How To Subscribe Midjourney – Incredible Ai Step by Step Guide

How to Subscribe Midjourney

Enter a world of imagination with no boundaries, and just pressing a button can make your imagination take flight. You can be a futuristic artist who uses AI to turn empty frames into fascinating works of art.

All credit to Midjourney that allowing us to open the door to a world where our creativity and robotic intelligence can collaborate in infinite ways.

It reads what you want, researches your taste, and skillfully models your style, raising the bar for your artistic abilities.

So how can you explore its capacity to the fullest? For this, you have to subscribe to one of its plans.

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What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an emerging AI tool that generates images based on text. The quality of images generated from Midjourney is up to the extent that its market is exceptionally growing. 

Users generating content from it made the viewers speechless of its creativity. They need help to detect AI generation from it.

You must be wondering how this tool works. To get the details of Midjourney, you need to subscribe to one of its plans by accessing the Midjourney. 

Let’s get into the guide on how to subscribe to Midjourney.

How to Subscribe Midjourney through the Website?

If you want to continue Midjourney through a website, follow the below steps.  

Go to Midjourney Website

To get a Midjourney subscription, you must visit its website first.

Click Sign In

Heading towards Midjoureny, go to the Sign in option and hit it. 

How To Subscribe Midjourney

Enter Credentials

Midjourney is a Discord bot, so you must sign in with Discord on the Midjorney app. Enter your credentials to the login information for Midjourney.

midjourney subscription

Authorise Midjourney

Authorize the Midjourney bot to access the Midjourney web app.

Authorize Midjourney

Purchase Midjourney Plan

Click on the purchase plan to subscribe to one of Midjourney’s plans.

Purchase Midjourney Plan

Subscribe Midjourney Plan

Subscribe to one of the plans that is offered to you. You can also select yearly and monthly billing for your subscription.

Subscribe Midjourney Plan

As you can see, subscribing to Midjourney is necessary for generating art in the discord channel. Also, you will be given a discount on yearly subscription payments. 

How to Subscribe Midjourney through Discord?

To use Midjourney, you need access to Discord. Let’s see what step you must take for a Discord and then for Midjourney.

Go to the Discord link.

Search the Midjourney discord link from Google and hit enter the Midourney.

Subscribe Midjourney through Discord

Set Username

Set a username that you want to show on the Midjourney discord and verify yourself as a human by clicking “I am human.”

Set Username

Email Verification

Click on “Verify your email.” You will be asked to enter the credentials and then hit resend verification email.

Email Verification
Email Verification

Click Email Verify

From your Gmail inbox, open the message you received from Discord, click on verify email and then verify again as a human.

Click Email Verify

Continue Discord.

After complete verification, your Discord account will continue when you click “Continue to Discord.” Enter the details Discord will ask for, like your birth, month, and year.

Discord Midjourney

Accept Midjourney Invitation

Midjourney works as a discord bot, so Go on the Midjourney discord link and accept the invitation. 

Accept Midjourney Invitation

If you already have a Discord account, sign in from the direct Midjourney Discord invitation link by entering your Discord credentials.


Again verify yourself as a human to enter the Midjourney server.

Midjourney Verification

You will be on board the Midjourney server after human verification.

Enter Newbie Room

After onboarding, enter any newcomer rooms on the left panel of the Midjourney path.

Enter Midjourney Newbie Room

Enter Command

Midjourney does not offer free trials now, so you must choose one of its subscription plans. Type midjourney command /subscribe in the message area and hit enter.

Enter Command

Click Open Subscription

Click on the “open subscription page” to proceed further.

open midjourney subscription

Tap Yes

After clicking the open subscription link, you will be asked to continue accessing the subscription. Tap “yes” to choose one of the Midjourney plans.

tap yes

Choose Midjourney Plan

You will be on board to the subscription page, where you can subscribe to one of the MIdjourney subscription plans according to your needs.

Choose Midjourney Plan

Choose one plan from it, continue the payment, return to the Midjourney server, and start generating the art.

Subscribing from Discord is as easy as the Midjourney web app, but after subscription using and exploring Midjourney will be worthwhile.


Using the tips mentioned above can kick start your career through the Midjourney, whether you are a talented artist or just want to explore or have fun with this tool.

The subscription plan will be in your hand. Some features might be available elsewhere, depending on your subscription plan. Enjoy its flexible hours and insane art with unlimited generations and updated features. 


Do I need a Discord account first to create an account on Midjourney?

You need a Discord account to connect with Midjourney, a Discord bot.

What are the payments methods to buy any Midjourney plan?

If you want to subscribe to one of its plans, you can use the ways that Stripe accepts, like cards issued by Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, but it will be effective at the end of the billing cycle. You will even get a refund if you are eligible for it.


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