each time. 

The results can be the same if you use the same seed number in the prompt, and the same images will be generated by Midjourney. 

Also, if you use the same prompts and seed parameters, you will see how small changes to your prompt will affect the image quality. 

This is very important for prompt engineering because you want to know which parts of your prompts affect your picture.

“Seed numbers are not fixed and shouldn’t be used as a guide between sessions,” says Midjourney.

Lets take a look of how –seed can make a huge difference;

/imagine prompt; guy eating bite of alfredo pasta, ulta hd, realistic

How To Use Seed In Midjourney

/imagine prompt; guy eating bite of alfredo pasta, ulta hd, realistic –seed 2350800383

Seed Midjourney

How To Use Seed In Midjourney? 

Its a bit tricky initially how to use seed in Midjourney but you can use the seed parameter to force Midjourney to make images that look similar. You can return Midjourney the same prompt of which you got results to get more similar images.

TIP: You can put two different commands from Midjourney commands list into your prompts to use the seed parameter.

Here’s what they are:

  • Put -seed parameter and a random number in your prompt to specify a single point, and then use it.
  • You can also use the -sameseed option, which also works with whole numbers, to set a starting noise that is the same for all images.

Basically, each time in image generation, it picks a random value of seed in Midjourney and tells the AI what kind of starting noise pattern to use when making the picture after your prompt. 

The “seed” value is a number that is used to add random noise that stays the same over time.

How to Recover Seed from an Image in Midjourney?

As now you get familiar with how to use seed in Midjourney and its value in prompt. Let me uncover a new thing that Midjourney gives you ease to get the seed from those old images as well. 

Let’s find out how?

Step 1: Go To Your Server

Log in to your Midjourney account and go to your server, where your generated images are saved.

Step 2: Select An Image

Choose an image that you want to find the seed number for.

using seed parameter in midjourney

Step 3: React With Emoji

Go to the emoji option and react with an “Envelope emoji” on that image.

Midjourney Seed

Step 4: Midjourney’s DM

As soon as you give the reaction, Midjourney Bot will send you a DM with the information that contains:

  • Prompt of the image
  • Seed number
  • Job ID

How To Get Seed By Using Job ID

If there have been several messages since then and you can’t find the job (Image) anymore, you can still get the seed in Midjourney by getting the Job ID and then using it to get the seed number. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find the picture you want to seed in your member gallery.
  • From the menu, you can choose “copy” and then “Job IDs” to select it
  • Now, you can use a Discord chat command to return the job.
  • Type “/show Job ID number>” to return the job.
  • Now, use the envelope emoji to respond.


Now you are all aware of the –seed parameter and how to use Seed in midjourney, hope this blog helped you and solved your query.

From now you can generate more mesmerizing images from Midjourney by using the –seed parameter in your commands list. You can create images that look the same everywhere and use them in your project using seed numbers.


How do you use a seed image in Midjourney?

To use seed number you have to follow these steps;

Step 1: Picking the right seed value.
Step 2: Add the “seed” parameter to your prompt.
Step 3: Use the same seed value for all of the different versions of the model.
Step 4: Use the –Sameseed Parameter to make things more consistent.
Step 6: Get the seed numbers from images you’ve already taken.

Can you use two seeds in Midjourney?

A seed is just a way to get the same starting data for making an image, but two different seeds will always start with different data, no matter how close they are.

What does seed mean in AI art?

The Seed is the exact formula that the AI used to make your image. Each random generation has its own Seed, which is always shown at the bottom right of the image you’re looking at.

What is the seed code?

Seed is an interpreter for JavaScript and a library for the GNOME project that can be used to make JavaScript apps that run on their own. It runs on the WebKit project’s JavaScript engine, JavaScriptCore.


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